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Prof Smriti Khanna


Prof Smriti Khanna 2 .

Prof Smriti Khanna 3 .. The caption delicious and refreshing was used to promote. In 1990 it was Always CC a representation of economic recession when people aspired for stability. In 19th century music hall performer Hilda Clark was the celebrity endorser. In west CC adds became related to everyday life like Holidays are coming .y 1986 Pharmacist John Pemberton created a caramel colored syrup christened CC. In 2000 CC Enjoy summed up the approach of people then who were enjoying life during globalization. It isn't christmas until I've seen that . 1990 Hippi culture was represented by I would like to buy the world a coke in 1980 Coke is it appealed to teenager. In 1940 s CC used Where there is Coke there is Hospitality at the time when the world strif torn after the second World war hospitality was a very sought after virtue and was socially regarded.

y 1970 government regulations y Return in 1993 y Acquisition y Business strategy y Awards coming there way Prof Smriti Khanna 4 .

‡Adaptation to Indian appeals ‡Creating Personality of Youth ‡Tapping the Indian obsession with cricketers and stars Prof Smriti Khanna 5 .

y Celebrity involved to rub off effect of their personas on the Coca Cola y In 2002 Jo Chao ho Jaye With Hrithik Roshan y Association with cricketers Shehwag and Sunil Gavaskar with caption like life ho to aise y Aishwarya and Amir aptly represented change in technology by using password coke ho jaye for chatting Prof Smriti Khanna 6 .

y Mass Appeal by Thanda Matlab Coca Cola to penetrate local market y Self Styled Hero y Punjabi Farmer y The Bengali Babu y Asserttive Young Women Prof Smriti Khanna 7 .

y Establishing a website for youth to stay connected with the brand y Contest being organized y For rural consumers rainwater harvesting and planting trees y Lectures on sustainable development Prof Smriti Khanna 8 .