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Emergency Department Design

By Idrees Iwaidat Al-Ahli Hospital Al-

Goal  To create ideal Emergency Department design .

Objectives  Identification of Population needs for Emergency Department Ideal Emergency Department structure and design to meet population need  .

ER to ED  Health care expectations Function of ER room History of ER design   .

Present ER structure      Beds Rooms Resources Staff Services .

system Space Expedite assessment. care.patient/staff safety Space. TX and disposition  Cater unique patient population  Maximize human reources .Ideal ED structure and design FunctionFunction Environment safety.

What does the ideal structure look like?  Refer to attached diagram Structure description  .



. system. We are currently in the next phase of development in emergency care and need to move our Emergency Rooms to fully functional Emergency Departments in both structure.Conclusion Over the last forty years Palestinian hospitals have transitioned from treating emergency cases in hospital wards to the establishment of minimally staffed/equipped emergency rooms. and design.

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