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y The Recruitment and Selection Process at Adani Enterprises Limited y Analyzing what kind of process do they follow y The cost associated with Recruitment and Selection Process at Adani Enterprises Limited. .

) is today the flagship company of the Adani conglomerate which posted INR 260 billion revenue in the previous financial year. Oil & Gas. Agri Business. FMCG products. Real Estate Development. Bunkering.y Adani Group is a business behemoth based in India having a global footprint with interests in Infrastructure. Logistics. y Founded in 1988 with a capital of INR 500.000. Adani Enterprises Ltd. et al. Mining. (formerly known as Adani Exports Ltd. Port & SEZ. Power. . Global Trading. Energy.

y The art of choosing men is not nearly so difficult as the art of enabling those one has chosen to attain their full worth . While doing so. . they have to keep the present as well as the future requirements of the organization in mind. therefore. they need to recruit people with requisite skills. qualifications and experience. y In order to achieve the goals or the activities of an organization.

With successful recruiting to create a sizeable pool of candidates. y Recruitment follows HR planning and goes hand in hand with selection process by which organizations evaluate the suitability of candidates.y Recruitment is the process by which organizations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies. Most organizations have a continuing need to recruit new employees to replace those who leave or are promoted in order to acquire new skills and promote organizational growth. even the most accurate selection system is of little use .

. y Creating an applicant pool using internal or Evaluate candidates via selection y Convince the candidate y And finally make an offer y .Recruiting begins external methods .

y Determine the present and future requirements of the organization in conjunction with its personnel-planning and job-analysis activities. y Help reduce the probability that job applicants. y Help increase the success rate of the selection process by reducing the number of visibly. . y Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates. once recruited and selected. will leave the organization only after a short period of time. y Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost. under qualified or overqualified job applicants.

y Infuse fresh blood at all levels of the organization. Design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum.y Induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company. Increase organizational and individual effectiveness in the short term and long term. Search or head hunt/head pouch people whose skills fit the company s values. Anticipate and find people for positions that do not exist yet. y Develop an organizational culture that attracts competent y y y y y y people to the company. Devise methodologies for assessing psychological traits. . Search for talent globally and not just within the company.

The 2 important factors affecting Recruitment INTERNAL FACTORS y Recruiting policy y Temporary and part-time employees y Recruitment of local citizens y Engagement of the company in HRP y Company s size y Cost of recruitment y Company s growth and expansion .

External Factor y Supply and Demand factors y Labour-market conditions y Political and legal considerations y Social factors y Economic factors y Technological factors .

. y The Adani Group has many distinctions to its merit: y Operator of the largest private port in India y Developer of the largest multiproduct SEZ in India y Owns the largest edible oil refining capacity in India y One of the largest trading houses in India y Largest Integrated Coal Management Firm in India y Promoter of India s first supercritical technology based power plant y Operator of the world s largest automated import Coal Terminal having 60 MnT capacity.Adani Enterprises Limited y Today s the flagship company of the Adani conglomerate which posted INR 260 billion revenue in the previous financial year.

they offer a choice of career paths that could include job rotations across functions and Group Companies y Embark upon transforming leadership challenges y a clearly stated Recruitment & Selection Policy .ANALYSIS y The Company Endeavour s to facilitate growth through empowered work culture. flexible and well planned y Through extensive career mapping. y Human resources development at Adani is customized.

At the next level the candidates are being called on for personnel interview .y The important feature of the company s recruitment System y Among the various sources some are campus recruitment y the source of recruitment and accordingly advertisement y Based on the written test performance the candidates are being called upon for GD.

Conclusion y Adani Group is a business behemoth based in India having a global footprint with interests in all most many sectors and seems to be quite successful y Adani Enterprises Limited is one of the semi government company the recruitment in Adani Enterprises Limited to some extent have a clearly stated Recruitment & Selection Policy y Employment at Adani s is synonymous with growth. Our people can expect that they will sharpen their talents. and embark upon transforming leadership challenges . embrace new capabilities.