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Indian Two Wheeler Industry

‡ In 1948, the Bajaj Auto company began saleing two-wheelers by importing. ‡ Bullet had a close competition with another sturdy bike named Rajdoot (Mid 50¶s). ‡ During the first half of the '60s, three companies namely Mopeds India Ltd (1965), SZUL Gwalior (1964) and Pearl Scooters Ltd (1962) entered the mopeds arena. ‡ Kinetic Engineering Limited launched the moped Luna in 1972. ‡ In 1972 Bajaj launched Bajaj Chetak Scooter.Bajaj Chetak has been hugely responsible for adding momentum to the transport system of the country. ‡ The two-wheeler market was opened to foreign companies in the mid 1980s. ‡ In 1982 TVS Suzuki Motor introduce 1st 100-cc motorcycle.

Evolution of the two wheeler industry in India is usefully split up into different periods a) 1960 ± 1969
‡ ‡ ‡ The automobile industry being classified as one of importance under Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948. A firm required licensing approval to open a plant. Capacity of production determined by the Government.

b) 1970 ± 1980
‡ During this period overall growth rate was high (around 15% per annum). ‡This was the result of the steep oil price hikes in 1974 following which two-wheelers became popular modes of personal transport introduction of regulatory polices such as MRTP and FERA. ‡The scooter and moped segments on the other hand were technologically more self-sufficient.

675 million units per annum target of 6th Plan. . 2. Licensed capacities went up to 1. Weaker players died out. ‡ These reforms had two major effects on the industry: 1. b) Increase in sales volumes in the motorcycle segment. ‡ This prompted new entries majority of which entered the bike segment. d) 1991 Onwards ‡ The two-wheeler industry was completely deregulated through the liberalization of the economy in 1991. ‡ The two-wheeler industry is characterized by.1 million units per annum overshooting the 0. a) Increase in the number of brands available in the market which caused firms to compete on the basis of product features.c) 1981 ± 1990 ‡ Foreign collaborations were allowed for all two-wheelers up to an engine capacity of 100 cc.

‡ India manufactures about 38. . ‡ India ranks second in the production of two wheelers. ‡ Demand for bikes and scooty increasing continuously. ‡ The demand for scooters is price sensitive compared to motorcycles.000 2-wheeler annually. ‡ Hero Honda.‡ Present Scenario of the Two-wheeler segment is the most important component automobile Sector.00. Bajaj and TVS are the Indian companies and Yamaha & Honda are international automobile brand. ‡ Hero Honda is the biggest player in this sector in India as well as in the world.


‡ 90% are less than 125 cc. ‡ Common means of transport in rural. ‡ Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto are two of the Indian companies that top the list of world companies manufacturing twowheelers. which creates a need for personal transportation ‡ Difference between two-wheeler and passenger car prices makes two-wheelers the entry level vehicle. . ‡ The composition of the industry consists of motorcycles. town and cities. ‡ Increased availability of cheap consumer financing in the past 3-4 years. ‡ Fuel-efficient and low maintenance models. ‡ Increasing urbanisation. ‡ Increasing number of models with different features to satisfy diverse consumer needs. scooters and mopeds.Operating Characteristics ‡ 2nd largest in the world.

Major Players .

Market Share TVS (7%) Yamaha (5%) HMSI (9%) er aa SM S a aha a Bajaj Auto (18%) Hero Honda (59%) .

Segment Wise Market Share Executive Segment (40.000 Rs) TVS (24%) Hero Honda (34%) ¤ £ ¢ ¡  ¡   er n a T S Hero Honda (70%) ajaj Premium Segment (> 50.000-50.000 Rs) HMSI (6%) Bajaj Auto (20%) TVS (1%) ¤ ¥   £ ¢ ¡  ¡   er a jaj MS n a Economy Segment (30.000-40.000 Rs) TVS (13%) Hero Honda (22%)   ¦ © ¨ §¦ § ¦ T S Bajaj Auto (42%) HSMI (10%) er n a ajaj SM T S Bajaj Auto (55%) .

‡ Hero Honda Motors Limited was established in 1984. ‡ 7th most admired brand of India as ICMR survey. ‡ Hero honda posts its strongest-ever quarter in Q1¶ 10. ‡ The world's single largest two wheeler company. as a joint venture between India's Hero Group (world's largest bicycle manufacturers) and Japan's Honda Motor Company. ‡ Over 19 million Hero Honda two wheelers running on Indian roads today. . ‡ One of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.

.1. It has the highest share in automobile sector. It has a good brand image. Best customer preference. Better sale service. It gives better service for customers. The company has clarified about its intention of setting a third plant in addition to its existing two plants.SWOT Analysis Strengths  Hero Honda introduced First stroke bike in the Indian          market. Huge sale network (3500 Dealers). Hero Honda gives 80 Km/Liter Avg. Debt equity ratio is only 0.

Suppose to be very sophisticated. Spare parts are too costly. Opportunities  Hero Hondas the first manufacture to launch eco friendly bikes with 4-stroke engines. They have big gap between cubic capacities of its products.Weakness 1. 3. Its market share is reducing from last few years. They have attained a stronger good will and popularity in the industry and the consumers. 5. . 4.  They should go in new segments of bikes. Not fit for ruler India. 2.

Cont«.  The cost of the product is very high in comparison to other companies. Company has to focus on them. Thretes Main threats to Hero Honda are their competitors. Hero Honda being 4 stroke bike manufacture have great opportunities to explore its new innovations and technologies. of young consumers in the market.  Decreasing market share.  They have big opportunities in heavy bike segments.  As government polices are amended against pollution in metro cities.  .  There is large no.

CD Deluxe 97. singale cylinder. 7. Passion Plus 97 CC.7.CD 100 SS.Product Range Hero Honda CD 100.4 bhp @8000 rpm .5bhp@8000rpm.4 stroke engine Hero Honda Passion. 4-stroke

Hero Honda Ambition 135cc.133 cc 135 cc .single piston.5 bhp @8500 rpm. four-stroke engin.7. kick start 11 bhp Hero Honda CD Dawn 97 CC. 4 stroke engine .

Super Splendor. Splendor NXG 124. Glamour F1 124. 4-stroke cycle. 4 stroke engine .Hero Honda Glamour.9 bhp @ 7000 rpm.Splendor +. single piston.7 cc . kick start.7 CC. 9 bhp@7000 rpm Hero Honda Splendor.

1 CC.2 bhp hp @ 8500 rpm .2 cc . kick start Power: 14. single piston.4-stroke cycle. single cylinder.Hero Honda Achiever 149.CBZ Extreme 149.4 bhp @ 8000 rpm Hero Honda CBZ. 4-stroke engine.13.

4 bhp @ 8500 rpm Hero Honda Karizma 225 4 ± Stroke. single piston.HERO HONDA HUNK 149.2 cc .4-stroke cycle.68 KW (17PS) @ 7000 rpm.12. kick start Power: 14.223 cc .

‡ Hero Honda promoted its products aggressively during festive seasons. Har Aangan ‡ Hero Honda has 3500 dealers and service outlets ‡ Hero Honda followed a "Hub and Spoke System" in distributing its products in rural areas. ‡ Hero Honda organizes free service camps every year.000 of the 600. The company gave a dealership to one dealer who would take care of a district.Marketing Strategy ‡ Hero Honda Motors is spreading its wings to capture the commuting bikers' imagination in rural India. ‡ Hero Honda plans to cover 100. . ‡ Hero Honda has roped in Hrithik Roshan and Saurav Ganguly as its brand ambassadors.000 villages in the country under a campaign named Har Gaon.

systems and human resources. performance and price aspirations of its customers. ‡ Hero Honda gives huge commission to their dealers.. increasing urbanization and the empowerment of rural India will add millions of new families to the economic mainstream. ‡ The company believes that changing demographic profile of India. . to produce products and services that meet the quality. ‡ Hero Honda¶s mission is to strive for synergy between technology.Cont«. ‡ Hero Honda with the help of ICICI Bank provides loan to the customers & also provide easy monthly installment scheme to customers. ‡ Hero Honda is constantly working towards consolidating its position in the market place.

Brand Ambassador
Saurav Ganguly Hrithik Roshan


Super Splendor

Splendor NXG Bharosa Bhi Style Bhi .

Hunk Big Bull .

Karizma .

25 Year Celebration .

‡ Bajaj is the first Indian two wheeler automobile company in the market since 1945 with the name M/s Bacharj trading corporation private limited.and three-wheelers vehicles in 1959. ‡ In 1959 M/s Bacharj trading corporation private limited change its name as Bajaj Auto Ltd. ‡ 15th most admired brand of India as ICMR survey 2009. ‡ Bajaj Auto obtains license from the Government of India to manufacture two. .

 High economies of scale. Extensive R & D focus.SWOT Analysis Strengths Highly experienced management. Great financial support network (For financing the automobile).  High economies of scope.        . Widespread distribution network. Product design and development capabilities. High export to domestic sales ratio. High performance products across all categories.

Weaknesses  Hasn't employed the excess cash for long.  More maturity and movement towards higher-end motorcycles.  Still has no established brand to match Hero Honda's Splendor in commuter segment.  Untapped market above 180 cc in motorcycles.  Not a global player in spite of huge volumes. .  Not a globally recognizable brand (unlike the JV partner Kawasaki). Opportunities  Double-digit growth in two-wheeler market.

.Cont««. Threat of cheap imported motorcycles from China. . Margins getting squeezed from both the directions (Price as well as Cost). The competition catches-up any new innovation in no time.  The growing gearless trendy scooters and scooterette market. 2.  Growing world demand for entry-level motorcycles especially in emerging markets. Threats 1.

8. four stroke.2 bhp.Product Range Bajaj Platina Engine.100 CC. single piston Bajaj CT 100 100 CC.500 rpm .7.

single piston . four-stroke cycle. single piston Bajaj Discover DTS-i 120 cc and 135 cc.Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si 125 CC. four stroke.Air-cooled.

Twin spark Aircooled. four-stroke cycle.Bajaj XCD 125 cc and 135 cc. single piston . single piston Bajaj Kawasaki Wind 125 124. four-stroke cycle.6 cc.

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 150 cc/180 cc/200 cc/220 cc Aircooled, four-stroke cycle, Upto 20 bhp (14.6 kW) @8500 rpm

Bajaj Avenger DTS-i 178.6 cc Air-cooled, four-stroke cycle, single piston Power: 16.5 hp @ 8000 rpm

Marketing Strategy
‡ By the early 2000s, BAL lost its title of 'India's largest two-wheeler company' to Hero Honda Ltd. ‡ In an attempt to recapture market share, BAL decided to reorient its business, launching a series of new motorcycle models, which halted the downward trend in sales. It did not want to give up on scooters either. ‡ Bajaj Auto unveiled the new corporate identity on the 15th of January at the Auto Expo 2004, New Delhi. ‡ Corporate strategy is based on the guiding philosophy termed as 'Distinctly Ahead' ‡ The marketing strategy was fine-tuned and new product initiatives were planned.

‡ It launched new scooter models and upgraded existing ones. ‡ To increase its volumes in the entry level segment of the motorcycle market, the Company has launched a new model CT-100 in May 2004. ‡ µProject 110 percent¶ was launched to spearhead Bajaj¶s growth in the future. The project was so named since the aim was to increase the company¶s topline by 100 percent and bottom line by 10 percent. ‡ Around 300 dealers are a part of this portal and use it extensively. For example, dealers can log in to the system and place orders online. ‡ Bajaj has come out with variety of ads and were always successful in their advertisements.

Journey Of Bajaj .





 It is the only Indian company without a foreign collaboration in the two-wheeler industry.  TVS Motors Ltd. But the company proved the doomsayers wrong and came out with a very successful `TVS Victor'. many believed that TVS was headed towards extinction. TVS Motors is the third largest company.  When the company opted out of the collaboration with Suzuki in 2002. . originally incorporated in 1982 to manufacture two-wheelers in collaboration with Suzuki Motors of Japan.

Recognized and established brand name. Bikes are not attractive as compare to there competitors. Effective advertising capability. Weaknesses They have big gap between cubic capacities of its products.SWOT Analysis Strengths Ability to understand customer¶s needs and wants. Its market share is reducing from last few years. .

. Expansion of target market (include women).Opportunities Global expansion. Threats Suzuki Motorcycles can take away market share and cause joint venture to go sour. Become India¶s leader in the scooter market. Bajaj Motors and Hero Honda is a strong competitor.

99.7.Product Range Star City 4±Stroke.8 cc .5 bhp / 5.7 CC Centra 4 Stroke.7.50 kW @ 7500 rpm. 99.59 kW @ 7500 rpm.5 bhp / 5.

8CC . Victor GLX 4±Stroke.Victor.77 kW @ 7500rpm.10 bhp / 6. Victor EDGE.100cc/124.10. 124.5 bhp@ 7500 rpm.8 CC 50 TVS Flame 4±Stroke.

150 CC.05 Nm at 6000 rpm .7 bhp@8. Engine.13.Apache Self Start Manufacturer.500 rpm.TVS Motors Ltd.torque of 8.

 Better quality and product features at attractive prices. disc brakes and tachometer.  Stylistic features such as alloy wheel.  The Company plans to improve its position in the executive segment by launching variants of this model.  Greater focus has been given to improve the styling capability.MARKETING STRATEGY  The year 2005-06 was a landmark year for TVS Motor Company when it post a 15% growth.  The Overdrive magazine of April 2006 has rated TVS Motor Company Limited as the best in Quality against competition.Miles and Smiles.  The customer loyalty programme . launched during 2005. .

 The company network of over 2000 customer touch points consisting of 541 main dealers and about 1500 service centers. Customers¶ personal feel of the bike during the sales talk . Marketing and sales staff 2.Cont«. Private garage mechanism  Shootouts by auto-magazines with top ratings across. against leading competitor brands  Leading to ³Sales on Wheels´ 1. Demonstrative method to show product benefits & superiorities 2.  Company test rides and sales training to all involved parties 1. Dealers sales and service people 4. Dealers (Leading to personal involvment to sales) 3.

Star City .

Big Dreams .

Victor EDGE .

TVS Flame .

Apache .


‡ It has a joint venture with Hero cycles named Hero Honda. .‡ Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India limited entered the Indian market with Honda Unicorn in 2004. ‡ Though Honda has come on its own on the Indian market yet it will be providing technological support to Hero Honda for the next ten years. ‡ They were in a tie up with the Firodias owned Kinetic group However in the late 90s they parted ways after problems arose over marketing strategies issues.

SWOT Analysis Strength Reliable brand name. Honda is the first company who introduced the technology of central shock absorption in India. . Affordable price. Honda have a big share of market in scootreats segment. Which is the largest company in the proposed sector. HMSI is the subsidiary company of Honda Motors Ltd. Honda having high tech engines.

Honda can be use brand image of Hero Honda. Threat of cheap imported motorcycles and components from China. . Threats There is high competition in the market. Low product range. More maturity and movement towards higher-end motorcycles. Spares parts are not easily available. Untapped market above 180 cc in motorcycles. Market share very less as compare to there competitor. Maintenance cost is very high.Weakness Less number of service center. Opportunity Increase in product range.

1 cc Shine Disk 4-Stroke.6 cc .149.13.3 bhp @ 7500 rpm.124.Product Range Unicorn 4 Stroke.9 kW @ 8000 rpm.3 bhp / 9.10.

Liquid cooled Engine.124.7 cc CBR 4-Stroke.Stunner CBF 4-Stroke.150 cc . Air-Cooled Engine.

.Marketing Strategy ‡ Honda strategy was strength on technology. ‡ Honda become the most innovative company in whole motorcycle industry -company which lead changes and create/ identify new untapped market segments. It should be the newest one and always one step before competitors. ‡ Honda followed principle of developing market step by step. ‡ Honda starts a highly automotive plant with a capacity 10 times in excess of demand. ‡ Knowing clients needs Honda : ‡ Offer a multi product line ‡ Took leadership in product innovation ‡ Exploit opportunities for economies of mass production ‡ Company is investing in productivity more then the actual needs just to be sure that they can grow faster than competition & can follow market potential if needed.

Unicorn .

Shine .

Japan .Touching Your Heart" .Yamaha Motor India was incorporated in august 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha motor corporation.Corporate Mission .."Creating Kando .Yamaha Motor Corporation is the auto mobile company of Japan (1953) which works in India since 1955 and providing latest technology in India from last two decades. .

which is the MNC.SWOT Analysis Strengths Yamaha motors India is the subsidiary company of Yamaha motors ltd. Popular in rural area. company having a good brand name. It is the one of the oldest company in the Indian market. . Good share in Indian two wheeler automobiles sector. Bikes are available at very cheap price.

New companies are watching Indian market. Target youth. Threats Large no. No presences in scooter segment. Opportunities Above 150cc bike segment having full of opportunities.Weakness Bikes are not attractive. Decreasing market share. of competitors present in the market. Limited network. People are going for good average and stylish bikes. E-bikes are also in the market. No presences in above 150cc bike segment. Large market is available for consumption. . Set targets on scooters segment.

7. 106 cc G5 4±Stroke.6 PS / 5. 7.Product Range Alba 4±Stroke.6 PS @ 7500 rpm.59 kW @ 7500 rpm. 106 cc .

7.7 cc Crux S 4±Stroke.59 kW @ 7500 rpm. 123.Gladiator DX 4±Stroke.3 PS / 5. 8.0 kW @ 7500 rpm. 106 cc .

149. 2valve/cylinder. Liquid Cooled Engine. 153 cc .4 valve/cylinders.YZF R15 4±Stroke.8 cc FZ 16/S 4±Stroke.

2 valve/cylinder. 4 parallel cylinders. 153 cc YZF R1 4 ± Stroke. 998 cc . Liquid Cooled Engine .FAZER 4±Stroke.

Company has 430 dealers in India. ‡ ³Yes Yamaha strategy´ which is designed to bring customers smile and takes care of all 4P¶s of marketing. It sold 19508 units in August 2009 as against 11974 units sold in August last year.Marketing Strategy ‡ Its business strategy designed to balance value. ‡ ³Yamaha Bike Station´ all across the country which is a dealership designed and specially trained to get ³customers smile´. ‡ Company started an auto-finance arm Bussan Auto Finance along with Axis Bank and Mitsui & Co. ‡ Yamaha is making all effort to win ³Customer trust´ and make them SMILE. ‡ India Yamaha Motor has registered an impressive growth in sales during August 2009 as compared to the corresponding period last year. profitability. . and growth. Ltd.

Alba Abhi Gaya Abhi Aaya .

Gladiator .

‡ The current range of Royal Enfield motorcycles are built on two engine platforms. Disc Brakes. ‡ The current range of Royal Enfield motorcycles have sport features such as Transistor Controlled Ignition.‡ The Enfield Bullet is still essentially hand made utilising very little assembly line activity. electric start and gas filled shock absorbers. . ‡ Bike has seen minor modifications and major quality improvements since it was first produced in India in 1955.

SingleCylinder.42KW@5625rmp Electra 4S/5S 4-Stroke. Single Cylinder. 346 cc. Air cooled.13.Product Range Bullet 350 Standard 4-Stroke. 13. Air cooled.42KW@5625rmp . 346 cc.

42KW@5625rmp . Air cooled.Machismo 350/500 4-Stroke. Single Cylinder. Air cooled.13.42KW@5625rmp Thunder Twin Spark 4-Stroke. 346 cc. 13. 346 cc. Single Cylinder.

BCG Matrix of Industry Splendor FZ Pulsar Victor Crux Star City Apache Unicorn CT 100 Passion .


‡ The exports in this segment are mainly South East Asian countries and occupy a one-fourth share in the total two wheeler exports from India ‡ The age old metal bodied geared scooters may be heading towards a timely death in the country in due course of time. .‡ The scooter and the scooterette share in the Indian two wheeler market is 13. then the silver lining. the age old set of two wheels could re-invent itself in the form of motoscooters. ‡ These new set of wheels with their peppy performance is meant to draw the attention of the metro sexual two wheeler buyers.4%. ‡ In terms of power Kinetic Blaze is only two Bhp less than the Bajaj Pulsar.

M arket S hare Hero Honda (14%) TVS (16%) Bajaj (7%) Hero Honda Bajaj HSMI TVS HSMI (61%) .

109 cc Honda Aviator 4-Stroke.7 bhp @ 7000 rpm. Air cooled 102 cc 7bhp @7000rmp . air cooled.Honda Products Activa 4-stroke.

0 KW (8. 147.102cc .6.7 cc Dio 4 Stroke. 7bhp @7000rpm.2 bhp) @ 6000 rpm.Eterno 4-stroke.

Activa .

scooterettes. ‡ Kinetic has a dealership network of more than 400 dealers and authorized service centers across the country. . ‡ Kinetic produces a complete two-wheeler portfolio which ranges from mopeds. Recently it is acquired by Mahindra. scooters to bikes.‡ Kinetic Engineering is credited with bringing in India the concept of personalized transport. ‡ Kinetic motor began in 1984 with collaboration with Honda motor of Japan to sell advanced scooters in India.

Single Cylinder .Product Range Sym Flyte 4-Stroke. Air cooled. 125 cc.6cc.124.Single Cylinder Blaze 4-Stroke. Air cooled.

Nova EX/ 135 115/135 cc. 8.5 bhp@6500rmp .

Sym Flyte .

3.68kw (5 bhp) @ 6500rpm. Air cooled.68kw (5 bhp) @ 6500rpm 87. 87.8 cc Streak 4-stroke. 3.TVS Product Range Scooty Pep Plus 4-stroke.8 cc .

60 cc .5 bhp @ 5500rpm. Engine 2 stroke.Scooty Teenz Manufacturer TVS Motors Ltd. 3.

Pep Plus .

Streak .

Why sit behind .

Hero Honda Pleasure Hero Honda Pleasure 4-Stroke.78 kgm @5000 rpm . torque 0. 7bhp @ 7000rpm. Air cooled102 cc.


Pleasure Priyanka Chopra as Brand Ambassador .

7cc. 100 cc. 22 bhp @ 5400 rmp . 8 bhp Blade 4-Stroke.Bajaj product Range Bajaj Wave 109.

Bajaj Auto Engine.Bajaj Kristal Manufacturer.38 KW @ 7500 rmp . 5.95 cc.

Noise free 4. 75 km range/charge mileage 5. No engine 6. Electrical motor fitted in real wheel hub 2. No transmission losses 3. Less weight . 6-8 hrs of charge duration.Yo Smart ‡ Yo Smart. Quick power. Compact dimension. the cost-effective and eco-friendly scooter from Electrotherm India Ltd ‡ Capacity to take loads upto maximum 75 kilograms & top permissible speed of 25 kmph ‡ Characteristics: 1. Requires no petrol.

8 hours 75 Km . 20Ah < 25 Km/hr 6 .Overall Dimension Weight Carrying Capacity Motor Power Motor Battery Type Speed Charging Duration Range / Charge Mileage 1750 X 615 X 1050 mm 75 Kg < 250 W Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Maintenance-free VRLA Deep Discharge.

BCG Matrix Activa Pep Streak Teenz Pleasure Yo Smart .


‡ First moped was launched by Kinetic group in 1972 named Luna. Kinetic Motors 2. Bajaj 4. ‡ Moped segment is primarily dominated by TVS Motors with a market share of >90%. ‡ There has been a consumer preferential shift from mopeds to scooters and now motorcycles. ‡ Mopeds are used by low class people. ‡ There is a less scope remain for segment. Hero Honda 3. ‡ Some other players are 1. Hero .

69.59.TVS Moped TVS XL 2-Stroke .9 cc.Single Cylinder.3.5 cc .5bhp @ 5000 rmp TVS Luna 2-Stroke.

Kinetic Moped V2/V2 XL/V2 80 Single Cylinder.1bhp@6500rmp .2/49.2-Stoke 58.68/73.5.2 cc.08 cc Kinetic 100/DLX 4-Stoke 97.

57 cc Kinetic Magnum 2-Stroke.59cc .Single Cylinder.Luna/ Luna TFR 2-Stroke.Single Cylinder.59.

Single Cylinder.Kinetic Motors Engine.72 cc .Kinetic Safari Manufacturer.2-Stroke.

2 cc.Hero Honda motorcycle Ltd Engine.97.Hero Honda Moped HERO HONDA STREET Manufacturer. Four Stock Engine .

5 bhp@6000rmp .Bajaj Moped M 80 (4S/Major) ManufacturerBajaj Auto Engine.2Stroke.74. 4.08cc.

‡ Today.Hero Motors ‡ Hero Motors is a scooter and moped manufacturer located in Delhi. a large wheeled scooter with a choice between 50 and 75cc engines was introduced to the market. it was the biggest bicycle manufacturer in India. ‡ This company is part of the Hero Group that owns Hero Cycles and Hero Honda Motors. ‡ In 1988 a new petrol efficient machine named Hero Punch was introduced to the market. . It has 5000 outlets. ‡ Hero Motors has 20 companies with 300 suppliers. Hero Motors division continues to be the world¶s largest producer of 2 wheelers. ‡ In 1996. ‡ By 1975.

59.Product Range Hero Ankur Padel / Kick Start 49cc.4 bhp@4500rmp Hero Carry Kick Start 4-Stroke.6 bhp @ 8500rmp . 2. 4.5cc.

6 bhp@8500rmp Hero Effy Kick Start 4-Stroke. 4. 72cc. 4.Hero Panther Kick Start 4-Stroke. 72cc.6 bhp @ 8500rmp .

72cc. 4.6 bhp @ 8500rmp .Stroke Hero Envoy Kick Start 4-Stroke.Hero Puch 65 cc 2 .