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Definition of Sales:A commercial activity involving selling of products or services in return for money or other compensation. Factors affecting Consumer behavior:-

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Why selling skills are required? Different consumer Different needs and wants Competition Wide range of products More demanding consumers Research for survival

Qualities of sales personnel:1. General Qualities:2. Mental Qualities:3. Moral Qualities 4. Social Qualities:Comparison between selling and research:-

Merits of selling skills:
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More number of satisfied customers More profit to the organization is order to expand and grow Expansion into the number of products and services provided Other hidden benefits

The selling and Distribution Process:1. Pre-sale preparation 2. Prospecting Customer 3. Pre-approach 4. Approaching

Presentation of sales, 6. Arousing Desire and building Conviction 7. Handling objection/resistance 8. Closing sales 9. Follow up or post sales Sales in tourism:5.

How is a product and services different from each other? 1. Intangibility 2. Inseparability 3. Seasonality 4. Lack of skilled staff 5. Lack of proper knowledge How important is the selling skills for the selling of such services?


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