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¦Reebok is dedicated to providing each and

every athlete - from professional athletes to
recreational runners to kids on the playground
- with the opportunity, the products, and the
inspiration to achieve what they are capable
of. ¦
m Reebok International Limited, a subsidiary of
the German sportswear company Adidas, is a
producer of athletic foot wears, apparel, and

m In 1890, ÿ  ! came up with

the idea to create a novelty spiked running
shoe and founded a shoe company named
J.W. Foster and Sons in Bolton, England(1895).
m In 1960, two of the founder's grandsons Joe
and Jeff Foster renamed the company Reebok
in England.

m Reebok surged in popularity in 1982 after the

introduction of the Freestyle athletic shoe,
which was a designed for women and came
out when the aerobics craze started.

m Reebok also introduced an athletic shoe for

men, called the Ex-O-fit.
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m Footwear m US
m Apparel m Europe, Middle East
m Equipment and Africa (EMEA)
m Asia Pacific
m America
m Australia
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$! %&% '  ! % 
m Reebok-people are unique.
m Celebrates the distinct qualities
üunique points of view
üindividual style
üremarkable talents.
m Reebok calls them visionary and original.
m Reebok International
m Rock Port
m RBK CCM Hockey (World͛s Largest)
m Greg Norman Apparel
m Ralph Lauren Brand
m The Hockey Company
m Avia
m Onfield Apparel
› "
› (
m The company holds exclusive rights to
manufacture and market both authentic and
replica uniform jerseys and sideline apparel of
the teams of the
ü National Football League (NFL) since 2002
(marketed as ?  
ü Canadian Football League (CFL) since 2004, and
ü It is the official shoe supplier to the NFL
and Major League Baseball (MLB).
m The company maintains its relationship with
its origins in the UK through a long-term
sponsorship deal with 
%!!, a
! !
m In ! $'
, Reebok sponsored the 

 until late 2008, who won the

in that year.
m Reebok sponsors four teams in the  !


ü"$ !
ü * %

m Reebok sponsored sports kits for the great rich
! !
teams, such as the '

!, ,


' and 

in the
first edition of the league held in 2008,
m however for the second edition held in 2009 the
sponsorships included ( '





 .$) kits.
m Reebok is the official sponsor of the !

m It manufactures uniform for ICC International Panel of
umpires and referees.
m Also, all the playing kits used in Y  
, such as wickets,
are sponsored by Reebok. It became official sponsor of ICC
in 2007.
m International cricketers such as Sri Lankan captain Mahela
Jayawardene, Sri Lankan Cricketers Sanath Jayasuriya ,
Ajantha Mendis, Indian captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni
and Rahul Dravid, Bangladeshi captain Mohammad
Ashraful , Bangladeshi cricketers Mohammad Rafique and
Habibul Bashar, endorse Reebok. They are supplied with
Reebok cricket shoes, as well as with cricket bats marked
with the Reebok brand in the case of Dhoni. The recent
cricketers include Yuvraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan.

m "Pla 
m "Ya
m " a "
m "Ba Y ?


m ͞Ta
l   "
m "P 
m "Y
m "TTa

m In February 2005, Reebok launched its largest global integrated
m "I Am What I Am linked all of the brand's marketing and advertising
efforts under the "I Am What I Am" umbrella.
m The campaign encouraged young people to embrace their own
individuality by celebrating their contemporary heroes.
m Celebrities featured in the campaign included music icons Jay-Z, Daddy
Yankee and 50 Cent; top athletes Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Curt
Schilling, Kelly Holmes, Iker Casillas and Yao Ming; screen stars Lucy Liu,
John Leguizamo and Christina Ricci; and skateboarder Stevie Williams.

m "I Am what I Am" became so meaningful and spoke so perfectly to the

essence of Reebok that the following year, it was adopted as Reebok's
brand attitude. "I Am what I Am" is a simple statement, with many
interpretations, but for Reebok it means being proud of who you are. "I
Am what I Am" is for those who have their own views and opinions and
aren't afraid to share them.
m A movement that defies the way brands have presented
and consumers have thought about running.
m Run Easy tells runners it͛s OK to run within their comfort
zone. Run Easy was born out of the conviction that
running has, over time, become focused on
performance, distance and time and as a result, brands
have targeted the serious runner and ignored the rest.
m Run Easy encourages those who run to stay fit or run as
part of an active lifestyle, those who just started running,
and those who are thinking about getting active again.
m With Run Easy, Reebok celebrates and promotes the
more social and fun aspects of running, encourages and
empowers more people to participate, get involved, and
get active at your own pace and have fun while doing it.
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m showcased Reebok's incredible ties to
Boston sports. (2007 world series).
m GOAL: to bring excitement to the Reebok
brand during a very exciting time for
Boston sports.
m showcased many of the Red Sox, Patriots,
Celtics and Bruins players, sports legends
who wear Reebok on the field.
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m The Your Move campaign-2008 continues to
evolve Reebok's positioning as the brand that
celebrates individuality, and supports those
who choose to do things their way.
m The Your Move message is communicated to
consumers through an integrated platform
which includes: digital, TV, out-of-home, print
and PR.
¦ 0
m On March 11, 2010 Reebok launched Reebok
ZigTech TV ad.
m With ¦Ree,͟ Reebok is asking consumers to
¦reethink͟ their perceptions of
ü Sport
ü why they play
ü sweat and cheer
m The campaign is a fun, bold and provocative
approach that aims to bring back the fun and joy.

m Reebok showcases an unique insight in a first-of-its-
kind global integrated marketing & advertising
campaign titled "Two People in Everyone.¦
m The campaign, which brings to life Reebok's
brand mission of 'Celebrating individuality in
sport and life.
m It will bring alive through a host of media -
innovation in television, retail, out of home
media, print, digital and various other
m The focal point of the campaign
lies in the simple, but universal
concept that there are at least
two sides to everyone.
m From the superstar athlete, top
model or pop sensation to the
everyday consumer, everyone
can relate to having at least two
m By showcasing the distinct
differences that stretch beyond
athletic and entertainment
talent, Reebok is focused on
celebrating individuality.


m Teams more connected to m Rely on retail stores to sell
the consumer. products
m Multi-brand strategy m Issues with foot lockers
m Dedication to employees m Poor employment practices
m Hydro mover moisture at their international
technology manufacturing sites.
m DMX technology. m Heavy dependency on
m Advertisement campaign footwear sales.

››   ( 
m Established objectives.
m Result-oriented culture. m Strong US dollar.
m Strengthen management team. m Weak department store
m Relevant advertising and
marketing campaigns. m Foreign market is suffering.
m Grow quality market share. m Economic decline in key
m Restructured production
creation teams. m Chinese products
m National Football League m Strong competition.
m Changed leadership for difficult

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