The Changing Library

The Changing Library
‡ Today¶s library as a symbol, as an academic resource and as a building is in transition. ‡ The library is evolving from warehousing information to being a river of information and a center for collaboration and interaction.

Seattle Public Library Washington

‡ Architect : Rem Koolhaus ± Amsterdam NL

Middelfart Public Library Denmark

Phoenix Public Library Arizona

‡ Architect : DWL Architects ± AZ

Tromsoe Public Library Norway

Salt Lake City Public Library Utah

‡ Architect : Moshe Safdie & Associates - MA

The quiet staid building for individual study has morphed into a dynamic, technological collaborative learning and research resource

Library Usage
‡ Decline in personal interaction with reference librarians ‡ Increase in the use of Google, Bing, etc. ‡ Increase in circulation ± more books are being checked out due to ease of search ‡ Increase in Inter-Library Loan as libraries broaden their collection by networking with other libraries and share collections

Overall Increase in Library Usage

Strasbourg Public Library France

Oulunsalo Public Library Finland

Warehouse to River
‡ Rate of library book acquisitions will decline as libraries increase the number of on-line resources and databases ‡ Collection Management ± Must decide if books are maintained on campus or off-site holding area ‡ Is it important for the library to own a book or provide access to it?

Thus the library space provides a centralized location for interaction and collaboration

Louise Michel Library France

Kolding Public Library Denmark

Information Commons and Technology

Information Commons
‡ Computerized space within the library staffed by both reference librarians and IT professionals skilled in assisting students / patrons in their search for information and knowledge ‡ Typically a highly active and dynamic space

‡ More than any other factor the advances, diversity and rapidity of technological change is changing the library ‡ The library is both wired and wireless ‡ Web access to variety of databases ‡ Implementation of Web 2.0 ± Applications to facilitate interactive information sharing i.e. hosted services, social networks, video sharing and blogs

Hinnerup Public Library Denmark

Vordingborg Public Library Denmark



Opal Shelving & Tables

So what should the library of the future look like ?

Future Library
‡ It will certainly have books - just fewer ‡ An information commons area ‡ A place for interaction and reflection ± discussion and quiet ‡ A place where technology, students / patrons and faculty interact

It should look like a

BCI Eurobib Library

Floriande Public Library Netherlands

Tenerife Public Library Spain

Christianshavn Public Library Denmark

Raufoss Public Library Norway

Vordingborg Public Library Denmark

The single most important characteristic of the new library building is the ability to facilitate change, changing technology and infrastructure, changing spaces, and changing human dynamics

Corporate Headquarters
100 Hilltop Road Ramsey, NJ 07446-1119 877-224-7026

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