Case Analysis on Bumrungrad¶ Global S.



‡Use of internet and marketing medium to promote its health care Services. ‡Opening representative officer at different countries. ‡Cannot cater to middle class customers during recession. ‡Too much dependant on foreign Customers. ‡Book appointment online. ‡They used aggressive marketing tactics to tap patient of other countries. ‡They followed an aggressive marketing strategy that targeted foreign patients.‡Project it self as the global hospital Complying with all international Standards. ‡Competition from local players in Thailand who are upgrading their services and infrastructure. ‡September attack at US also proved to be an opportunity as most of people from their moved to this region. . ‡Competition from hospital of other emerging healthcare destination. ‡Sales representative sent to other countries.

UK.Dhaka.spee Psychographic d Lifestyle.service.STP Geographic Demographic Region ±Thailand Income.culture oriented Readiness stageaware.JAPAN Positioned as high class medical service provider at a cheaper cost to attract foreign Behavioral patients.intending Usage rate.Middle and Higher . BenefitsQuality.Medium .economy.US.

BCG MATRIX Bumrungrad Hospital .

30000 20000 10000 0 29900 30000 29900 900 300 600 240 160 1600 180 1200 500 225 175 1200 Bumrungrad Vichalyuth amith ej .

Ansoff Matrix .

collaboration with Thai airways. y y Place-Thailand. Dhaka. launched campaign aimed at attracting patients in the UK. tied up with mandara spa. launched a campaign in Arabic newspaper. UK. representative offices.4 P·s of Bumrungrad·s y Product-Large multispecialty hospital services y Price. UK health care enterprises. Japan. .Cheaper price.Participated in international road shows. middle east. y Promotion.

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