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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


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HIV is transmitted through direct contact of a mucous membrane or the bloodstream with a bodily fluid containing HIV, such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid, and breast milk.

This transmission can involve unsafe sex, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy.

Barrier methods Hormonal methods Emergency contraception Intrauterine methods Sterilization

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The prevention of fertilization of the ovum by sperm cells.

The most popular barrier method is the male condom, a latex or polyurethane sheath placed over the penis. The condom is also available in a female version, which is made of polyurethane.

For details regarding other methods:-

and HIV). Secondary usage to waterproof microphones & also to protecting rifle barrels from clogging. syphilis. polyurethane or lamb intestine Users experience only 2% condom failure.Condom   1/10/1 0 Used during sexual intercourse to cover a man's erect penis. Prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs²such as gonorrhea. Blocks semen from entering the partner¶s body.    The Condom Industry under consideration for this project : .   Made from latex.

Industrial Analysis Current trend 1/10/1 0 The condom market is a stable and mature market growing at a steady rate every year. up 2. For e.8% from 2004. including sales through all retail channels stood at $398. market for condoms. Constant public education on STD¶s and the benefits of condom use have induced growth in this market. Condoms are made available to the potential users by Government of India through the following schemes: Free Distribution Scheme Social Marketing Scheme .S.g.3 million in 2005.-total U.

Industrial Analysis (contd)« Firm Annual Capacity ( In Million Pieces) 600.00 321. TTK LIG Polar Latex Ltd.28 178.00 34. Ansell Suretex Prophylactics Indus Medicare 1/10/1 0 Condom market (As per survey 2008) .10 60. J.50 Hindustan Latex Ltd.50 84.K.

SourceLRC] Bimodal distribution . Indian hope to reach a target of distributing 3 billion condoms annually by 2010 .7 billion. with a smaller rise in early summer.  .September 2006)[Grocer & Co-ops. followed by a trough the following week. Condom sales in India : It increased by 85 million in few months after increase from the current target of 1. 2008.S l s tr Condom sales: Data from the LRC-London Rubber Company indicate that condom sales reach by far their greatest peak just before Christmas. s 1/10/1 0 Weekly internal condom sales (April 2005. and a more prolonged but less pronounced increase over the peak summer months.A sharp and acute peak in Christmas week itself.

1/10/1 0 Recessions was certainly good for love and consequently for condom sales too. Wow ! Recession . perhaps in anticipation of reduced availability of condom outlets over the holiday period. Over the final three months of 2008. condom sales rose 5 percent.Condom sales (contd)« The sharp increase in sales in the week before Christmas and the sharp fall in sales in the week after Christmas indicate some stockpiling.

Latest newspaper article !!! 1/10/1 0 .

1/10/1 0 .Crown.Major players of the industry Major Players :. Okamoto. Trojan Others«. Lifestyles. Durex .

Competition 1/10/1 0 .

Birth Control Methods: Comparison Chart Major Competition (Effective methods) Method of Birth Control How Many Couples Using This Method Will Get Pregnant in a Year? How Well Does This Method Work in Preventing Pregnancy? Completely effective Effective Effective Effective Effective Moderately effective Less effective Can This Method Also Protect Against STDs? Yes No No No No Yes Yes 1/10/1 0 Consistent Abstinence None Birth Control Patch ("The Patch") Birth Control Pill ("The Pill") Birth Control Ring ("The Ring") Birth Control Shot Male Condom Female Condom 8 out of 100 8 out of 100 8 out of 100 3 out of 100 15 out of 100 21 out of 100 .

Miscellaneous competition (Less Effective) Method of Birth Control How Many Couples Using This Method Will Get Pregnant in a Year? 16 out of 100 1 to 2 out of 100 Fewer than 1 out of 100 25 out of 100 29 out of 100 27 out of 100 85 out of 100 How Well Does This Method Work in Preventing Pregnancy? Moderately effective Very effective Very effective Less effective Less effective Less effective Not effective Can This Method Also Protect Against STDs? No No No No No No No 1/10/1 0 Diaphragm Emergency Contraception IUD (intrauterine device) Fertility Awareness Spermicide Withdrawal ("Pulling Out") Not Using Any Birth Control Source : ³´ .

color. length. 18th century Before 15th century 1920 1855 Linen treated with chemicals First rubber condom Now Condoms are manufactured with varying size. shape. strength. lamb¶s intestine. tortoise shell. flavor etc. Manufacturing plants are mostly automatic. Placement on ¶TANGIBILITY SPECTRUM· 100% tangible and that·s that what makes it purposeful.Technological Progress 1/10/1 0 Latex condom Glans condoms± oiled silk paper. animal horn. Production is a high-volume thereby low-cost business. .

WATERPROOF ELASTIC DURABLE 1/10/1 0 Bundle of benefits .CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS & USES Preventing sexually transmitting diseases As a contraceptive Collection of semen for infertility treatment. Creating waterproof microphones Protecting rifle barrels from clogging.

easy to use. well above the HBA average of 25 percent. few side effects. Retailers are paying very close attention to this category. protection against STD¶s (2% per-year pregnancy rate with use of condom) Most popular methods of contraception in the world. mainly because of its profit potential.1/10/1 0 SUCCESS OF CONDOM INDUSTRY Male condoms : Inexpensive. Supermarkets have not fully tapped the potential for the condom market. During the mid-to-late 1980s condom sales rose dramatically. . growing 20 percent each year as a result of increasing awareness & education. A survey of buyers found that the average gross margin for condoms ranged from 40 percent to 50 percent. Most retailers have gotten away from the idea that condoms are taboo and should be hidden behind the counter.

Myths and Facts Myths Regular use of oral contraceptives lead to accumulation in body. All contraceptives prevent STD¶s Only condoms prevent STD¶s Birth Control Pills lead to weight gain. 1/10/1 0 Facts They get dissolved in the stomach just like any other pills. . Minor weight gain may be experienced depending on the women physiology and the pill.

6% of unmarried people do not use any contraceptives. 86. Bihar. Jharkhand) Only 50% of sex workers use contraceptives. (Delhi. Chhattisgarh. UP. Rajasthan. 80% women hesitate in asking for contraceptives. 70% of contraceptive purchase in India are made by men. MP. Uttaranchal. .Facts and Figures 1/10/1 0 8 states account for 45% of condom sales in India.

66 Crores.50.. 2000 y M/s.0 Crores.Government·s Contribution 1/10/1 0 1998-99: De art ent of Fa ily Welfare sanctione a ilot roject to M/s HLFPPT(Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust). Thir roject was launche in An hra Pra esh in Fe . Social Mar eting sanctione to the Society for Wo an an Chil Health in Haryana at a cost of 3. for strengthening Social Mar eting of Contrace tives rogra e. . Hin ustan Late Fa ily Planning Pro otion Trust with total cost of Rs.000 er year on R&D for contrace tives. 2004. 4.ovt allowe rivate sector to enter into anufacturing of contrace tives overn ent rojects to s en $2.

Marketing Channel structure 1/10/1 0 Customer Distri utor Manager RetailerCF Agent Main Area Sales Manager -Distri utor Su Regional Sales Man Manufacture .

Specific Channel details Address of sub-distributor: 1/10/1 0 Vinayak enterprises. south-ex plaza. Mode of transport cycle or auto.125-a. ndls Carry forward agent address .New delhi ± 110016. masjid moth-south ex2.katwaria sarai. Retailer address: b-16.

46 Discount .Rs.4% Mrp . 1/10/1 0 Volume & Seasonal Discount .Rs.15.3 PCS BATCH NO -071023 Vat. 50 Rate . 38.Pricing strategy Quantity .20.15 FREE . 460 Product is available in tin of 10.2% Amount ± Rs.

Pr MISSION: ti 1/10/1 0 Sex plays a fundamental role in our physical and emotional wellbeing. Durex has joined forces with Company Magazine and Joy stores for Company¶s 2009 Play Safe Campaign. We believe that a healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone's to enjoy Durex celebrates 80th birthday. with the aim to give you a sexier and safer sex life this Christmas. Eleven celebs have worn and customised Durex µAll I want for Christmas is a Condom¶ t-shirt to help spread the safe sex message this party .

with a market share of over 65 percent in the rural and semi urban markets. Bihar etc. with over 2800 stock points. covering 3500 hospitals. reaching over 30000 medical professionals. HLL has made vast inroads in the commercial segment too. Madhya Pradesh.Distribution Intense distribution : Easy availability 1/10/1 0 HLL has steadily set up a strong and sound infrastructure for direct marketing. and reaching over one lakh villages in the remotest corners of the nation. has over 700 frontline team members placed in every town. with offices in all metros and mini metros. with the . It is the leading social marketing organization in the country in the area of contraceptives . including in the highly populated states of UP. 200000 retail outlets.

installation and maintenance of CVMs costing Rs 6. a charitable trust promoted by public sector undertaking Hindustan Latex Ltd.000 each and is able to store 22 packets with two condoms in each packet. HLFPPT .Distribution (contd)« 1/10/1 0 CVMs (Condom Vending Machines) make condoms easily available to the shy people. Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT). 82 NGOs have been enlisted for re-filling the machines and collection of . The project is a partnership between MCD. dispensaries and other public places. hospitals. MCD in collaboration with National Aids Control Organization (NACO) has install 2.000 cvm¶s at various places of Delhi near toilet blocks. parking places.

000 CVM¶s that were installed are not working.000 machines will be installed in Delhi. as they have either been vandalized or removed. on average. each vending machine dispenses only one packet of condoms a day. In Delhi.Mor bout VM·s 1/10/1 0 Not meant for vending commercially marketed condoms . Chennai and Kolkata. Mumbai. New concept ± not accepted About 600 out of the 2. 11.only provide products approved by the Health Ministry with each packet costing Rs. 5 /- In the second phase. The aim : To make people aware of safe sex practices and to encourage .

Cannot advertise directly only surrogate advertisement for condoms.    Slipping . Unpleasant experience. Getting importance worldwide Increasing awareness & increasing sales Social.   Not 100% guarantee completely STD and pregnancy control. cultural and traditional hindrances. Use of condom to avoid STD from spreading(no other alternative available except condom)  .bursting problems.SWOT Analysis for Condom Industry Strength  1/10/1 0 Weakness  Easily raw material availability Almost essential for sex Available in many sizes.      Available in many colors and flavor to attract more consumer.

vending machines(people are still shy to ask for Masturbation and use of Sex toys.SWOT Analysis (contd)« Opportunity  1/10/1 0 Threats People are getting more Surgical Procedures aware & conscious about use (sterilization)Tubal of condom. Ligation(F)/Vasectomy(M) Societythe Roman Catholic Church generally Increasing Availability in opposes condom use. condom)    Scope for expansion Natural methods to avoid .

Future Trends and Projections Future market potential 1/10/1 0 .

Getting listed with wholesalers and retailers.Entry barriers  1/10/1 0 The cost of obtaining the quality certification (like BSE Kitemark.   STOP . UK) (different in different countries) The cost of establishing a brand image.

Results of not using CONDOM 1/10/1 0 .

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