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O The usage of remote data had increase globally, so
effective computing should be provided.

O To provide such an effective computing parallel

processing is used with SMPǯs, Clusters,
Distributed computing

 mome users require small remote information image a

day, while others require large set of data per hour.


 ahat needed is a large-scale processing and storage

system that provides high bandwidth at low cost.
 Scalable distributed memory systems and massively
parallel processors generally.
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a. In This Method Many ,Operations Done
b. Main Goal Is To Achieve High Performance
c. Processing aith in Single Computer


Y. e F r Is Usi l sters , ǯs, ri s

. ere i le Ysk Is te I iffere t N es

O They have computing tas s that they would li e
to run faster.
O This is called a tas bottlenec

O They are wor ing with datasets that are too big
for the memory of their machines.
O This is called a data bottlenec
O ëeed to Chec Dependencies

O To Overcome Race Conditions

O To Maintain mutual Exclusion, synchronization,
and parallel slowdown

¦. Accessing Data aithout Touching The Object
2. Data ahich Cannot Be Ta en manually
Ô. Some places, such as the Sun or the Earth's core,
could not be approached physically even by
x unmanned technology.
4. Basic se of This remote Data Is or Earth
5. or mapping ocean features, land use ,
environmental change,
6. Emergency search and rescue, natural disaster
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 Several Applications were needed to Access this Data .

One such application is Synthetic Aperture Radar, or SAR .

 The retrieved data should be partioned for parallel computing

¦.Spectral-domain partitioning
2.Spatial-domain partitioning
 Computing each data segment with separate processor.

 Combining intermediate computing results for final result.

The extraction of prominent information from remote sensing


¦. Hetero-Morph Algorithm Shows the aor ing of Parallel Computing

2. Hyper spectral image , structuring element r ëumber of iterations

Imax, ëumber of classes c.

Ô. By using Algorithm divide Image into ǮP Ǯpartitions 

4. Initiate Counting variable j=0,Increment by one each iteration.

5. Calculating the Distance Between the pixels ,and Classify into

different classes.

[SAD[( -B)(x, y), ( B)(x, y)].

6. Broadcast to all the wor ers, which obtain a classification label for

each pixel (x, y) in the local partition .

O Each wor er then sends the label associated with each local
pixel to the master.

O Then master gathers all individual results and forms the

final 2-dimensional resultant matrix


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i. Real-Life Applications:
ii. Photo geology
iii. Digital Photography
iv. Radar
v. Satellite Data
vi. Land sat

O The se Of Heterogeneous parallel computing

System increased the overall performance.

O By distributed computing large set of remote data

is computed with high performance which will
useful for right analysis of data