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Silverlight Introduction
‡ Another technology for creating RIAs ‡ Plug-in, similar to Flash ‡ Cross-platform, cross-browser, open standard ‡ Comfortable for desktop/server developers ‡ Program in C#/VB/Python/Ruby ‡ Can run out-of-browser too

‡ User interfaces are declared in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) ‡ Silverlight can also be used to create Windows Sidebar gadgets for Windows Vista

Silverlight Processing Model
‡ Silverlight works much like Javascript ‡ Gets loaded with the page (html or aspx). ‡ A parse tree that mirrors the Xaml is built and rendered ‡ Events, like the button click, are processed by bindings between a silverlight control (the button) and an event handler. ‡ This works just like Javascript events, with no postback to the server.

Version Evolution of Silverlight

Silverlight 1
‡ Released in 2007 ‡ Developed under the codename Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E) ‡ A Silverlight 1.0 application hosted in Internet Explorer. Interactivity is provided by Silverlight, but user input controls are HTML controls overlaid on top of Silverlight content

Silverlight 2
‡ Embeds Common Language Runtime (.NET) ± Silverlight Class Libraries ± Subset of .NET Base Class Libraries with extra Silverlight Functionality ± Silverlight Control Toolkit ± TextBoxes, Buttons, DropDownLists, Calendars, DataGrids, etc ‡ A Silverlight 2 application hosted in Internet Explorer. Version 2 brings improved interactivity and support for some native .NET languages and development tools

Silverlight 3
‡ Released July 9, 2009. ‡ Includes an increased number of controls
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Silverlight Toolkit navigation framework Supports (AAC) audio Supports H.264 video

‡ A Silverlight 3 application, with one instance running in Google Chrome as well as installed locally.

Silverlight 4
‡ Web cam and microphone support. ‡ Printing support. ‡ Improved mouse support including right button support and mouse wheel support. ‡ New notification support to display messages to end users. ‡ New and enhanced controls such as a RichTextBox and an enhanced DataGrid control.

Silverlight 5
‡ Supports GPU accelerated video decoding ‡ Built in 3D graphics support (not to be confused with stereoscopic 3D) ‡ Variable speed playback of media content with automatic audio pitch correction ‡ Improved power awareness ‡ Built in Remote-control support ‡ Supports faster application startup ‡ Provides 64-bit browser support. ‡ Delivers improved text clarity.

‡ It is a free and open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight for Linux and other Unix based operating systems, developed by the Mono Project
‡ Cross-Platform .NET implementation ‡ Runs Windows Forms and Gtk# Desktop Apps, as well as ASP.NET

Supporting Language-XAML
‡ Extensible Application Markup Language is a declarative XML-based language ‡ created by Microsoft ‡ Used as a user interface markup language ‡ XAML files can be created and edited with visual design tools such as Microsoft Expression Blend, Microsoft Visual Studio

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