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‡ ‡ ‡ Founded by Henry Ford Incorporated on June 16 , 1903 Significant Innovation (Assembly Line and Model T)


The First Ford Vehicle Model T .

Acquired Lincoln Motor .

Thunder Bird was Created .In 1950 .

Today Ford has entire Family .

Problem Statement of the organization ‡ ‡ ‡ Horizontal Integration Forced them to Shut Down their Factories Shift of Production Plant to low cost centers .

SWOT Analysis Strengths ‡ Large scale manufacturing and workforce ‡ Size strength ‡ Global presence ‡ Research and development .

SWOT Analysis Weaknesses ‡ Revenue decline ‡ Brand image dilution ‡ Poor response ‡ Financial burden .

SWOT Analysis Opportunities ‡ Market for efficient fuel friendly cars ‡ Government support ‡ Diversification ‡ Purchasing power .

SWOT Analysis Threats ‡ Discount offerings ‡ Financial crisis of USA ‡ Innovative marketing strategies .

Porter¶s 5 forces analysis for the organization .

Industry Analysis 1 .


‡ There is low threat of new entrants ‡ The bargaining power of buyers/customers is low ‡ There is a huge threat of substitute products ‡ Suppliers do not have much bargaining power ‡ There is a significant amount of rivalry among competitors .Learning from the analysis ‡ The analysis above indicates that the industry is moderately favorable to profitability.

Industry Analysis 2 .



‡ The bargaining power of suppliers may be induced upon them by force. and are unfavorable to industry profitability. It could force the automakers to rescue the suppliers. as if they stop supplying it is not because they have money and are threatening the automakers. hurting both parties. and rivalry among competing firms are high. ‡ The bargaining power of suppliers and threat of new entrants are moderate. .Learning from the analysis ‡ The threats of substitute products. ‡ The industry is unfavorable to profitability. bargaining power of customers. ‡ This creates a negative-sum game. but because they cannot afford to keep assembly lines open. which is not very favorable to industry profitability.

Five Forces Model Threat of New Entrants Already saturated market High Entry Costs Brand Recognition Power of Supplier Limited number of buyers Long term relationships Power of Customers Competitive Rivalry Different Automakers Economic Fluctuation Expectations (Safety. Ships . quality) Dictate Demand Threat of Substitutes Public Transportation Walking Airlines Train.

Strategy Global Strategy Localization .

Strategy Communication Strategy Shift From Tops .Down approach to Bottom .Up approach .

Strategy The Power of Information Technology .

Strategy Marketing Strategy Active use of Social Media since 2008 .

Product quality 7. Brand Management 2. Logistics System 4. Customer loyalty . Moving Assembly line 5. Focus on Product Development Strategy 6. Control over Supplier and Distributor 3.Competitive advantage 1.

Financials .




Limitations ‡Economic losses as a result of a reduction in market share. ‡There has been a shift of production plants to low cost centers where cost savings are made. which has caused the sale of aston martin. ‡Ford motors faced with challenges of managing their current financial crisis. ‡The production of jaguar and land rover ‡Expensive after sale service .

‡ Close the gap between owning inventory and ordering from the supplier . focus. coordination.Learning ‡Get customers involved in research and development. ‡ Increase supply chain coordination. development. ‡Customer Driven focus.

Conclusion .

Futuristic approach ‡Lower volume ‡Smaller cars ‡Eco friendly and clean energy ‡Smart advanced technology ‡Demand driven vehicles .

Q&A .

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