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IAS Mission and Vision
OUR MISSION WHO WE ARE The International AIDS Society (IAS) is the world s leading independent association of HIV professionals 14.700 individual members WHAT WE DO We connect. By convening the world s foremost international conferences on HIV and AIDS and specialized meetings, we provide critical platforms for presenting new research, promoting dialogue and building consensus to advance the global fight against HIV. We promote. By promoting dialogue, education and networking, and providing access to best practice, professional development and skills building, we help build capacity and close gaps in knowledge and expertise at every level of the HIV response. We mobilize. By advocating for the right to an evidence- based response to HIV, and for a concerted research effort to build that evidence base, we contribute to continuously improving the global response to HIV.

OUR VISION A global movement of people working together to end the HIV epidemic, applying scientific evidence and best practice at every level of the HIV response.

International permanent IAC Partners

Secretariat + two co-sponsors

World¶s largest, most comprehensive AIDS conference

20,000 participants from 190 countries
Photos: © International AIDS Society/Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

Basic facts
‡ Largest Medical conference ± 20.000 delegates ‡ Unique: - researchers/Health professionals - people living with HIV/AIDS - leaders - welcoming activists ‡ Three main programme components: - science - ³community´ - leadership (accountability) ‡ Extensive scholarship programme ± 1000 people ‡ Truly global ± unlike most other health related conf.



´Cross disciplinary linkages and dialogue´

Supports activism

Impact of an IAC
Nkosi Johnson, 1988-2001, put an African face on AIDS at AIDS 2000 in Durban

Impact of an IAC
AIDS 2000 did change practice in SA Government and made many African leaders recognize the challenge

Impact of an IAC
AIDS 2004 made many Asian leaders recognize the challenge

Impact of an IAC
AIDS 2008 made many LA leaders change view on MSM and sex education at schools and rolled out Mexican treatment

Why are media so important?

To change a country¶s policy To help keeping HIV AIDS on the global agenda

Leaders¶ commitments are important,

but when 2500 media representatives done their work...

AIDS 2006: Time to Deliver !

... the impact multiplies

AIDS 2006: Time to Deliver !

...politicians on all levels and of most political colours are being influenced

AIDS 2006: Time to Deliver !

...not only by media but by their voters

AIDS 2004: Access for All !

AIDS 2006: Time to Deliver !

IAC as platform for Activism impacts the public opinion, politicians and pharma industry

Published: Monday, December 04, 2006

Centre opens for those with HIV
'It's about time they can relax' in own community
The International AIDS Conference in Toronto last August helped raise awareness of the disease in Abottsville B.C -

"I think we're riding the wave from the International AIDS conference in Toronto," said the responsible, Mrs Porbeni.

g up new contacts

Disseminate information gained
Undertake advocacy

Disseminate information gained


Start a new project

ce impact on delegates according to 2008 M&E report

g up new contacts

Disseminate information gained
Undertake advocacy Wonder what¶s for dinner tonight ?

Disseminate information gained


Start a new project

ce impact on delegates according to 2006 M&E report

g up new contacts

Disseminate information gained
Undertake advocacy Wonder what¶s for dinner tonight ?

Disseminate information gained


Start a new project

ce impact on delegates according to 2008 M&E report

Spiritual renewal

Start a new project

rence impact on delegates according to M&E reports

Webcast with hundreds of thousands of users

Evidence show that...

- 3000 community radio stations,

Leaders at AIDS 2010
Among national leaders participating in the Conference are:
Heinz Fischer, Federal President of Austria; Bill Clinton, Founder, William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd
President of the United States;

Kgalema Motlanthe, Deputy President of South Africa; Truong Vinh Trong, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam; Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, First Lady of Georgia; Ministers of Health for Brazil, India, Lesotho and Kazakhstan HRH Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway;

Other leaders are
Bill Gates Annie Lennox Bill Roedy Michel Sidibe Michel Kazatchkine

AIDS 2010 Theme

‡ Rights Here, Right Now stresses the crucial importance of protecting and promoting human rights as a precondition to a successful AIDS response ‡ Rights Here, Right Now underscores critical moment in the epidemic, with 2010 deadline for universal access to AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support on the immediate horizon

Why Vienna ?

Conference Programme Overview

Programme Sessions Plenary Opening/Closing Sessions Plenary Sessions Concurrent Abstract-driven Sessions Bridging Sessions

Programme Activities

Youth Programme

Global Village


Special Sessions


The AIDS 2010 programme is organized around three major components: Science, Community, and Leadership + Accountability.

Programme Highlights:

Plenary Sessions
Broad range of plenary session topics, including: ± Research towards a cure ± Human rights ± Treatment advances, access to treatment and treatment as prevention ± Harm reduction and drug policy ± Violence against women and girls ± New prevention strategies

Among plenary speakers are Bill Clinton delivering a keynote address on 19 July at 08:30; and South African Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi speaking on the topic ³Universal Access: Treatment and Prevention Scale-up´, 20 July, 08:30 hours.

Special Sessions and Satellite Meetings
‡ 15 sessions on the most pressing issues in the epidemic Highlights include:
A roadmap for HIV prevention with Bill Gates on Monday, 19 July at 13:00 hours. IAS Members Satellite - Presentation on HIV Reservoirs and Strategies to Control them, 21 July, 18:30-20:30, with Professor Françoise BarréSinoussi, 2008 Nobel Laureate for Medicine and IAS Governing Council Member. Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi will also report in a Press Conference on HIV Reservoirs, 21 July, 14:00-15:00 hours. What looks like breakthrough on Microbicides Tuesday lunch High-level Satellite on Paradigm shift in treatment on Sunday Please visit the online Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG) for a full list of conference sessions, satellites, meetings, and programme activities taking place at Reed Messe Wien.

Human Rights March
‡ HR March: Tuesday, 20 July, beginning at 17:00 ‡ 30-minute peaceful march through the city centre with a rally and speeches at Heldenplatz. ‡ UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador Annie Lennox will give a presentation on her SING Campaign and a performance.

Global Village
‡ Free, open to delegates and the general public. ‡ International gathering place featuring displays of culture, food, community, theatre, activities and a marketplace.
Among Highlights: Youth Pavilion and Networking Zones, including human rights, harm reduction, multi-faith, people with HIV in EECA, film screenings, live performances, sessions and exhibitions. Opening ceremony on 19 July, 11:00 to 12:00 noon.

Highlights Youth Programme

Youth Pre-Conference Opening Ceremony
Wed, 14 July, 10.30 -11.30, Medical University Viena Special Guest: Conference co-chair, Dr. Brigitte Schmied Dance the Ribbon! Get ready for AIDS 2010
16. July 2010 19.00, WUK (Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus), Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien. On the last day of the AIDS 2010 Youth PreConference, a youth reception and party will welcome all young people±whether conference participants or not !

Symposia Session. Youth: Providing Leadership on
AIDS and Demanding Accountability, 19 July, 16:3018:00h; Session Room 1, Reed Messe Wien

Lounge for Delegates Living with HIV (PLHIV lounge)

‡ The PLHIV lounge will be a place of rest, support and networking. For many delegates living with HIV, the PLHIV lounge can be a valuable part of their conference experience, providing opportunities to meet and talk with other PLHIV from across the globe in a relaxed and nurturing environment. ‡ The lounge will provide complimentary snacks, spaces for informal meetings and relaxation, and private facilities for taking medication.

Positive Lounge ± Hall D, 1st Floor Opening hours:
Sunday, 18 July: 12:00 ± 17:30 Mon 19 ± Thu 22 July: 08:00 ± 18:00; Friday, 23 July: 09:00 ± 13:00

Vienna Cultural Programme on the occasion of AIDS 2010

‡ About 40 Austrian and international cultural institutions, including some from the fine arts, film, dance, music, design, literature and architecture, have joined together to provide an exciting cultural backdrop for AIDS 2010 delegates and the One of the highlights: ÄWe must eat our suckers with the wrappers on´ general public of Vienna.

Robyn Orlin und die City Theater & Dance Group Johannesburg A contribution by ImPulsTanz ± Vienna International Dance Festival, on 20 and 22 July, 21:00 hours, at MuseumsQuartier Wien/Halle E.

Can you help«
³The partnership with Kaiser Family Foundation is central to our ability to extend the reach of the International AIDS Conference well beyond the conference venue and dates, said IAS Acting Executive Director, Mats Ahnlund. ³In conjunction with our other online resources, the webcasts ensure that those unable to attend the conference have access to its key resources, while providing a lasting record of conference proceedings Kaiser¶s substantive and technical expertise, along with their well-earned reputation for highquality coverage, makes them the ideal webcasting partner.´


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