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È To study the various processes involved in supply chain


È To measure the effectiveness of order fulfillment process.

È To identify the reasons for ineffectiveness in the order

fulfillment, if any found.
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| out 24% of the total orders are The main reason could e stated
trading orders ,of which 27% as delay from end suppliers in
orders are delayed which Germany and the customs
qualifies to e a concern for the clearance at the port.

North region has the maximum It has een due to the stock
delayed orders oth in transfer issues & payment lock
manufacturing (28%) and trading in Customer orders.
South region has the maximum The reason eing the orders
delays(125) in the second week locked for customs clearance in
of the month Chennai port and payment.
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Credit lock ( orders locked due It reveals the inefficiencies in

to exceeded credit limit extended financial management and supplier
to customers) & delay from relations Management
suppliers has affected only the
south region
The fourth week reveals the This is due to the road permit
concern in the West region. 33% issues (logistics related) that have
of the deviations in the fourth delayed customer delivery on time
week has een detected in the
West region.
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È | proper communication could e effected with the suppliers

a road during the course of order processing there y
improvising the supplier Relationship management. This issue
is more significant in the south region which could e focused
up on .

È North region may e given optimal focus and su sequently

made to stock more inventory.

È Since unavaila ility of stock has een discovered as a reason

for delay, the supply chain department may introduce a new
system for regular inventory check.
È 2ayment lock has een a major hindrance to timely delivery
in the South region which throws light on the inefficiency of
the finance Dept, thus focus Should e on the expedite
collection of receipts and settlement of financial transactions.

È Organization Structure
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