Commercial aeroponic growing system

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Aeroponic system ‡ An advanced technology ‡ System provides plants with an enclosed air or mist environment and water/nutrient ecosystem. ‡ perfect for indoor grow rooms and greenhouses. without soil or media. . ‡ stimulates rapid plant growth.

Basic concept of operation .

Aeroponic system layout (basic component) .

monitoring.enhancements for extended plant life and crop maturation ‡ Used for cultivation of high value crops where multiple crop rotation are achieved on an ongoing commercial basis. .Commercial aeroponic growing system ‡ comprise high pressure device hardware include data gathering. analytical feedback and Internet connections to various subsystems ‡ biological systems.

Flex Aeroponic System .True Aeroponic Systems 3.Expandable systems 5.Closed-loop aeroponic systems 4.Single chamber system 2.Types of Commercial aeroponic growing system 1.

germination and full-term growing.1. . single chamber system ‡ Widely used for propagation.

True Aeroponic Systems ‡ Rapid crop regeneration from seeds or vegetative cuttings in air .2.

Closed-loop aeroponic systems ‡ modular to link together to accommodate any size of growing space .3.

and stand . ‡ Each chamber includes hydro-atomizing spray jets. chamber bottom.4. chamber top. Expandable systems ‡ Commercial systems can be expanded by adding additional chambers in series. space . Flex Aeroponic System ‡ Advantages: .double the production capacity .

Advantages by using aeroponic system ‡ Provides the plant with clean sterile environment (Disease-free cultivation) ‡ high yields ‡ can easily be cleaned and reused many times. over and over again ‡ can grow herbs. vegetables and flowers continuously .

Continue ‡ Extremely economical when compared to traditional methods of growing plants ‡ Ecologically friendly for producing natural. healthy plants and crops ‡ Benefits of oxygen in the root zone ‡ Improved nutrient feeding ‡ Use of seed stocks .


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