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1908. ¦ Founded by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. Iron Rod. outside Japan.  ¦ Tata Steel. ¦ Products : Steel. on 27th February. Cars & Bearing etc ¦ Tata Steel India is the first integrated steel company in the world.. is one of the largest diversified business conglomerates in India. a part of the Tata Group. ¦ Tata Steel has a balanced global presence in over 50 developed European and fast growing Asian markets. with manufacturing units in 26 countries. to be awarded the  . ¦ It has main steel plant located at Jamshedpur.


m   for excellence in Total Quality Management. .

000 people worldwide.V. Germany. ¦ The Company was formed from the merger of Koninklijke Hoogovens N. ¦ It is the world's fifth largest steel producer. ¦ Corus comprises three operating Divisions: Strip Products. Electrical Steels. with British Steel Plc on 6 October 1999. England. France and Belgium. . Long Products and Distribution & Building Systems and has employees around 37. ¦ Headquarters in London. Business services. ¦ Corus has manufacturing operations in many countries with major plants located in the UK. ?      ¦ Corus is Europe's second largest steel producer. The other plants are located in Netherlands. Construction Production & Services. ¦ Products : Bar & Billet. Rail Products and Services.

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  We aspire to be the global steel industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship. .


as well as virgin market for steel.Mittal. .   To get access to Indian Ore reserves.6 billion GBP.   Due to tough competition from Arcelor.   Decline in market share and profit.   Lack of raw materials at lower cost.   Old facilities with high cost of production.    Debt of 1.   Employee cost was high.

. ·Corus holds a number of patents and R& D facility.       ·Finished products in mature markets in Europe ·Corus produces high value stripped products ·Diversification of products. ·Improving productivity by using lower employee cost. ·Acquisition is better than setting up a new plant. ·It will move from 55th in world to 5th in production of steel globally.

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  Date Ȃ 2nd April.55. 2007 Price Ȃ Rs. Advisor Ȃ Duetshe Bank.S Finance Ȃ 4 Billion $ from internal company resources.000 crore Pence Per Share Ȃ 608 P. . ABN Amro & Standard Chartered.P.

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ü Profit not high as expected. ü An existence of gap. ü Stock took a heavy fall during 2008. ü Increased interest debt of 725 million $ after acquisition .   ü The deal was very expensive. ü Less employees eager to relocate.

  Taking employees view seriously. m         Cross Cultural Difference.   Providing Individual Counseling. .

    ·Position of the Company. ·Proper valuation. . ·Selecting proper debt/equity ratio. ·Opportunity to expand business. ·Acquire new technologies.

  Good Return To Shareholders. .      Attain High Growth.   To Lower the Debt.   Sustainability in the market.   Utilization Of Technologies.

    It set an example for whole Indian Industry. .  Extraordinary Deal.