Concepts of Oracle Applications


DATABASE OBJECTS Module Specific Directory Structure Flexfields Value Sets Concurrent Manager




Module Specific Directory Structure /d2/hora10/APPS/ont/11.fmx .0/forms/US/OEXOEORD.5.

Descriptive Flexfields   KEY Flexfield: It appears as a normal field on a form. Key Flexfields 2. Two Types of Flexfields: 1. The value of a key flex field is like a concatenated value having segment separator.FLEXFIELDS Flexfield: A flexfield is a flexible data field that an organization can customize to the business needs without programming. Example: Stock Locator in Inventory Module Navigation: Inventory>SETUP> Organization>Sub Inventories> Stock Locators .

Example: Additional Header Information in OM Navigation: Order Management>Orders> Sales Orders  . It appears in a block as a two character unnamed field enclosed in square brackets. Descriptive Flexfield: To capture the additional information that is important and unique to the business.


VALUE SETS  Types of Value Sets: Independent Dependent Table None .

LOOKUP   It is a set of codes and their meanings. TABLE: FND_LOOKUPS NAVIGATION: Application Developer > Application > Lookups > Application Object Library  .

TRANSLATION TABLES  Oracle Applications stores language specific attributes in a separate table know as the translation table.. . .. table.

called Concurrent Manager ideally will be running 24x7.CONCURRENT MANAGER 1 Concurrent Manager is related to Concurrent Programs. Submit a Single Request Request Set Scheduling a Request . 3. Concurrent Manager that runs in the background all the time. Purpose of a Concurrent manager is to manage the submitted concurrent programs and also manages the parallel execution of concurrent programs. 2. This background process. Running The Concurrent programs:    .