Designing a circuit to convert AC signals to DC signals««..

Electronics assignment

it converts high voltage AC current to low level AC current. filters and IC regulater to design a circuit to convert AC signals to DC signals PROBLEM SOLUTION The above mentioned devices are being used for following purpose TRANSFORMER Transformer is being used in this experiment for step down preps i. RECTIFIER It is being used for converting AC to DC signals FILTERS It is being used in this experiment to filter AC components present in the rectified DC signal. rectifiers. IC REGULATER It is being used in this experiment to regulate certain level of DC supply to desired level of DC supply . 2 .e.PROBLEM STATEMENT Using transformer.

The most familiar network for performing such a function appears with its four diodes in a bridge configuration. 3 .RECTIFIER RECTIFICATION The dc level obtained from a sinusoidal input can be improved 100% using a process called full-wave rectification.




The input and output graph of transformer will be as following: 7 . The step down takes place as because number of turns in secondary coil is less than number of turns in primary coil.WORKING As AC current is supplied to the primary circuit of transformer then it step Down the voltage and induces current in secondary circuit . This is possible because of indused EMF produced in secondary circuit due to change in flux ( FARADAY¶s LAW ).

The output signal of filter is shown on next page 8 .This output current of transformer is supplied as input to the rectifier The rectifier which has four diodes in it each of them allow only forward Biased current. The graph of input and output of rectifier are: These rectified signals are passed to filters which is basically a capacitor Connected in parallel to load. As the rectified signal is passed to the filter the capacitor starts getting charged and as the current magnitude starts decreasing the capacitor starts discharging as a result decreases the AC part Present in the output. Two of these diodes allow only positive current to flow through it the other two diodes allow the negative current but due to its Design it makes these current positive for the load.

The graph of output is shown below: 9 . This Regulated voltage is supplied to the load which operates on it.This filtered input is further filtered using another filter and then supplied to the IC regulator which regulates the voltage to the desired level.

This DC signal has some AC component with it which is further filtered using Filter i. This DC signal is further regulated to desired level with IC regulator . This DC signal is further supplied to load which performs the desired job. Capacitor.THE DESIGN CONCLUSION When AC signal is supplied transformer transforms the AC signal to the required level which with the help of rectifier is converted to the DC signal.e. 10 .

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