EU versus your privacy


EU becomes a state with full own powers Shrinking of inner and outer security "Pooling" of authorities, secret services Data exchange more easy through programs "Proactive" policing and ´border controlµ New institutions appear to serve EU purpose Social movements are considered as ´threatsµ

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š "Police agency" Europol "Border Agency" Frontex European Gendarmerie Force Police academy CEPOL "Juristic collaboration" Eurojust Security research institutions Security partners .

founded "Future Group" "Informal commitee" of ministers of interior Wrote wishlist for a five-year plan .Š Š Š Minister Schäuble with former commissioner of "Justice and Home Affairs". Frattini.

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Fight against "Terrorism´ Police collaboration Migration and asylum Border management Management of missions in "third states" Civil protection Information networks Merging of "internal and external security" Collaboration of inner and outer secret service Enlarging and standardization of police data bases .

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Cross border remote search Control of internet Satellite surveillance "Risk analysis" via Software "e-borders" Common deportation flights and planes Refugee camps in "third states´ The ´Stockholm Programmeµ .

processing and sharing data between agencies on EU level against migration and crime Creates legal premises for a high-tech ´fortress Europeµ Information is stored in internationalized data bases. accessible from both police and secret service agencies all over EU .Š Š Š Š Starting December 2009 Main target is collecting.

weapons. persons. bank notes. SIReNE ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ´Supplementary Information Request at the National Entryµ and Schengen Informational System Network of national databases which are identical + central support unit in Strasbourg (updates all other national SIS systems on new entry) Search system for objects and persons (car.Š SIS I+. network analysis) On alert SIRENE network is contacted Aim to include as much law enforcement agents as possible . SIS II.

Š EURODAC ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Mainly targeting migrants Fingerprinting of all migrants Prevent ´asylum shoppingµ Shift to criminal records and (after Lisbon) opens to police access In 2008.945 sets of fingerprints of people crossing the borders irregularly and 75. 61. EURODAC processed 219.557 sets of fingerprints of asylum seekers.919 sets of fingerprints of people apprehended while illegally staying on the territory of a Member State .

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Digital surveillance Biometrics Satellites Drones Software for "data mining" Broadband networks for masses of data "non lethal weapons" .

Š Š Š Š Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and the Identification and Tracking of the Owner Suspicious and Abnormal behaviour Monitoring Using a Network of Cameras & sensors for Situation awareness enhancement Autonomous Maritime Surveillance System .

and supports all international organizations.Š Š Š Š Extending Eurosur (border control system) and Frontex to more than Mediteranean Drones and air suport multidisciplinary border security organization. national border authorities and services whose mission is to detect and deter border related crime. Created in 2003. Satelites Detention centers within or out of EU bordersFlüchtlingsbekämpfung (Angela Merkel) BORDERPOL . . governed by its member border services and supported by industry. it facilitates international border security co-operation.

Š Continuous growth in numbers: .

Š Continuous growth in numbers: .

mobile etc. e-mail.Š Š Š Š Fight against terrorism also with Swift Crime Informational System ECRIS Crime Prevention Network EUCPN EU-wide legal premises to make all informational channels (internet.) recordable and usable by police and intelligence services . social networks. phone.

"Hooligans". crime suspects and their friends) and encouraging to exercise right to access (Reclaim your data!) Anonymous / encripted usage of IT&C . summit protestors.Š Š Š Š Comprehensive approach of social movements Intervene in discussion about "balancing freedom and security´ Adressing police databases of the EU (Their targets: migrants.

the security industry and security research as well as EU-wide treaties which endanger civil liberties all over the world . anticapitalism and rebellion European wide network Åout of control´ created in 2009 with the purpose of a crossborder collaboration of activists against a European security architecture focus on police collaboration and databases. creating a European space of freedom. policing crowds at large events such as summit protests.Š Š Š A five year plan on deviant behaviour.

its agencies Frontex. the Lisbon Treaty. shifting towards a database society. and looked at strategies like the ÅStockholm Programme´. military and intelligence. whilst also pushing the will to enhance surveillance and improve control by technical means . Europol and the European Gendarmerie Force EUROGENDFOR. such as the European Commission. the scheduled Åinternal security strategy´ and the merging of police.Š Š Š we reviewed European level actors. we also focused on various European companies that provide this apparatus with ever new technical gadgets we discussed the radical changes which accompany the merging of internal and external security and its forces.

Š Š Š Š long-term analysis and collaboration in various forms of protest and resistance The idea of the five year ´Freiburg Programmeµ was born.noblogs. we want to be prepared and launch actions as early as possible Network Åout of control´ . Decisions on a European level need some time for their national implementation in the 27 member states.

It sends and receives encrypted SMS and public keys. CryptoSMS provides public/private key is a GPL (general public license) open source application for cell phones running J2ME (Java for mobiles). offers key verification via fingerprints and provides a secure login. It encrypts only the contents of the messages.Š Š Š Open Mobile Technologies (Linux and android phones) and Open Source programs CryptoSMS. encrypts and deencrypts files. key generation and key management. but does not in any way encrypt or scramble the identities of the sender or recipients . .Survaillance Self Defence Page .Š Š Š Š Usage of Proxy-servers MAC changers (like MadMAC) Pre-paid internet cards.PGP Š Š Š Encripted files and folders on your computer Manage browsers NOT to store information SSD. mobile internet Encripted e-mails: ƒ Thunderbird Enigmail . .

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