is a member of the Anacardiaceae floral family. poison ivy and poison oak. containing 9 times more than an orange.  The cashew tree is cultivated primarily for its fruit. known by the Latin name Anacardium occidentale.  An excellent source of Vitamin C.Introduction  The Cashew tree. delicately scented and acidic. which includes the mango tree. . is called "false fruit" or "cashew apple" and a hard-shelled nut.  The cashew apple is very juicy. sweet.  The Anacardiaceae family contains 73 genera and 600 species. pistachio tree.

mainly for its nuts. starting with Mozambique and the Indian state of Kerala. Today it is still cultivated in Brazil. but also for its cashew apples.History and Origin } Native to northeastern Brazil. The Indians called it "Acaju". western Africa and India. India is one of the world's largest cashew nut producers. the cashew tree was discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The Portuguese later introduced it into their African and Asian colonies. } } } } .

short stick. the last step is to remove the skin from the nuts. } Prior to shelling. } } } } .Manufacturing Process The shelling process is long and many precautions must be taken. the nuts are sorted according to their size preferably before steam cooked in a boiler. The use of shelling tables has improved productivity. The kernels are then either sun-dried or placed in a tray drying oven. Finally. Shelling is done by hand using a strong.

Oil Extraction } Cashew nut kernels are pressed to extract an edible vegetable oil of excellent quality. The entire cashew nut oil production process is done by hand. } } The . cashew nuts are then set to dry for a few days.

} The . arthritis. oil is traditionally used for culinary purposes.Usage } Helps in for fighting kidney problems. etc. } As well as for lowering bad cholesterol levels and treating eye problems.

Cashews are also rich in protein (21%) Contains seven of the essential amino acids that the body can neither produce nor synthesize itself. Stimulating the immune system. } } } } } } . The oilcake contains 36% protein and 41% carbohydrates and is thus an excellent source of nourishment. B vitamins contributes to maintaining a healthy nervous and muscular system.Culinary Usage } An excellent cooking oil High oleic acid content (57%) makes cashew oil a premium source of energy.

Nutritional Value Essential fatty acids Protien Minerals Vitamins .

It is good for treating eye problems. minerals and vitamins and other nutritional factors which is good for human beings and as well as for animals.Conclusion } After studying on this I came to know that it is the second best oil after olive oil. It is not just used traditionally in Culinary but also in cosmetics. It has proteins. kidney and cholesterol . } } } .

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