End to End Complete Oracle 10g Grid Control Implementation

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Configurations from Console 12. Hardware Requirements 6. Configure Targets (Post Agent Installation) 13. What is Grid Control? 2. Agent Installation (Hardware Requirements & Methods) 10. High Availability & Securing Grid Control) 14. Network Configuration Steps 5.List of Topics 1. Software Requirements 7. Grid Control Installation 8. Stopping & Starting Grid Control/Agent Services 11. Grid Control Architecture 3. Architectural Design Decisions for Implementation 4. Grid Control Post Installation 9. Others ( Backup & Recovery. Miscellaneous Tips .

Automate tasks at the OS & DB levels using the Job subsystem. Add alerts. What is Grid Control? ‡ Grid Control is an Oracle web application that centralizes management of enterprise IT infrastructure (Oracle and Non-Oracle technologies).1. and set rules for alert notification. security policies. saved or live configurations. . and executives. compare against referenced. Some of the Features are: Administer Database Tier Monitor ASM (Automatic Storage Management) View overall system and service status at a glance. managers. Generate easy out-of-box reports for users. Perform configuration management to collect current configuration. and thresholds for all component types.

Grid Control Architecture Grid Control Console HTTP(S) Grid Control Management Server (OMS) Thin JDBC Management Repository HTTP(S) Agent Agent HTTP(S) Agent HTTP(S) Agent Managed Targets Oracle 10g/11g Database Server Oracle 8i/9i Database Server OS/ Third-Party Application Oracle 10g Application Server (SOA) .2.

Number of OMS hosts. ‡ How many regional sites are needed ? Network bandwidth constraints. ‡ What Installation Choices Should be made? New Database/Existing Database (For Repository) RAC or Non-RAC Database. .3. Architectural Design Decisions for Implementation ‡ How many Grid Control environments ? Environments for Production & Non-Production targets.

corp.com) (If not set. OMS & OMA) ‡ Fully Qualify Hostname References Short name + Domain Name (Ex: omssrv. Network configuration steps ‡ Setup Host Name Resolution Hosts file or Domain Name System (DNS) or Both (For OMR. ORACLE_HOSTNAME variable can be set <For OMR or OMS host>) ‡ ‡ ‡ Use Static IP addresses SMTP server accessibility Firewall ports need to be opened (If applicable) Agent Server --> OMS Server (Secure port like "4898") Agent Server --> OMS Server (Unsecure port like "4890") OMS Server --> Agent Server (Agent URL port like "3872") OMS Server --> Agent Server (Database listener port like "1521") .4.

5. Number of OMR/OMS hosts & Deployment Size) ± Refer Oracle Manual. Memory.000 targets = LARGE . <1. Hardware Requirements ‡ Installation Requirements Disk Space. Swap (Varies for different OS & Options (existing or new DB)) ± Refer Oracle Manual.000 targets = MEDIUM >10. Swap (Varies for different OS. ‡ Hardware Operating Requirements Disk Space. Memory.000 to 10.000 targets = SMALL 1.

Software Requirements ‡ Verify Certification ‡ Create OS Group (dba) & Users (oracle) ‡ Directories setup create ORACLE_BASE directory choose directories for OMR/OMS/OMA (ex: /app/oracle/product/oms10g for OMS) ‡ Synchronize OS Timestamps/Time Zones ‡ Make sure required Packages/RPMs are installed ‡ Make sure kernal Parameters are setup properly ‡ Set shell limits for the Unix User (Software owner) .6.

Data file location) Specify Optional Configuration (e-mail.) Specify Installation Location (Parent Directory) Language Selection Specify Inventory Directory & Credentials Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks Specify Configuration (Repository DB name. etc. SMTP server.7. Grid Control Installation ‡ Install Grid Control using a New Database Installer screens: Specify Installation Type (New DB or Existing DB. Metalink/Support) Specify Security Options (Repository DB passwords) Oracle Configuration manager Registration (Enable OCM) .

Make sure DBMS_SHARED_POOL is installed 4.) ‡ Install Grid Control using an Existing Database Pre Setup: Create ASM Instance Create & Configure Database 1. Enable fine grained access control 3.7. Tablespace <mgmt/Data> location) .ora parameters changes 2.. Grant execute permission for DBMS_RANDOM package to DBSNMP Setup New listener Installer Screens: Most are same as previous set of screens from installation using a new database Password for SYSMAN user Specify Repository Database Configuration (Hostname. Grid Control Installation (Contd. spfile. Port.

5) Upgrade Opatch utility (OMS Home) Apply Grid Control PSU patch (ex: 10.threadPoolSize (in number)) Modify data retention policy .2.8.0. properties file entry oracle. Grid Control Post Installation ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Apply Grid Control Patch set (ex: 10.loader.sysman.3) Disable SYSMAN access from console (create a new Super Admin for access) Install EMdiag Kit Enable GC application auditing Modify the DEFAULT Console Timeout (emoms.2.5.0.maxinactiveTime (in min)) Tune OMS Thread Pool Size (emoms.eml.properties entry em.

9. Agent Installation Different Methods: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Agent Deploy (From the console . 2 GB for Unix) Agent registration password is needed Firewall ports need to be opened if applicable Root.Push) nfsagentInstall (Shared agent home. Run agentca) Silent Installation (Local installation using response file) Interactive Installation (using OUI) Requirements: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Make sure an user is setup (like ³oracle´ or ³emagent´) already Make sure disk space available (approx 0. State & Log files are stored locally) agentDownload (Pulls agent installation from the OMS server) Agent cloning (Zip/Unzip files.sh need to be run from root user Fully qualify host name references (If not getting LONG name.5GB for Windows. set ORACLE_HOSTNAME environment/command variable) .

2.2. Stopping & Starting Grid Control/Agent Services ‡ To Shutdown OMS: /app/oracle/product/10.0/oms10/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall ‡ To Startup Grid control agent: /app/oracle/product/10.0/agent10g/bin/emctl stop agent ‡ To Startup OMS: /app/oracle/product/ start agent .10.0/oms10g/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall ‡ To Shutdown Grid control agent: /app/oracle/product/10.

3. 5. Configurations from Console ‡ Create roles System privileges 1. Sender¶s E-mail address) Setup Notification Schedules Create & Subscribe to Notification Rules . VIEW ANY TARGET ADD ANY TARGET USE ANY BEACON MONITOR ENTERPRISE MANAGER GRANT ANY REPORT VIEWER Target Privileges ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ None VIEW Operator Full ‡ ‡ ‡ Create Grid Control users/administrators Create Agent Registration Passwords Configure Notifications Setup Notification Methods Mail Server Configuration (Outgoing SMTP server. 2. Identify Sender As.11. 4.

Configure Targets (Post Agent Installation) ‡ Configure ASM Make sure password available for ³SYS´ account of ASM Instance Make sure password file exists for ASM Instance ASM Target -> Configure -> Enter ³Password´ for SYS/´Port´ (Listener port number) -> Test connection -> OK ‡ Configure Database Make Sure password available for ³DBSNMP´ account of target Database Database Instance -> Configure -> Enter ³DBSNMP´ password -> Test Connection -> Submit NOTE: Oracle Pre 10g Databases need additional configurations on the database side.12. .

loc & oratab files) Grid Control Agent Home (sysman/emd directory content continually change) ‡ Considerations on designing High Availability Add multiple OMS (Oracle Management Services) Create Repository DB with RAC setup Setup shared file system loader ‡ Securing Grid Control Secure connection between OMS and Agent Connection (emctl secure oms <OMS Home>) Lock OMS to allow only HTTPS uploaded from Agent to OMS (emctl secure lock <OMS Home>) Secure Agent (emctl secure agent <Agent Home>) .13. oraInst. Others ( Backup & Recovery. High Availability & Securing Grid Control) ‡ Considerations in designing backups Grid Control Repository Database Grid Control Home (OMS) (sysman/recv directory content continually change) Files located outside of Grid control OMS/Agent Homes (ex: oraInventory.

14. Templates & UDM (User Defined Metrics) Reports Blackout Management Packs/Plug ins Naming Conventions/Standards ‡ Book ³Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Implementation Guide ± Michael New´ ‡ Forum (Oracle) ‡ My Oracle Support ‡ OBE (Oracle By Example) . Miscellaneous Tips ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ EMCLI (Command line Interface) Metrics.

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