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Mobile technology

Is able to transfer voice and data.What is 3G? 3G stands for third generation. Maximun transfer capasity is around 2Mbit/s in optimal conditions.  . First generation was NMT and second generation was GSM. Revolution in wireless technology.

and TD-SCDMA CDMA2000  is a family of 3G mobile technology standards.Technology that make 3G standard. . Three important technologies which make the 3G standard are CDMA 2000. WCDMA (UMTS). which use CDMA channel access. data. between mobile phones and cell sites WCDMA is used for the high speed access. to send voice.

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They offer auxiliary services such as data. fax and SMS.5G 1G In mobile telephony. second-generation protocols use digital encoding and include GSM. handoff unreliable. 2G networks are in current use around the world. circuit-switched. In mobile telephony. D-AMPS (TDMA) and CDMA. Voice links were poor. Most 2G protocols offer different levels of encryption. in some areas 1G spectrum is being auctioned for 2G and 3G use. first-generation systems were analog.2G and 2.  2G  . These protocols support high bit rate voice and limited data communications. 1G systems are not now under active development – indeed. capacity low.DRAWBACKS OF 1G. and security non-existent.

Main services (3G) Video call Able to surf in the Internet with acceptable speed. Rich multimedia messages Video Streaming Instant messaging Television streaming  .

Why 3G? Higher bandwidth enables a range of new applications!! For the consumer Video streaming. sports Enhanced gaming. location services… For business High speed teleworking Sales force automation Video conferencing Real-time financial information  . TV broadcast Video calls. music. chat. video clips – news.


W-CDMA makes possible a world of mobile multimedia .

Useful services for elderly people Location tracking Location sensitive information and guidance For those who travel alot and want all available information from that place. And Much more…  .

   . data. fax) 3G network constitution   -consists of a Radio Access Network (RAN) and a core network -core network consists of a packet switched domain which includes 3G -core network consists of a circuit switched domain which includes 3G MSC for voice calls.3G: What’s the hype all about ? Emerging user demands to shift from voice centric to multimedia-oriented services (voice. video.

3G Standards  3G Standard is created by ITU-T and is called as IMT-2000. . The aim of IMT-2000 is to harmonize worldwide 3G systems to provide Global Roaming.

 The standardization work for UMTS is carried out by Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).UMTS  UMTS is the European vision of 3G.  UMTS is an upgrade from GSM via GPRS or EDGE.  Data rates of UMTS are:  144 kbps for rural  384 kbps for urban outdoor  2048 kbps for indoor and low range outdoor  Virtual Home Environment (VHE)  .

 . We should still remember that this technology is new and its full potential haven’t yet been used.Conclusion There are a lot of features that will improve quality of life of the people Products must be easy to use. So there will be much more services in the future.