owned by Hindustan Unilever.  Tata¶s entered into a 50-50 joint venture with Hindustan Lever Limited in 1995.  Lakme started as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Group. .  In 1998 Tata sold off their stakes in Lakme Lever to HLL. for Rs 200 Crore.ABOUT THE COMPANY:  Lakme founded in 1973 is an Indian brand of cosmetics.

the name of the priestess.  Lakme has a range of beauty products to offer to its consumers.INTRODUCTION  The name µLakme¶ is borrowed from Lakshmi. . price and volume played an equal role in value growth.  In the skin-care segment.  The rate is high in the skin-care segment as compared to colour cosmetics.

.  Lakme Fruit Blast µCITRUS RAIN¶ Face Wash.³Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash Series´  Lakme Fruit Blast µBERRY LUSH¶ Face Wash.  Lakme Fruit Blast µMELON MELT¶ Face Wash.  Lakme Fruit Blast µHONEY GLOW¶ Face Wash.

-It is reasonably priced. it does not lather that well. -It has got a gel-like consistency with a strong and nice fruity fragrance.It has tiny granules which are strawberry seeds for exfoliation. .USAGE REASON  Pro¶s: . .Since it is soap free.  Cons: -Many women have complained that it leaves a slippery feel on the face after its use.

Lakme¶s Fruit Blast µMelon Melt¶ face wash  Pro¶s: . -Doesn¶t cause skin to break out at all. .It is reasonably priced for the quantity given.  Cons: -The granules in this face wash are quite rough. -It smells of freshly cut melons and the aroma is just superb.

-It smells of freshly peeled oranges. .It is another effective and new innovation from the Lakme company. .Lakme Fruit Blast µCitrus Rain¶ Face Wash  Pro¶s: .It contains niacin amide or vitamin c which adds radiance to skin.

The nourishing active ingredients.Lakme Fruit Blast µHoney Glow¶ Face Wash  Pro¶s: -Deeply revitalise and protect your skin from the winter. honey and avocado. are infused in this hydrating face wash. . .

organise and interpret sensory input to achieve or grasp of our surroundings.  The customers perceive the Fruit Blast face washes as a natural and soap free way to protect their skin. .CUSTOMER PERCEPTION  Perception is the process through which we select.  The natural scrub particles and granules of strawberry seeds have been perceived well with the women customers.  The commercial ad definitely stays in one¶s mind and is hard to forget.

Multiple Motives -Catching and understanding different consumer motivation leads to successful launch of the product. Predictions -If working women and college girls are motivated to keep their skin hydrated they will try to take care of their skin. .  Explanatory -The commercial ad has shown the importance of fruit essence to a woman's skin.MOTIVE  Inferential -The customer becomes aware about a product by observing another person talking about the product.

THINKING PROCESS  The symbols we use in our thinking are of two types:  Images-An image refers to the mental representation of an object or an event.  Language-human thinking primarily involves the use of word symbols or language.  It is very important to capture consumer¶s thinking process and heighten it in the right way.  Lakme deserves an applause for understanding women behaviours. .

High b) Low ± 5% c) Optimum ± 65%  Do you want any changes in the product? -a) 70% .Yes b) 30% .Twice a month  Out of the 4 types which face wash do you use? -a) 50% .Others  How do you find its pricing? -a) 30% .Citrus Rain b) 50% .Once in a month b) 40% . .No.SURVEY  How often do you purchase Lakme Face Wash? -a) 60% .

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