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Prof. Nikhil Rao & PG B

.Indian Television Production Co.

writer. Actors and mainly VIEWERS Changed the way people perceive Source of Entertainment Thanks to production companies that TV no more remains an ´idiot boxµ . d Distributors.Indian Television Production Companies Heart of content provider.

Key Players .

Revenue generated in 2010 .

Revenue as per Jan 2011 Revenue as on 31st January 2011 9% Balaji Telefilms 15% 11% 18% 27% Film Farm Prodn Sphere Origins Endemol India SAB Tv team 20% UTV .

Before talking about the History of Balaji Telefilms« .

.Ekta Kapoor Creative Director and Joint Managing Director Influenced the psyche of the people Idea of launching Daily Soap Created and supervised some of the most popular serials in Indian television history Whether you love or hate the characters they have still become household name.

Balaji Telefilms Incorporated on 10th Nov 94 Converted in public limited company on 29th Feb 2000 and changed to Balaji Telefilms on 19th April 2000 The Company has been promoted by Mr. Ekta Kapoor. Only Company to maintain its highest TRP every year . Shobha Kapoor and Ms. Mrs. Jeetendra.

000 hours of television content since its inception They believe that people who criticize their show are the one who help them get highest trp·s Diversified itself into other line of business. .Contd« The satellite boom in India can in a sense be said to have been created and led by Balaji The company has produced over 15.

Group of Companies .

What is hoonur .

Who will Use Hoonur? .

which broke ground at the worldwide box office . including 2 hits Co-produced and distributed India's premiere digital film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. the Company had produced and/or acquired 12 films.Balaji Motion Pictures Balaji entered the Indian motion picture business in 2002 Till 2009.

ALT Entertainment Media and entertainment conglomerate plans to diversify into movie and new media production What was ekta·s saying about this? Balaji's sister concern will cater to the upwardly mobile young Indians with television and film content as well as global .

Cinematography. Scriptwriting. Editing. special emphasis has been laid upon the course curriculum which has been designed by the Industry experts . Direction. Sound and Vfx.Institute of Creative Excellence ICE is the latest initiative of Balaji Telefilms Providing world class quality education to the aspirants for entire gamut of Media & Entertainment industry It covers all major specializations like Acting. Prod uction. At ICE.

2009 Family drama The series is a remake of a very popular Tamil television serial.Pavitra Rishta The series premiered on June 1. "Thirumathi Selvam" Highest TRP rating show at present .

4 PS .

Product Family Drama .

Price Nothing more than the cable bill for half an hour Place Zee TV in your very own TV box .

TV.Promotion Via other show (maha episodes or current popular running show) Media (Radio. Questionaire) Social Networking sites . Newspaper) Digital media (using polls.

Town ‡ ‡ ‡ Psychographic Lifestyle Personality Conservative. Status Seekers Introvert .E.SEGMENTATION Segmentation Base ‡ Geographic ‡ ‡ Region City Size Variables N.W.S Sub Metros.

3-4.16-30. Retired . Housewife.<15k. 5+ . 31-50 .16-25k ..Contd.School. C) Demographic ‡ Age ‡ Sex ‡ Family Size ‡ Education ‡ Occupation ‡ Income ‡ Religion .All .Mainly Female . Graduate ² Farmer.

Aware.. interested. D) Behavioral ‡ Benefit ‡ Use Related ± Usage Rate ± Awareness Status ± Brand Loyalty .Very Strong . Enthusiastic .Contd.Service .Heavy .

Targeting ‡ Very well Targeted for the female audience ‡ Love and family being the central theme hit the target audience ‡ People·s perception is kept in mind .

Positioning ‡ What is positioning? ‡ Our product is positioned as? ‡ Do we match our position? ‡ Can we sustain? .


Problem Faced while shaving Time constraints Travelling Early morning lectures. etc Commitments and meetings . office shifts.

Products available in market .

Process of shaving Apply gel on cheeks Use brush to form lather Then shave with Razor Then clean your face with water Apply after shave lotion .

Master Shaver .

Different parts of Master Shaver Foam or Gel Razor After shave lotion .

After Shave lotion Easy to carry & store Easy to use Hygiene Stylish Status symbol . Razor.Features of Master Shaver One machine ²Foam.

4Ps Product Price Place Promotion .

Product 3 in 1 Master shaver .

Pricing Machine ² Rs 3000 One year warranty Refill pack of foam ² 100 ( Will last for 2.5 months to 3 months) Refill pack of after shave ² 75 ( Will last for 3 to 4 months ) .

Place Malls Beauty Centers Salons Medical Shops .

V. Dadagiri. shows like Roadies.Promotion T V commercials Magazines News papers Events Promoting T. etc .

SEGMENTATION Segmentation Base ‡ Geographic ‡ ‡ Region City Size Variables N.E.S Metros.W. Town ‡ ‡ Psychographic Lifestyle Status Seekers .

Contd.College Students.18-40 ‡ Sex .16-25k.Male ‡ Education . 25+ .. C) Demographic ‡ Age . Professionals ‡ Occupation ² Self Employed ‡ Income .

Prestige ‡ Use Related ± Usage Rate . D) Behavioral ‡ Benefit ..Quality.Contd.Heavy (Regular) . Speed.

Targeting Management students and corporates where people need to adhere to a strict shave code Busy professionals People having time constraints wither because of meeting or travelling for office work .

Positioning ‡ Quick & easy shave ‡ Once the positioning hits right then the product is sold .

Thank You .

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