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‘ Introduction of the Organization
‘ Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Values
‘ Present your analysis on these statements
‘ Organizational Structure
‘ Brief Introduction of the HR Department
‘ How a job analyzed, described and specified in the
‘ organization?
‘ Job description of any position
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Digital Processing Systems, Inc. is a multinational
company headquartered in the U.S. It is based in
Manhattan and serves many clients in the tri-state
Triangular ownership by Pakistani, American and UAE
Kafeels, It is located with additional
development/management facilities in Kuwait,
Pakistan, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Canada. DPS was
founded in 1987 and now employs more than 200 IT
professionals and serves a growing list of clients,
including several companies of the Fortune 500.
Since 1987, DPS has experienced working in a variety of
domains. Some of which are listed below:
‘ Hospitality
‘ Government
‘ Telecommunications
‘ Financial Industry
‘ Airlines
‘ Manufacturing Industry
‘ Healthcare
‘ Educational Institutes
‘ Shipping
DPS is well-known for providing unique customized
solutions to its customers and clients all over the
world. Among IT consulting firms, DPS is famous for
presenting information technology services, software
and systems of outstanding quality.

ÿOur vision is to emerge as one of the leading

information Technology Solution and
Service Provider Company in the
DPS delivers on promise providing technology based
business solutions products and services to its
customers worldwide. We are constantly seeking
innovative ways to grow through exploring new areas,
developing new ways to satisfy our customers, and
learning from the experiences of our competitors. We
have a commitment to develop our employees by
making them an integral part of our success. We have
a strong will to contribute positively to the
communities that we operate in worldwide.
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HR Department is comprised of a

‘ Director-HR,
‘ Manager HR,
‘ Manager Training & Development,
‘ HR Coordinators, (Pakistan, US, UAE, Kuwait and
‘ HR Assistants and
‘ HR Internee(s).
2  is the overall responsible of HR
department for maintaining the strategic needs and
operational decisions of the company.

 manage the company wide Resources
appointments, and job profiles of every individual.

   2  looks after the

training needs of departments and individuals
according to the requirement of technology and tools
for the corresponding jobs and assignments of IT
professionals and others.
The entire operation of HR is carried out through

developed in-house by DPS Technical Development
Department. The HRMS system is developed in Java
language. Every business process of DPS is automated
and entire HR activities are carried out through a
process work flow.
HR Director and HR Managers are considered to be the
focal points for building and maintaining
Organizational Behavior and Work Environment. A
comprehensive and detailed HR Manual is the main
reference source for Employer and Employees of DPS.
Both local and international employment
opportunities and appointments are made under
formal induction process and on-job policies in DPS.
Payroll and other benefits are recorded and permitted by
HR Manager office every month. All objections and
omissions are properly dealt through Request and
Claim processes. Promotions and Raises are carried
out through annual appraisal of every individual
employee and recommendations by the Departmental
Heads and HR Director/Managers.
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Jobs are advertised and demanded on Project to Project
basis. If there is some software Product is being
developed, then required skilled and qualifications are
the criteria for advertising and hiring an IT
Based on the scope of work and nature of Project
development, job is analyzed by the departmental
Head and Director.
Job package is defined by the Management and HR
Director. Duration of job is based on the length of
Project or Product Development time.
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