Public Relations

Public Relations
It is the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counselling organizational leaders, and implementing planned programs of action, which will serve both the organization and the public interest.

rather than using advertising responding to negative accusations or information Consumer PR Crisis PR .Disciplines of PR Financial PR providing information mainly to business reporters gaining publicity for a particular product or service.

Disciplines of PR Government relations engaging government departments to influence policymaking Industry relations providing information to trade bodies .

.Introduction ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a stateowned oil and gas company in India. It is a Fortune Global 500 company ranked 413 and contributes 77% of India's crude oil production and 81% of India's natural gas production.

ONGC is ranked as Asia¶s best Oil & Gas company. as per a recent survey conducted by US-based magazine µGlobal Finance¶.Introduction ONGC ONGC has been ranked at 198 by the Forbes Magazine in their Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2007. . a climb of 34 positions from rank of 369 in 2007. ONGC has featured in the 2008 list of Fortune Global 500 companies at position 335.

Why is PR important to ONGC? ONGC as ee a al a s ill e i a i l isi le siti t t e e eral lic a t e e ia. t siti e a e ati e. ONGC as t a a e ra i c a e a crises a r ili e tl t e el str lic relati s a crisis a a e e t la s. . i T e e ia are er i tereste i t e il i str eca se f t e te tial ³ i i terest´ st ries it ca e erate. as ell as t e elfare f t e lic. T e il i str is rta t t t e ec . T s ccee i t a ¶s si ess rl .

Corporate structureCommunications Organisation Structure of CC Administrative Functional .Organization structure.

Administrative Flow related to Corporate Communication Mumbai Region Mumbai High Asset Bassein & Satellite Asset Industrial Relations Neelam and Heera Asset Regional Office (HRO) Services Western Offshore Basin Legal Estate Hospitality Human Relation Employee Relation Corporate Communication (DGM) Chief Manager CC Manager CC Manager CC Deputy Manager CC .

Functional Organisational Structure of CC in ONGC Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Director-HR Executive Director-CC CC Group. Mumbai CC Groups. Other Regions .

they believe in communicating.What ONGC believes? ONGC calls its PR department as corporate communications. As Mr. But. traditionally PR is more focussed on creating relations with the external environment and maintaining an image. S K Jha. says. Mumbai. Incharge Corporate Communication. . maintaining relations and image internally as well as externally. According to them. hat is why they have named it corporate communications. ³they are the custodians of the image of the company internally and externally´.

print and hoardings. Other PR activities include exhibitions. The in-charge corporate communications¶ is the only one who can talk to the media.How does ONGC do it? The external communication includes There major source of communication externally is through media (news channels). media workshops. Other media includes TV. . press conferences. organising events. radio.

ongcreports.How does ONGC do it? For internal communication they have a website called www.0 13 .net 6/25/2009 Version 1.

Six publics of ONGC General Internal Financial Publics The Media Commercial Authority .

which is located about 140 kms away from Mumbai¶s shore on 11th March 1999 followed by a fire on 12th march at 12. The regional management immediately took steps to control the situation. . The members of the crisis management team all over the country were mobilized.121 platform in Bombay offshore.m.PR activities in the past Bombay offshore fire A gas leak took place in one of the wells connected to B.20 p. Well control experts from Houston were contacted and they arrived within 60 hours of the incident.

6/25/2009 Version 1.0 16 .

The FPO that was supposed to be held this month has now been postponed to the second half of 2011 due to non compliance of statutory requirements.000 crore FPO (follow on public offer). .13. The corporate communications team plans to publicise it by holding huge campaigns around the country.Upcoming PR activities Follow on Public Offer ONGC is coming up with a Rs.

PR Agency ONGC¶s CC Group believes that an in-house PR department is better than outsourcing the work to a PR agency. passion. . Only when there are some assignments which cannot be handled in-house like making a TV ad etc. work is outsourced to outside parties. Mumbai pointed out that an in-house PR department works with a conviction. In-charge CC. This kind of feeling stems from the genuine respect and affinity the Group¶s personnel have for their own company.ONGC¶s View on ± in-house PR invs. commitment and obsession.

Mr S. Corporate Communications . Mumbai said : ³An in-house member will defend your company like no other person will´ ³He feels towards the company and its aim . hence he will speak from his heart´ .K Jha ± incharge .

A PR department or a PR agency has to make sure that positive and correct information about the company reaches out and creates a strong impression about the company in the market. .Conclusion It is very important for a company to attract right kind of attention from public. financial organisations and other concerned bodies including right kind of talent to grow and maintain its position in the business.

Special Thanks to Mr. S K Jha and Mr. Harish Awal .

Presented by Anuj Veer Singh Harshal Aggarwal Kanav Gupta Lavin Mirchandani Aarushhi Garg Sammohana Malik 67 70 78 82 92 93 .

Thank You .

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