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stress and coping. .All about Patricia Benner She was born in Hampton. A Professor in the Department of Physiological Nursing in the School of Nursing at the University of California. San Francisco. skill acquisition and ethics. Virginia. Her work has had wide influence on nursing. An internationally noted researcher and lecturer on health. and spent her childhood in California.

coronary care. rather. Dr... emergency room. .She has been a staff nurse in the areas of medical-surgical. She was interested in the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition and applied it to nursing. Benner is the author of nine books including . Her area of concern was not how to do nursing but... intensive care units and home care.. "how do nurses learn to do nursing?" She worked for several years in intensive care.

named an American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year for nursing education and nursing research in 1984.The Nine Books of Pat y From Novice to Expert. both published in 1994. co-authored with Judith Wrubel. also in two categories. Caring and Ethics in Health and Illness. . named Book of the Year in 1990. with Susan Phillips. y Interpretive Phenomenology: Embodiment. y The Primacy of Caring. and The Crisis of Care.

y Caregiving. and Ethics. with Pat Hooper-Kyriakidis and Daphne Stannard. . 1998. also named a Book of the Year in 1996. y To be published in December. also published in 1996. with Suzanne Gordon and Nel Noddings. is Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Critical Care: A Thinking-In-Action Approach.y Expertise in Nursing Practice: Caring. with Christine Tanner and Catherine Chesla. Clinical Judgment.

. This research project is part of a larger project that studies the preparation for the professions (PPP). The Project is beginning the second year of a three year period of funding. This is the first national study of nursing education for the past 30 years.Research and Current Projects y She is currently the Director of a National Nursing Education Research Project under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching. The project requires 60% of her time which is paid for by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching.

y Dr. Benner is Co Principal Director of the project entitled "Clinical Knowledge Development of Nurses in an Operational environment. 3. To create a collection of narratives around practice . 2. describe." The project seeks to address three research aims: 1. To provide narratives of combat practice that could assist in the design and teaching of combat health care. To articulate. and interpret experiential learning regarding medical and nursing care during combat operations in order to evaluate and extend this knowledge.

This data collection tool is now being implemented nationally by State Boards of Nursing.y She is completing a 6 year research project to develop a taxonomy of nursing error and a data collection instrument for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Entitled "The Taxonomy of Root Cause Analysis for Practice Responsibility" (TERCAP). A monograph on this work will be published in 2006. .

.y 2002-2005.663 This training grant is designed to develop new advanced practice nurse specialists who can provide needed quality health care and education in genomics nursing in the following areas: dual specialty clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners. and practicing nurse clinicians. National Study of Nursing Education. Funded by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Genomics Education for Advanced Practice Nurses $308. $434.341 salary reimbursement for three years. y 2004-2007. doctorally prepared nurse educators.

I. Data collection to begin in October.. Funded by the Eli Lilly Company. "Values Ethics and Rationing in ICUs" A National Task Force.000 allocated to Patricia Benner/UCSF to do a qualitative study of everyday management of cost constraints and limitations in ICUs.C.y 2005-2006. Human Subjects Protocol Approved) Federal Nursing Branch. 000 20% effort as Co P. 2005 "Clinical Knowledge Development of Nurses in an Operational Environment" (Funding Approved. Washington D. . $24. y 2003-2005. $176.

000.259. I. y 2002-2006. Developing a Taxonomy of nursing error and data collection tool for a national data base on nursing errors reported to State Boards of Nursing: $60. National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The goal of this program is to address existing gaps in nursing education and practice expertise in the area of Health Policy.y 2002-2005. $624. P. Charlene Harrington . Health Policy for Advanced Practice Nurses Grant #6D09 HP 00326.

from the University of California.D. in Stress and Coping and Health under the direction of Hubert Dreyfus and Richard Lazarus. Yale University . y 1970 she received her master's degree in medical surgical nursing from the University of California.Honors/Awards y 1964 Dr. and the Ph. y 1999 Excellence in Caring Award. Benner received her bachelor's degree in nursing from Pasadena College. Berkeley. San Francisco.

UCSF.. Stannard. y 2002 Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing y 2002 Thelma Shobe Endowed Chair. Hooper Kyriakidid P. Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Critical Care. P. . American Journal of Nursing. Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences. A thinking In Action Approach. D.. Research. and Advanced Practice.y 1999 Book of the Year Award in the categories of Critical Care and Emergency. for Benner. Ethics and Spirituality.

MA: Celebration of 20 years of collecting and extending clinical wisdom. Center for Nursing Leadership. The Institute for Nursing Health Care Leadership. recognizing significant contributions that influence acute and critical care nursing y 2004 Sage Award for Contributions to Nursing Leadership. 2004. University of Minnesota October 10 12.y 2003 Benner. P. and caring practices y 2004 Ross Products American Association of Critical Care Nurses Pioneering Spirit Award. experiential learning. . Boston.

P. y 2002 The nursing narratives for reflecting on ethical and clinical judgment. y 2004 The use of nursing narratives for reflecting on ethical and clinical judgment.. (In Press) . June. (In Press) Shorinsa Publishers. Hooper Kyriakides.Books y 1999 Benner. D. Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Critical Care: A thinking In Action Approach.. Stannard. P.

Weeks. V..y 2006 in progress: Malloch. To be published in 2006. Benner. K. . P. "A Taxonomy of Nursing Error: Strategies for reducing nursing error in nursing practice.." (Manuscript in final editing phase.) National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

.. White. 12(1). 15-24. Stannard. C. Benner. P.. (In Japanese) 12(15) 107-113. y 2000 Emami.Original Articles y 2000 Benner. 10(4). A sociocultural health model for late-in-life immigrants.. Benner. P. D. Expert Nurse.. W. C. Ekman. Stotts.. y 2001 Puntillo. K.. t. Rushton. Developing clinical expertise in undergraduate education..A. End-of-life issues in intensive care units: A national random survey on nurses' knowledge and beliefs. B.L. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. American Journal of Critical Care. S. P.. 216-299. Drought. Drew.

Journal of Nursing Research... J. y 2002 Weiss. .R. D. P. S. 34(2). & Benner.y 2002 Benner. 95-119. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. P.. P. Sheetw.. Merighi. (In Press) The Bulletin of Science.. V. Using the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to describe and interpret skill acquisition and clinical judgment in nursing practice and education. P. and system causes of errors in nursing: A taxonomy.. y 2002 Benner. efficiency. 509-523. 32(10).. Schwed. practice.e. and the moral ecology of good nursing practice. Individual. Technology and Society.. Malone.M. R. Economism. K. Malloch. K. & Jamison. Uris.

y 2005 Benner. Wallhagen. Cronenwett. P. "Nursing as a caring practice from a phenomenological perspective. K. 2005) y 2005 Harrington. "Advanced nursing training in health policy: Designing and implementing a new program.." Nursing Outlook. C. Dracup." Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 99-108. Malone. P. L. Spichiger.. Meleis.. Technology and Society Special Issue: Human Expertise in the Age of the Computer.. A.C. "Reflections on the Doctorate of Nursing Practice.." The Bulletin of Science. Vol. Benner..y In Press. "Using the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to describe and interpret skill acquisition and clinical judgment in nursing practice and education. Sept. Benner." Policy. (In Press. M. Benner.. Politics & Nursing Practice 6(2) May 2005. R. M. P. P. Crider. 24 (3) 188-199 .. E..



Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice .


the care and the study of lived experience of health .described as a caring relationship .illness and disease and the relationships among these three elements. .an enabling condition of connection and concern a caring practice whose science is guided by the moral art and ethics of care and responsibility.

is a self interpreting being . Four major aspects of understanding that the person must deal with: The role of the situation The role of the body The role of personal concerns The role of temporality .also a person has an effortless and nonreflective understanding of the self in the world.

because illness is the human experience of loss and dysfunction . whereas wellbeing is the human experience of health or wholeness.whereas disease is what can be assessed at the physical level. Well-being and being ill is understood as distinct ways of being in the defined as what can be assessed. is described as not just the absence of disease and illness also a person may have a disease but not experience. .

They use the phenomenological terms being situated and situated meaning.interpretation and understanding of the situation. which are defined by the person s engaged interaction .. personal interpretation of the situation is bounded by the way the individual is in it .Use this term rather than environment. it conveys a social environment with social definition and meaningfulness.


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