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 Larry

Page and Sergey Brin brought Google to life in September 1998  The company has grown to more than 20,000 employees worldwide  Experienced technology professionals in the industry  Google is now widely recognized as the world's largest search engine

Google’s Mission  Organize  the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful .

Ch ec ko ut Catalog s Di re ct or y Web Sear ch Featu res o Bo k Se ar ch Froogle rch Blog Sea Search ches ized Sear Special Images s ert Al n Fina ce Desktop Earth To ol ba r Vid eo l Loca Scho lar ps Ma s ew N .

and marketing experience to Google  In a short time Eric has chaired to board of directors  Provided decisive leadership and has demonstrated a deep understanding of the technology and business . management.LEADERSHIP  Eric Schmidt joined Google as chairman and chief executive officer in 2001  Schmidt brings more than 20 years of software development.

Products of the company   .

Products of the company .

 Other Tools: Google Maps. . Blogger. . Book Search. and much. Docs & Spreadsheets . Calendar.Why we love Google?  Size and scope: Now indexing over 20 billion web pages (conservative estimate).  . Froogle. Picasa. . Gmail. News. . much more. Finance. Video . Blog Search. Scholar.  Relevance of Results: Page Rank  Diversity of Search: Image.

Google Evolution 1995 1998 2000 2003 2004 2005 2006 ? Core Search Ads Monetization Communications Collaboration ? 9 .

Violets are blue.Failures of Google  Google      X site     Roses are red. OS X rocks. Homage to you .

Failures of Google  Google Catalog  Google Video Player  Google Web Accelerator  Google Answers  Google Coupons  Google Voice Search  Google Viewer  Google Checkout  Orkut  Google labs .

amazing people who foster an environment of collaboration and fun  One of the most sought after and yet one of the most underpaying employers in the industry . innovation and creativity keeps our projects changing and improving  Consistency comes from our Googlers – smart.Human Resource  Let’s work together  At Google.

Google office .

banking center  Free breakfast. courier. oil change and car wash. including eye exams and cholesterol testing also offers free flu shots  Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Incentive Program provides a $5.Google Perks and Benefits  Unlimited Sick Leave  27 days of paid time off employment  On‐site Medical and dental facilities. new fathers can take 7 weeks off  Annual on‐site Health Fair offering free testing services. lunch and dinner on a daily basis  18 weeks of additional paid time off post maternity leave. fitness center.000 rebate to employees purchasing hybrid cars after one year of .

ads and applications  These three pillars provide the good marketing strategies  Company’s business development strategy is now strongly focusing more on personalization of results  .Marketing in Google Google marketing strategy to organize the world’s information has certainly been a monetary success for the company  The company’s focus on search.

personalized results.Search: At the Core Search is at the heart of everything Google does More engineers working on search than ever before Search is not a solved problem – offline info. mobile experience 16 . personal info.

Search engine ratings .

Finance in Google § Per 1000 Visits : $ 10 .$ 25 § Per Click : $ 0.$ 10 ( $1/Click Average)  .10 .

500 are English language news sources Advertisers: Hundreds of thousands of advertisers worldwide .000 news sources in more than 18 languages worldwide. showing the creativity of our users and proving that small indices aren’t useful  Google updates its search algorithms on a weekly basis § § Google News: now includes articles from over 10. over 4. Google Network reach/frequency (Google Network includes all Google sites and AdSense for content pages)  The Google Network reaches more than 80% of worldwide Internet users  The Google Network reaches more Internet users worldwide than any other web property or ad network § Page Rank (just one of more than 200 signals we use to determine the rank of a website)  The web changes all the time (10–20% of the web is brand new every time we crawl it)  Google has never seen 20–25% of its queries before.Some Interesting Google Data-Points § § § Searches per day: Every day millions of people search on Google for information International traffic: More than half our searches come from outside the U.S. Among these.

S. AdWords advertiser TV Advertising: We are currently in a closed trial to test an auction-based TV advertising system working with EchoStar and Astound Cable YouTube: People watch hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube every day • Hundreds of thousands of videos are being uploaded to YouTube daily • Every minute.S. eight hours of video is uploaded to YouTube     .600 radio stations available to U. AdWords advertisers Print Advertising: More than 600 newspapers now available to U.Some Interesting Google Data-Points    Client Software: Google Toolbar has millions of users worldwide Google Desktop: has millions of users worldwide Audio Advertising: More than 1.

More Search Operators  allinanchor:  allintext:  allintitle:  allinurl:  cache:  group:  info:  time  weather  .

Interesting stuff  Google  Google  Google  Google  Google  Google  Google  Google  Docs Calendar Reader Gear App Engine Sites Sets Trends and so on… .

Search public source code  Reader .Plan trips using public Google  transportation . Google Code Search .Use Google's web-based feed Google   reader to keep track of your favorite web sites  Transit .

Provide your website's visitors with links to useful information Mars .Clip and collect information as you browse the web for .Google's photo organizer now available for Linux users Notebook . Picasa   Google for Linux .View some of the most detailed maps of Mars created by NASA scientists .See what the world is searching   Google Trends   Google   Google  Related Links .

quickly and easily Google dashboard widgets for mac .as you type your search.      Google page creator .save time online by loading web pages faster Google suggest . google offers keyword suggestions in real time Frooglemobile us froogle mobile uk improved! .create your own web pages.quickly access google products from within dashboard Google web accelerator .Search for products from your mobile phone using froogle    .

trading A mix of in-house and external management is logical You need robust underlying risk systems. trading and reporting platforms You need industry standard benchmarks (i. universe of money managers) Having a handful of stellar Capital markets professionals in house is necessary and economically sound (external managers are more expensive) § Although derivatives can obviously be abused. operational controls. they are ideal risk management tools .Suggestion       Diversification is key – a concentrated risk is not a good risk.e. even if it seems safe Asset allocation is key vs.

Conclusion As Google moves lightening fast. . parts of this presentation may already be outdated.

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