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To know about who is customer & what is customer services. And through this we need to find out the types of customer & the basic needs of a customer, their expectation, customer satisfaction and how the customer perception is related to service evaluation.

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.Who is a customer ? ‡ A customer is someone who makes use of the paid products of an individual or organization. This is typically through purchasing or renting goods or services.

We are dependent on him. .Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . A customer is doing us a favor by letting us serve him. We are not doing him any favor. A customer makes it possible to pay our salary. A customer is not dependent on us. plant or an office employee. whether we are a driver. He deserves courteous and attentive treatment. He is a definite part of it.both to him and us. A customer is not an interruption of our work. he is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own. He is the purpose of it. A customer brings us his wants. A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with.‡ A customer is not an outsider to our business. It is our job to handle them properly and profitably . A customer is not a cold statistic.

In many cases. . customer service is more important if the purchase relates to a ´serviceµ as opposed to a ´product". ´Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction that is. As an example.µ Its importance varies by product. According to Turban et al. advice) than a novice.e. the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. an expert customer might require less pre-purchase service (i.What is customer service? Customer service also known as Client Service is the provision of service to customers before. during and after a purchase. industry and customer..

g. or by automated means called self-service.. sales and service representative). . Examples of self service are Internet sites.‡ Customer service may be provided by a person (e. ‡ Customer service is normally an integral part of a company·s customer value property.

If one department.Types of Customers ‡ There are two types of customers they are: internal and external. an external customer is the ordinary customers that purchase the companies products they include the general public . information or services then the latter is described as the internal customer of the former. individual or process within an organization supplies another such within the same organization with goods.

which in turn may be the internal customer of the manufacturing process. a person or group of people already in the employ of the same organization.. a dispatch department may be the internal customer of a packing department. ‡ People working in different branches of the vendor's organization For example. .g.Internal Customers ‡ Internal customer(s)is from within an organization e.

External Customers ‡ Individuals ‡ General Public .

understanding what it is they came to us for in the first place. We all want to be acknowledged and welcomed by someone who sincerely is glad to see us. A customer shouldn·t feel they are an intrusion on the service provider·s work day! 2. Understanding and empathy Customers need to feel that the service person understands and appreciates their circumstances and feelings without criticism or judgment. usually associated with being greeted graciously and with warmth.The Six Basic Needs of Customers 1. Customers have simple expectations that we who serve them can put ourselves in their shoes. . Friendliness Friendliness is the most basic of all customers needs.

helpfulness. If customer expectations are met. hearsay. and brand image.Business Definition for Customer Expectation: ‡ The needs. advertising. then customer satisfaction results. confidence in the staff. Customer expectation will be influenced by a customer's perception of the product or service and can be created by previous experience. and a customer might expect to encounter efficiency. and a personal interest in his or her patronage. and preconceived ideas of a customer about a product or service. reliability. awareness of competitors. The level of customer service is also a factor. . wants.

. and will often consider a range of vendors' offers before settling on a purchase. but may be optional or of varying importance to the customer. In any transaction. Needs are generally non-negotiable.Needs and Expectations Customer needs may be defined as the facilities or services a customer requires to achieve specific goals or objectives. customers seek value-for-money.

and other communications. Customers at times do not have a clear understanding of their needs. advertising. Assisting in determining needs is a valuable service to the customer. In the process. surveys. conversations or other methods of collecting information. marketing. Expectations are influenced by cultural values. Expectations are negotiable and modifiable. expectations may be set or adjusted to correspond to known product capabilities or service levels . Both customer needs and expectations may be determined through interviews.Customer expectations are based on perceived values of facilities or services as applied to specific needs. both with the supplier and with other sources.

is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is part of the four perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard. ‡ In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers.Customer satisfaction ‡ Customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy . a business term.

. If then service provided by us is up to the customer·s perception and expectations then that creates a happy customer that helps us in our organization·s growth. . In an organization we are not just selling our products we are in fact rendering our service also.Co-relation between Customer Perception & Service Evaluation ‡ Customer perception and service evaluation both are corelated.

managers should orchestrate both humanic and mechanic clues to deliver a consistent service message.‡ Customer·s perceptions of mechanic clues are positively related to their expectations of the service. humanic values dominate the influence of mechanic clues. Ideally. .

‡ Customer service must be consistent. ‡ Every customer contact is a chance to shine. ‡ People expect good customer service everywhere. ‡ Good process and product design is important. ‡ Open all communication channels. . too. ‡ Employees are customers.Customer service skills ‡ Attracting new customers costs more than retaining existing customers. ‡ Customer service costs real money ‡ Understand your customers· needs and meet them.

.About the service provided in the company I visited ‡ The company that I visited was of a very small crew and among them the number and this made the customers to wait for long and due to that may o the customers got irritated and the employees of this company didn·t show much interest in taking the suggestions and attending the complaints of the customers. These all negatively affected the business and the goodwill of the company.

And if I was in charge on the above mentioned company. First of all I will take some important steps to improve the service ‡ I will definitely make sure that the sales crew is adequate to attend the customers. ‡ I will take necessary steps to be in touch with the customers to get feedbacks and from that feed backscan improve in our future . Will definitely consider the suggestions and complaints of the valuable customers. Will never compromise the goodwill of the company for anything. Proper training will be given to all the sales executives. By doing all these I will be able to keep the perception and expectation of the guest about my company.

company. could understand feedbacks are important in the growth of our .Conclusion ‡ In this assignment I was able to understand the co-relation between between customer satisfaction perception also and & customer expectation & also the inter relation customer I customer how satisfaction.

com .Reference ‡ Google. COM ‡ Wikipedia.

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