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Before there were shoes.


Before Coca-Cola there were soft drinks. .

Before Café Coffee Day there were coffee shops. .

Before Microsoft there were software applications. .

Before Nokia there were cell phones. .

symbol. Buyers respond to branding by making repeat purchases . design. or some combination that identifies the products of a firm while differentiating them from the competitors A brand comprises the image.BRAND A name. sign. term. reputation and promise Branding is the process of creating that identity.

not needing to be expert on complexities Brands with strong equity are embraced in the hearts and minds of consumers Strong brands meet the customers¶ expectations .Advantages of Brand Consumers can shop with confidence.

.What do we mean by Branding? An image created in someone¶s mind It¶s both tangible and intangible Perceived value of being µbetter¶ Commonly used together with marketing It is about building your image over a period of time.

Types of Brands Generic product Manufacturers¶ brand Private brands Captive brands Family brand Individual brand .

Brand Identification Brand name Brand mark or logo Generic name Trademark .

BRAND MANAGEMENT 4 key components Building the brand Leveraging the brand Identifying & measuring brand equity Protecting the brand .

What is Brand Management? Brand management is the application of marketing techniques It seeks to increase the product's perceived value to the customer Marketers see a brand as an implied promise Increase sales by making a comparison with competing products more favorable The value of the brand is determined by the amount of profit generated .

A good Brand Name should be legally protectable be easy to pronounce be easy to remember attract attention suggest product benefits .

Brand Positioning "Positioning" is a game people play in today¶s me-too market place" Positioning is the technique by which marketers try to create an image or identity It is the 'relative competitive comparisonµ Positioning is done in the minds of the target market It refers to what product segment does the brand belong .

Brand Positioning It is based on analysis of : Why or for what? For whom? When? Against whom? .

Brand Re-Positioning It involves changing the identity of a product A particular positioning statement may not work with a brand For example:   Dettol antiseptic liquid Cadbury¶s Bournvita To The Target. Brand X is the Frame of Reference which provides a Point of Difference .

Brand Equity It is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand Assets and liabilities must be linked to the name and/or symbol of the brand Assets and liabilities are based on:     Brand Loyalty Brand Awareness Brand Recognition Brand Associations .

Brand Equity Provides value to customer by enhancing customer¶s Interpretation Provides value to firm by enhancing Efficiency Effectiveness Confidence Prices/Margins satisfaction/delight Brand Extensions Competitive advantage .

irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands.Brand Loyalty Extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand. expressed through their repeat purchases. Nokia¶s brand loyalty    Features % of Purchases Various type of handsets for every segment .

g Lifebuoy hai jahan . tandorosti hai wahan Symbol exposure  colonel sanders ±KFC  golden arches-Mcdonalds Publicity  advertisement Event Sponsorship  Femina Miss India  Manikchand Filmfare awards . Memorable Involve a slogan or jingle  e.Brand Awareness Ability of a potential buyer to recognize or recall that a brand is a member of a certain product category How to achieve awareness? Be different .

Brand Recognition It is simply remembering that there was a past exposure to the brand. Consumers take their recognition as a ³signal´ that the brand is good Kingfisher can be recognized  The image of Kingfisher Bird  Quality products  Quality service in Airways .

Brand Association A brand association is anything µlinked¶ in memory to a brand. Thus McDonald¶s could be linked to  A character such as Ronald McDonald  A Consumer segment such as kids  A feeling such as having fun  A symbol such as Golden Arches .

Managing Existing Products To manage existing products strategy is required for many reasons including:  Changing customer tastes  Domestic and foreign competitors  Economic conditions  Technological advances To stay on top of all possible threats the marketer must monitor & revise marketing strategies .

Managing Identity & Image Identity Identity is on the sender·s side The sender·s duty is to specify the meaning. services & communication program In brand management term Identity precedes image It is a reception concept . intention & vocation of the brand Image Image is on the receiver·s side The image refers to the manner in which the public decodes all the signals emitted by the brand through its products.

Guidelines for good brand management Protect your brand on a wide geographical scale. . licensing and franchising) Understand successful brand management is a complex task. shareholders. trade partners. etc) Treat brand as investment. not a cost (a business asset. marketing and new product development) Exploit financial potential of brand (co-branding. Honor your stakeholders (customers. employees.

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