Aims Participants will get some ideas ‡ of the basic principles of teaching hand-writing and doing appropriate writing activities at a very elementary level ‡ of a selection of holistic activities to help give children a strong imprint of the shape of letters in their mind's eye.


Do your students enjoy writing?


What can your young students write in their L1?

‡ How well can your young students write in their L1?

HO 1
Activity 1 ‡ Write the numbers from 1 to 14 down the page (name, date of birth, place of birth, father¶s name, profession, mother¶s name, mother¶s profession, how many eyes, colour of your hair, how many brothers and sisters, what kind of people they are, your pet and pet¶s name ) ‡ You have to write your words in the spaces in the text.

Activity 2.
Put the letters in right order to get a word and then draw the picture of the word.

Activity 3.
‡ Put the letters in right order to get a word and then draw the picture of the word.

Activity 4. Find means of transport in the crossword. Then draw these transports.

Activity 5. ‡ Copy true sentences for YOU.

‡ Activity 6. ‡ Write what your want to eat in your birthday for breakfast and lunch. Then draw these things.

Activity 7. GW ‡ Find secret words. Colour the picture according to these sentences. ‡ Compare your pictures in groups.

Activity 8. GW ‡ Write the opposite form of possible words in the given story.

‡ Activity 9 Body letters ‡ Make yourselves into the shape of given letters For example µmake yourself an µs¶ etc¶. Contort your bodies into what your think the letter looks like. ‡ Stand with your feet apart and your arms in the air and wide apart. What letter do you think you look like. ‡ Standing with your feet together and your arms stretched out to the sides. ‡ Now make a letter and the whole has to try to recognize what the letter is.

Activity 10 PW Tracing letters ‡ Your must play the game in pairs. Shut your eyes and with your finger trace a letter on your partner¶s hand or back. Your partner must tell you what this is. NOTE: There may be giggles from the ticklish in the class, but the activity requires your stidents to µsee¶ the letter in their mind¶s eye and it¶s great fun, too.

‡ Activity 11 Air writing ‡ Please stand up. Now I am going to use my writing hand and draw a big letter in the air.I¶ll say its sound at the same time. I would like you to copy me moving your arms to form the letter in the air.

‡ Activity 12 Letter sculptures ‡ You can use plasticine (soft modelling clay) (half-cooked spaghetti works too, but is messier) to make certain letters (or words). They have to concentrate on the shape of the letter and its proportions. ‡ You can choose your own letter and make a big one out of plasticine or card, then stick it on a large piece of card. ‡ Look through magazines and newspapers and find either words or pictures of things that begin with the same letter. Cut these out and create a collage with their big letter. Decorate the classroom with these posters.




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