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.µ .Rebranding Vodafone Tagline ² ´Change is good...µ To ´Make the most of now.µ Baseline ..´Hutch is now Vodafoneµ ´Wherever you go our network follows.

The market scenario ‡Robust market growth ‡Falling Average revenues per user ‡Non-voice revenue streams ² the need of the hour ‡Alerts service .a viable non-voice revenue stream .

The challenge ‡ Build relevance for Vodafone Alerts across a wide cross section of users. thereby establishing it as a sustainable non-voice revenue stream for the brand .

Need identification ‡ Value Added Services of Vodafone needed more promotion ‡ ZooZoo was the perfect way to spread awareness ‡ VAS is considered a cash cow for cellular companies ‡ IPL season 2 had lot of scope to be taken advantage .

Competitors in the Market .

Zoo Zoo Campaign ‡ Campaign to communicate the VAS offered by the company ‡ Objective ² Improve the awareness of VAS. ‡ Humor appeal. .

‡ Buzz: both in the traditional media as well as in social networking sites . ‡ Convey a specific VAS offered by the company..The Launch ² April 2009 ‡ The campaign introduced Zoo zoos.

‡ A different ad would be shown each day. . to attract the viewers' interest.The Launch ² Contd« ‡ The company planned to air the ads during IPLSeason 2.

It was quite challenging as none of them could see as they were covered from head to feet.µ ± Prakash Varma. they have been played by real people dressed in white attire. ‡ New set of characters called ¶ZooZoos· for the latest Vodafone ‡ Characters look animated.The Launch ² Contd« ‡ The agency (O&M India) was tasked to leverage the IPL 2 (April 2009) to communicate the wide range of products and services from Vodafone while building a consistent brand story. We had to make real characters look like animated characters. including all the props. ‡ ´Animation requires so much detailing and here we had to do the exact opposite. is in the form of shadows created by spray painting. The set. Nirvana Films (Director) .

Media Mix Television Outdoor Media Mix Radio Online .

real people ‡ Speedy Schedules ‡ 30 advertisements cost only Rs 3 Crores ‡ 20-30 sec long ‡ ZooZoo name nowhere in commercial ‡ Massive Viral Marketing .Costs ‡ Animations 10-15 times costlier than real people ‡ ZooZoos had low cost costumes.

No associated risks and costs . more precisely through video ‡ Easy and cheap animation leading to low production cost ‡ No celebrity endorser .SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS: ‡ Campaign penetrated both in the media as well as in social networking sites ‡ Was representation of a common man depicted as a cartoon character ZOOZOO ‡ Wide media coverage.

SWOT Analysis (cont«) WEAKNESS: ‡ Had an undermining effect on the brand Vodafone ‡ Difficulty in understanding faced by rural population .

SWOT Analysis (cont«) OPPORTUNITIES: ‡ Revolution in the conventional way of advertising that was through public figures and celebrities ‡ Low advertising cost leading to provision of cheaper services ‡ IPL Season 2 expected to have good TRP·s THREATS: ‡ A major intimidation to the brand VODAFONE ‡ Ads could get lost in major marketing war during IPL .

wallpapers. ‡ Facebook ² aimed at building a community . screensavers and videos.Internet Promotions ‡ Dedicated microsite ² ´What kind of Zoozoo are you?µ ‡ Downloadable Ringtones.

Fan Page on Facebook .

' became the third highest search word on May 04. . Response ‡ All the TVCs were available both on YouTube and Twitter. ‡ The IPL 2 will forever be remembered as the season of the word 'Zoozoo. ‡ Zoozoo itself has become a phenomenon. ‡ On Google.

with the music from the films finding a fan following of its own .The results ‡25% increase in number of respondents ‡This number stabilized at 20% higher than the pre campaign level. thereby showing that the growth was not just a flash-in-pan phenomenon ‡Greater excitement among existing users and new entrants ‡Innovative and distinctive branding ‡Fervently covered in the media and on blogs.

Some Number Crunching Vodafone reports on at end of Q1 FY10 ‡ Vodafone India added 7.68 million subscribers in the quarter ‡ ZooZoo advertisements helped Vodafone to increase its customer base by 3.8% in Q1 ‡ Vodafone reported an increase of 23 percent in revenue at constant exchange rates .

The telecom battle ‡ Bharti Airtel. Idea are biggest competitors ‡ Airtel launched ¶My Airtel My Offer· with Madhavan and Vidya Balan ‡ Idea launched ¶Walk when you talk· with Abhishek Bachan .

Lifebuoy. Airtel and Idea ² 7% each ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . Airtel Broadband Internet ‡ Vodafone ² 15% of commercial ads ‡ Havells ² 8%.IPL Impact 85% of most visible brand on screen Hit in both the weeks Most watched brand in breaks Others were Airtel.

difficult to comprehend by viewers from semi urban and rural areas ‡ Avoid hammering different products in short span ‡ Phased release of each storyline to promote different offers .What could have been done better ? ‡ Zoozoos becoming more popular than the network itself ‡ Messages written in text in the end .

Learning's ‡ Low cost ads can make good impact ‡ Concept is important ‡ Expensive Brand Ambassadors can be avoided ‡ Ads more related to common man ‡ Most Importantly ± ¶Keep it simple· .

BIBILOGRAPHY ‡Google ‡FT.Com ‡Wikipedia ‡ a .

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