Social Marketing


Social marketing: is the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social change using concepts from commercial marketing.

Social marketing begins and ends with your target audience.Social Marketing: BASIC ELEMENTS Know your AUDIENCE (really!): and put them at the center of every decision you make. .

shifting attitudes. Be clear in what you want your audience to do. and only if. . and strengthening knowledge is valuable if. it leads to action.ACTION: The process of heightening awareness.

or modify. an old behavior or accept a new one. you must offer that person something very appealing in return. you must know your audience well enough to understand what will motivate them to make changes in their lives.: If you want someone to give up. . In social marketing.EXCHANGE.

tangible objects. and the associated benefits. and services that support behavior change. . PRODUCT: represents the desired behavior you are asking your audience to do. .THE FOUR P¶s of Marketing: 1.

with the benefit that you are more likely to be able to spend holidays with your family and not in the hospital. 2.Examples : 1. receiving a winter flu vaccine. exercising a certain amount. with the benefit that you feel more energetic and in control of your life. a journal to plan and track weekly exercise activities. a hotline that parents can call with questions about drugs. 4. . 3.

Price leads you to plan interventions that reduce the costs of the desired behavior or increase the costs of the competing risk behavior. raising cigarette taxes to increase the financial costs of smoking . or timerelated) or barriers the audience faces in making the desired behavior change.PRICE: is the cost (financial. For example: offering a lunch-time walking club at work to address barriers of lack of time and convenience for exercising. emotional. psychological.

where they will access the program products and services. or where they are thinking about your issue.interventions may include offering immunizations in a neighborhood or mobile clinic. For example: 1. offering nutritional information on a restaurant menu or grocery store food shelf . 2.PLACE: is where the audience will perform the desired behavior.

materials. . PROMOTION :stands for communication messages.4. channels and activities that will effectively reach your audience.

.POLICY refers to the laws and regulations that influence the desired behavior. Examples: requiring sidewalks to make communities more walk able. as well as understanding or changing those policies or laws that may act as barriers to the behavior (such as inconvenient clinic locations). imprisonment for drunk driving. or prohibiting smoking in shared public spaces.

and works on the ³installment plan´ . and requires efficient use of resources Integrated.SOCIAL MARKETING IS: A social or behavior change strategy Most effective when it activates people Targeted to those who have a reason to care and who are ready for change Strategic.

SOCIAL MARKETING IS NOT: Just advertising A clever slogan or messaging strategy Reaching everyone through a media blitz An image campaign Done in a vacuum A quick process .

These may be factors external or internal to audience members . (e.KEY SOCIAL MARKETING CONCEPTS Barriers: Hindrances to desired behavior changes that are identified by the audience.g. lack of proper health care Facilities) ..

mothers (audience) will create a loving bond with their newborns (benefit) when they breastfeed for at least six weeks (behavior).Benefits: Advantages that the audience identifies. These can be framed as the positive results. Benefits are what you offer to the audience in exchange for the new behavior and can be thought of as ³what¶s in it for them.´ For example. and so forth that the audience will obtain from the desired behavior change. which may or may not be directly associated with a behavior. feelings. attributes. .

. . using the elevator competes with taking the stairs because of ease and quickness . For example.Competition: The behaviors and related benefits that the target audience is accustomed to Competition or may prefer over ² the behavior you are promoting .

For example. and friends may encourage a college student to drink until drunk. infant formula makers promote their products to new mothers. fast food restaurants offer less healthy food choices.Competition also encompasses the organizations and people who offer or promote alternatives to the desired behavior. .

Grameen Bank extended loans to poor people in Bangladesh under its Grameen Classic credit system.Grameen Bank: The Grameen General Credit System The case explains Bangladesh based Grameen Bank's two microfinance models . For over two decades. .Grameen Classic System and Grameen General System (GGS).

more flexible credit system. . The result was Grameen General System which allowed the borrowers to remain as the member of the bank even when they were unable to pay their loan installments. the floods ravaged the country which led to many poor people default on their loan payments. This led to the need for a new.In 1998.

Today. . she has a cloth brand named after her which has reached such heights that international names are scurrying to have tie-ups with it. at 92.Hansiba goes Global Hansiba: a brand's journey from Gujarat around globe Twenty-three years back. Hansibaben was just another artisan in a little known village in Gujarat.

It's a little difficult to decide which story is more amazing .that the woman after which Hansiba. as the brand is called. was 70 when the whole journey started and she is still working at innovating the traditional craft.000 rural women manage the entire supply chain of the company and take care of their families. . Or that 15.

director of the NGO SEWA and the woman largely responsible for starting the Hansiba initiative."Today we have tie-ups with international brands in the US. . Thirty percent of our products are exported." said Reema Nanavaty. UK. France. Germany. "Our clothes have also been showcased in the Madrid fashion week and the New York fashion week. Italy and Spain. sitting at her office in Ahmedabad." Nanavaty told IANS.

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