Introduction Chapter 1 Twilight Chapter 2 New Moon Chapter 3 Eclipse Chapter 4 Breaking Dawn Conclusion . 4. 3. 5. 6.Table of contents 1. 2.

Introduction y over 100 million copies globally." . y Larry Carroll: "an iconic love story for a whole generation. translated in 37 languages y British Book Award in 2008 for Children s Book of the Year for Breaking Dawn y 2009 Kids Choice Award y records as the biggest selling novels of 2008 y Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "hot new teen novel".

where he tries to kill her. wants to hunt her.Twilight y Bella moves to Forks. Ashley Green. a sadistic vampire. meets Edward . etc y Apple = forbidden fruit from the Book of Genesis . directed by Catherine Hardwicke. actors Kristen Steward. Taylor Lautner.and falls in love with him. Robert Pattinson. she runs away in Phoenix. but Edward saves her y Movie-released in 21 November 2008.a vegetarian vampire . James.

released on November 20. with the majority of original cast . but he is stopped in time by Bella. directed by Chris Weitz and Melissa Rosenberg as screenwriter.New Moon y Edward breaks up with Bella and leaves Forks. y Droopy flower = Edward and Bella's break up y Movie . Edward believes Bella is dead and decides to commit suicide. 2009. Bella develops a friendship with Jacob Black (a werewolf).

Jacob about Edward an Eclipse y Movie will be released in June 30. Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob. y Title: Bella about Jacob: her personal sun . in the end she chooses Edward and accepts his proposal of marriage.Eclipse y Victoria as a revenge for her mate s death. 2010 . creates an army of "newborn" vampires to battle the Cullen family. y Broken ribbon=Bella s choice.

Renesmee y Edward turns her into a vampire to save her life y Renesmee = an "immortal child (considered by the Volturi against vampire law) y Pawn-Bella s progression. y she nearly dies giving birth to her daughter.Br aki g Da y Bella and Edward get married y Bella discovers that she is pregnant. from the weakest (as the pawn) to the strongest in the end (as the queen) .

Bella Swan y Very pale skin. Bella acquires the ability to shield both herself and others from "mental harm" from other vampires . dark brown hair and brown eyes y exceptionally clumsy ( danger magnet ). dropping and tripping over everything in sight y is also said to be a terrible liar and has a low self-esteem y possessed a natural immunity to the mental powers of vampires y After her transformation.

polite. ice cold and it sparkles in the sunlight. very pale. very stubborn and extremely attractive Edward Cullen y can read anyone's thoughts within a few miles radius. topaz eyes.y skin hard as marble. muscular body y charming. y messy hair. change into onyx black with purple shadows if he goes long without feeding. determined. y a slender. .

Second. I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. And not finding anything.Quotes y Surely it was a good way to die. And third. there was part of him-and I didn t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. (Bella) y For almost ninety years I ve walked among my kind. because you weren t alive yet. in the place of someone else. (Bella) y About three things I was absolutely positive. First. even. Edward was a vampire. That ought to count for something. someone I loved. (Edward) . Noble. not realizing what I was seeking. and yours all the time thinking I was complete in myself.

Conclusion .