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The Patriots for Delaware Election Integrity Team is a grassroots volunteer group with Data

Analysis and Skip Tracing backgrounds.

Our goal is to analyze all open-source data on the 2020 election and identify anomalies, or
fraud. The data will determine the required outcome; an audit, a new election system, etc.

We believe that the Delaware people should be the first to know what is found, and we will
continue to disclose to “We the People” first.

Let's take a look at what we have found so far….

Dead Voters

•The analysis is not complete; however, we have

found dead voters in Delaware.

•One of those voters participated in the 2020

election…after her death and in her Maiden name.

•Numbers will be provided when complete.

Nursing Homes
State Licensed Beds

• Several Nursing and Assisted Living

Home Name Nursing Home Assisted Living Home Total Beds Machine Votes VBM + ABS Votes Total Votes Percentage of total beds voted

Jeanne Jugan
Homes in Delaware are listed with more Nursing Home

votes than available beds.


• The highest, so far, is 315% according to

Court at
ge Terrace at

state data. Cokesbury

Village 45 49 94 1 295 296 315%

• We have verified that most of these WillowBrooke

Court at

facilities are rarely at full occupancy. Country

ge Terrace at
Country House 60 40 100 0 129 129 129%

• There are memory wards in the

questionable facilities, one of which is WillowBrooke
Court Skilled

100% Memory Ward. Center at

ge Terrace
Assisted Living
at Manor House 60 75 135 13 109 122 90%

More data to come.

Overseas Voter Rules
Overseas Vote:

You will use the address of the last real home you had in the U.S.— where you actually resided. This is your "voting residence address", and it is this address that
defines your state and jurisdiction for voting. You cannot use a P.O. Box as your last U.S. address.
U.S. citizens living outside of the U.S. are only permitted to register and vote in the state and county where they last established residence (domicile) in the U.S. before
moving outside of the country.
To register to vote and request an absentee ballot as an overseas voter, you must submit the Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form (also known as the
Federal Post Card Application, or FPCA).
Note that…
When you register to vote and/or request an absentee ballot using the Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form, your local election official in the U.S. will send
your ballot and voting materials to your overseas address, not your former U.S. address.
Even if you never voted from your last U.S. address when you lived there, that is the address that you must use.
You don't need to have any current ties with your previous address or state. There is absolutely no requirement for overseas voters to continue to maintain a
residence or to own property in the U.S. in order to vote.
It doesn't matter whether or if you currently receive mail in the U.S. You do not need a mailing address there - no election mail will be sent there - it will be sent to you
at your overseas address.
It does not matter how long you've been away.
Overseas Voters & DE
Election Offices
Coded as “Uniformed and Overseas
Citizen” by the Department of
Elections; we found many votes with
residential and/or mailing addresses
that match the 3 Election Offices in Residential Address (Mailed out of US)
Department of Elections Sussex County Office

Delaware. 68
Department of Elections Kent County Office
Department of Elections New Castle County Office

Is this legal? 650

Percentage of Intl Civilians w/Residential Address of DE Election Offices
Mailing Address
Department of Elections Sussex County Office
Department of Elections Kent County Office
Department of Elections New Castle County Office
Adjudication Rates in
2020 Election
Federal Election Commission Allows .0008% Adjudication Rate
Approximately 1 per 125,000 Votes

Approx. Max. Adjudication Rate for DE Statewide

4 ballots
Adjudicated Ballot Totals:
Machine Votes - Not Adjudicated (confirmation pending)
Mail In Votes - 47,205 Adjudicated (Mail-In Only) Ballots 25%

Higher than Federally Permitted

DE Votes in 2020 Election - 526,469

Overall Adjudicated ballots 9%
Registration All Numbers are reported on the first day of the following month (Example: January
2021 numbers are for changes within December 2020.)
Data, 2020-2021
Registration Data, 2020 –
2021 (2)
Key Takeaways:
• Approximately 29,960 Voters were newly registered before the Nov. 2020
• Approximately 11,207 Voters were removed from the voter rolls between
May and Sept. 2021.

This data raises more questions than it answers.

These are high registration numbers, considering the low 57% voter turnout

Who are these people new to Delaware? Why did they leave?
All during a pandemic? All within the same months?
ES&S Machines

Although we will not address this topic directly

today, we would like to offer information for you
to read and evaluate.
The affidavit, link below, was submitted to the
Federal Government in late January 2021.
The linked article explains the material included
in the affidavit to non-IT minded folks.
In essence, this information proves that all the
election machines, nationwide, are created for
fraud, and to mitigate detection of fraud in an
audit. In other words, you can use them to
cheat, and it cannot be proven whether fraud
was present or not.
What do we do now?
We need to create accountability in this state. If We respectfully request that you DO NOT:
we don’t, all the fact finding will be in vain and
nothing will come of our efforts.
Harass any of the institutions mentioned in this
This is how we start.
presentation today. We are still working on the
We are going to talk about all of the items data and need these people to speak with us
below in detail: when we call.

• Contact Elected Officials Stay away from National Groups that are
• Be a part of your local Government making money to “help” states with audits.
Note: Most of these groups are run by RINO’s and have
• Poll Workers Needed made no progress.
If they can keep the people spinning their wheels until
• Donate – Money, Time, Skills & Prayers 2022, they win.
Contact Elected Officials

All Delaware Elected Officials need to know that there is no more fence sitting. They are either
actively helping Delawareans find the truth, or we will vote them out.
Pick a topic
• Elections
• Mandates
• CRT, etc.
Email or call an elected official once a week.
• Department of Elections
• School Boards
• City Council Members
• Legislators
• Governor
• Attorney General
Add it to your calendar – They need to know how serious we are!
Be your Local Government
Accountability only happens when “We The People” are governing ourselves.
That means WE NEED YOU in local government positions.

• School Boards
• City Counsel Members
• Precinct Delegates, etc.

Patriots 4 Delaware can help you figure out what you are suited for and how to
Reach out to the Political Action Committee.
We need good, honest people running our future elections.

A General Election utilizes approximately 3,200 poll workers.

One of those could be you!



We need support for additional open-source information. Online donations welcome.
Use your extra time like the state and country depends on it!
We are looking for people to help with this effort. If you would like to donate your
skills to this effort, please reach out to the Election Integrity Committee with your
contact information and skill set.
If all you can spare is a moment, please say a prayer for our work. Remember, God
Choose action!

It will take all of us,

working together, to save
this nation.

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