Rooh Afza


The Delhi-based Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, which owns the Rooh Afza brand was founded exactly a century back in 1907 The setting up of modern laboratories and subjecting the various drugs to laboratory tests brought the Unani system of medicine on modern, scientific lines for the first time. In 1940 Hakim Mohammad Said joined Hamdard and after the creation of Pakistan in 1947 at the age of 29 migrated to Pakistan, and in 1948 he established Hamdard Pakistan in Karachi on a modest scale. Hakim Said was a man of determination and rare qualities.



The mission statement of the organization clearly describes its reason for being, i.e;
¾ To preserve & promote eastern system of

Medicine, ¾ To establish the principles of pharmacy, its furtherance & standardization, ¾ To teach & publicize the principles of health, hygiene & medical sciences, ¾ And through these, to serve the people selflessly

.A good quality Syrup not only quenching the thirst but also refreshing body and soul to provide ultimate satisfaction to all consumers. enhancing their confidence.

Keora. . Citrus flowers. Distilled aqua extracts of fruits. Herbs. Red food Colour.The contents of Rooh Afza are as follows: € € € € € € € € Refined sugar. Preservatives. Rose.

€ € € . chloride and phosphate. potassium. liver and kidney and check vomiting. Rooh Afza for essential electrolytes: In the form of sodium. the important ones of which are: € € Rooh Afza as nutrient: In the form of invert sugar. Rooh Afza's medicinal properties: Stimulates and correct the function of the heart. Rooh Afza for retention of body water: Has the ability to maintain and finally adjust the body's water balance due to the presence of electrolytes in balanced quantity. calcium. diarrhoea.Rooh Afza has many more therapeutic and nutritional qualities. Rooh Afza's soothing and refreshing properties: Acts on the central nervous system and the rest of the body providing internal relief. indigestion and stomachache. magnesium. glucose and fructose.



Product € Placement € Price € Promotion € ¾ Tv ¾ Radio ¾ Newspaper ¾ Digital Marketing x Youtube x Facebook Fanpage .

has published a well-researched Saveur 100 list according to which Rooh Afza is the 10th most favourite brand on earth. It also used the title ´Heavenly Elixirµ for Rooh Afza owing to its quality fineness and excellence . Saveur magazine of USA. that is a world-renowned authority on food & leisure.€ In 2007.

and acts as an instant source of energy for the body. maintains the water-electrolyte balance. . ¾ It is recommended by some doctors for weak and old people. ¾ It is a type of UNANI medicine which has zero side effects. ¾ It acts as a coolant and enhances resistance towards diseases.€ Strengths ¾ A popular summer drink that quenches thirst.

now customers ask for convenience Ever changing external environment.g. low sale of Rooh Afza in winters.€ weaknesses ¾ Company·s inability to maintain sales varying ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ with seasons e. Threats Seasonal variations in sales Competitors Ever changing customer preferences like. .

¾ Population is increasing by a considerable rate per year. . it can go for line extension and enter the category of pure juices and milk for instance.€ OPPORTUNITIES ¾ As Rooh Afza is inexpensive compared to other beverages. it can generate huge demand and the revenue accordingly. giving us another opportunity to increase the market share. ¾ Rooh Afza has a supreme brand image in people·s mind.

¾ Prices and the inflation rate is increasing day by day . this reduces the purchasing power of the customer and the lower income groups could find it difficult to afford Rooh Afza which would directly leave a negative impact on the revenue. .€ THREATS ¾ The biggest threat for Rooh Afza has always been the competitors in the industry.

€ SECTION A Section A is more general and aim to provide us with general and non specific information where as Section B have questions related to our product i. Rooh Afza only .e.

Consumers 9% 30% profes s i ona l s Unempl oyed Students Hous ewi ves 49% 12% € This shows the variety of consumers we selected for our research project where the percentage of housewives is 49%. . The reason for selecting housewives more because housewives have better insight about Rooh Afza since its an household product.


This gives a better idea about the product usage at home because of family members rather than a person living alone. .1% 2% Family Size 38% Bel ow 5 5 to 10 10 to 15 Above 15 59% Most of the participants fall in the range of 5-10 members in a family.

This result shows that consumer is becoming more health conscious and would like to go for drinks that is rather natural and 100% healthy. .Drinks consumed 0% 14% 36% Nes tl e Sheza n Peps i 27% Coke Ta ng Others 5% 18% € Nestle juices and drinks are the most consumed drink in our research that is 36% of consumption followed by Coke that is 27% and Pepsi 18%.

Factors affecting choice of drink 0% 0% 10% 18% 4% 27% Quality Advertising Brand Image 0% 17% 21% 3% Cultural Value s Family Preference Price € € According to consumers the most important factor before buying any product is Taste that is 28% of the people. The second most important factor is the price factor. Family preferences has also emerged as a strong reason for consumers before buying any product. . third factor is quality which is also seek by the consumer.

.Which drink quench thirst? 28% 35% Frui t Jui ces Soft Dri nks Sha rba t O thers 16% 21% 35% of the consumers here think that fruit juices quenches the thirst where as 28% of the people also think that Water (Others) is the only drink that quenches the thirst.

First thing that comes to your mind when 1% you see a red drink? 4% 3% 18% 3% Rooh Afza Sti ng Red bul l W i ne Vi mto 43% 28% Ja m-e-Shi ri n Sha ni This question has divided our consumer into 3 different choice categories with the strongest being Red Bull ² the western energy drink which was followed by Red.Sting (the pepsi co energy drink) and Rooh Afza held on to a modest 18% of recalls for red color drink. .

Q.7 Are you aware of Rooh Afza (Drink of the east) Are you aware of Rooh Afza? 0% Yes No 100% Rooh afza·s brand recognition is 100% which is not very surprising because the product is in the market for more than 100 years and is a product which is a symbol eastern cultural heritage. .

Do you drink Rooh Afza? 19% Yes No 81% .

. Eid Milad un nabi etc.How often do you drink Rooh Afza? 13% 23% Very Often 20% Often Oc c a s s i ona l y Ra rel y 44% As expected the result shows that the consumers are consuming Rooh Afza more in the traditional holy festives such as Ramadan.

How do you find it? 23% Good Better 8% 52% Bes t Jus t ok 17% In the response to this question the consumer showed that they are relatively happy with Rooh Afza as a strong 52% of the people find Rooh afza good while the rest were either extremely happy with it and there were few who don·t like Rooh afza much. .

How much are you satisfied with Rooh Afza? 6% 22% 13% Very much Jus t s a ti s fi ed Not much Di s s a ti s fi ed 59% Satisfaction level for Rooh Afza turned out to be good as most of the people find Rooh Afza as satisfying or extremely satisfying/ .

What should be changed in Rooh Afza? 28% Pa cka gi ng 49% Fl a vor Col or 2% No cha nge 21% 49% of the people think the packaging of Rooh Afza should be changed although this packaging is air tight. This shows that people are looking more for auethetic and good looking bottle. . keep Rooh Afza fresh and this bottle doesn·t break either.

Do you think Rooh Afza is healthy? 33% 43% Yes No Don t know 24% Surprisingly a lot of consumer were of the view that Rooh is healthy which shows consumers perception of Rooh afza in health perspective. .

. Where as 21% of the consumer love everything about Rooh and doesn·t want to change anything in it.What is the basic thing that you like about Rooh Afza? 10% Ta s te 21% Col or Contents 52% After a ffects Everythi ng 4% 7% 6% Nothi ng The result here shows that the consumers just love the taste of Rooh Afza which shouldn·t be altered at any cost.

Would you buy ooh A mor I r dy dr k? 6% s % This question was asked to check the response of the consumers whether the new Rooh afza would be able to capture the ready drink market or not. £ £¢ I gu ¤ N £¢    ¡ 41% Y . But we got here is that many consumer that is 41% of the consumer said that they would buy Rooh Afza more if it was a ready drink.

Do you dri Rooh Afz is an energy drink? 35% 65% This was not shocking because before conducting a research on Rooh Afza. ¥ Ye §¦ . But it is called the drink of the summer because it gives you energy because of its medicinal ingredients in fact there are consumers who like to drink Rooh Afza with milk to get energy from it. we knew that not many people know about Rooh afza being Pakistani energy drink.

Do you drink Rooh Afza only during cultural festivals? 27% Yes No 73% As expected that most of the consumers i. milad un nabi etc. . 73# of the people consume Rooh afza only during cultural festivals that is Ramadan.e.

You dri k Rooh A a because.I j us t dri nk i t 13% 21% Our research proved that most of the people i. 31% consume Rooh Afza during cultural festivals because their family consumes it at that time of event.e. 7% 28% I l ove i t 31% O f cul tura l va l ues Its hea l thy My fa mi l y dri nks i t I don t know. Where as 28% of the people consume Rooh Afza (during or not during cultural events) because they love Rooh afza ..

The Drink has lots of benefits but due to some drawbacks Rooh Afza has become a restricted selling product.€ As it comes under the category of energy drink and has no side effects apart from other energy drinks like red bull contains caffeine. So the taste should never be changed. This positioning is a million dollar asset of the company so it should be handled with care.e. 49% of the people want the packaging to be changed only. This position has lead rooh afza to uncountable years of bumper sales esp during the month of Ramadan and it is still doing it. It recognized as Ramadan drink perception of the people plus it gives instant energy. € € € € € . The alteration they want in Rooh Afza is the major draw back i. A great number of the people think taste does matter. The packaging should be aesthetic and beautiful It increases the level of glucose in the body which makes consumer energetic so its one of the healthiest energy drinks that is why Hamdard should also position Rooh afza as a healthy drink and also because the people are now becoming more healthy conscious. its packaging. It comes under the category of low priced drinks and it is cheaper than its competitor mainly because Hamdard is a non profit organization and works for the welfare of people so Rooh afza·s prices should always be maintained..

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