CLOUD COMPUTING is a technology that uses internet and the remote servers to maintain the data and the applications. CLOUD is used as a metaphor for the internet with several interconnected computers that can be personal computers or the network servers (private or public). It is the management and provision of applications , information and the data as a service provided over the internet. It allows the consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. It is simply a set of pooled computing resources and services delivered over the web. When you diagram the relationships between all the elements it resembles a ³cloud´.    

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offers massive computing power and storage capability. . and enables wide scale group collaboration. The network exists in the ³cloud´ of IP addresses that we know as the Internet.´ and that¶s as good as any to describe how cloud computing works.HOW DOES IT WORK ??? Sun Microsystems¶s slogan is ³The network is the computer. a network of computers functions as a single computer to serve data and applications to users over the Internet. In essence.

or document. . over the Internet. device. To these individual users.Understanding Cloud Architecture: Individual users connect to the cloud from their own personal computers or portable devices. The hardware in the cloud (and the operating system that manages the hardware connections) is invisible. the cloud is seen as a single application.


Software and applications are extremely costly. and using internet as SAAS.    . especially today in our economy.IAAS. Customer retention is vital.FUNCTIONALITY!  Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing IT infrastructures and flexibility. you rent so the heavy investment is forgone. With cloud. there are huge costcostreduction pressures and cloud computing allows businesses to do just that by tapping into cloud computing platforms on a pay-as-youpay-as-you-go basis. Cloud computing is a set of technologies and business practices that enable companies of all sizes to build. deploy. monitor and scale applications using resources accessed over the internet .PAAS. During this economic time of recession.

 . Web 2. Enterprise and government users are adopting cloud computing because it eliminates capital investment in hardware and software facilities as well as reduces operations labour.0. expensive private server infrastructure. SaaS.WHAT IS IT REPLACING ???  Cloud computing is replacing large Corporate Data Centers and unnecessary.



   Google has invested more than $2 billion a year in data centers for cloud computing. talks about Google Clouds. including numerous copies of the world wide web. Makes search faster. ³Google 101´   Network made up of millions of cheap servers. Marissa Mayer. that would store staggering amounts of data. its product. uncertainties and future expansions and ideas . So far the leader in the technology. . Vice President. helping to find out answers to billions of queries in a fraction of a second. Search Products & User Experience.

 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ³Amazon EC2´  web service interface that provides resizable computing capacity in a cloud designed to make web-scale computing easier for webdevelopers reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server space from weeks to minutes allows developers to pay only for capacity that they actually use    .

manage. and distribute web services and applications on the internet. ³Azure´ Azure´  InternetInternet-scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers Provides a range of functionality to build applications that span from consumer web to enterprise scenario.   . deploy. Designed to help developers quickly and easily create.


CLOUD COMPUTING USAGE          Reduced Hardware equipment for end users Improved Performance Lower Hardware and Software Maintenance Instant Software Updates Accessibility Less Expensive (Amazon example) Better Collaboration Pay for what you use Flexible .

The trust hasn¶t been accepted . security.FUTURE OF CLOUD COMPUTING    Many companies are only using cloud computing for small projects. Details such as licensing. compliance and network monitoring need to be finalized for the trust to be realized . privacy. .

. In effect. In addition. the user can also share it with others. messages. applications. images.²becomes authorized to the user accessing them. any device that accesses your data in the cloud also becomes yours.KEY PROPERTIES«  Cloud Computing Is User Centric : Once as a user connects to the cloud. etc. whatever is stored there²documents.

 Cloud Computing Is Task-Centric: Instead of focusing on the application and what it can do.  Cloud Computing Is Powerful Connects hundreds and thousands of computers together in a cloud creating a wealth of computing power with a single desktop PC. and so on²are becoming less important than the documents they create.KEYS«. email. spreadsheets. the focus is on what task needs to be done and how the application can do it for us. . Traditional applications²word processing.

KEYS«  Cloud Computing Is Accessible: Because data is stored in the cloud. users can instantly retrieve more information from multiple repositories. We are not limited to a single source of data. as we do with a desktop PC. .

cross-enterprise and cross-platform.  .scalable access to computing resources and IT services.CONCLUSION «  Thus cloud computing provides a super computing power.This cloud of computers extends beyond a single company or enterprise. The goal of cloud computing is to provide easy.  The applications and data served by the cloud are available to broad group of users.



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