PERFUMES/DEOS  Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds.  Deodorants are substances applied to the body to eliminate body odor. .

 DEODORANT s goal is to deodorize. . A deodorant is a chemical add-on that will help to cover up and eliminate odors. PERFUMES are strictly to cover up and overpower.DIFFERENCEu..  Perfume is a chemical scent that is designed to produce a pleasing aroma overpowering anything else.


THE OBJECTIVEu.. To know :  why people wear perfumes  The factors they are concerned about while purchasing a perfume  The most famous brands of perfumes among men and women  How often they buy a perfume  Is there a celebrity influence  If they are attracted towards the perfume/deo bottle shape and color  If perfumes/deos did not exist then what would they use as a fragrance .

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .TARGET GROUP Target group-: 18-25 age 5 Females 3 Males We targeted the youth as they try out new and variety of perfumes ‡ We focused more on females as they are shopaholics and use more perfumes than males.

 The interview was recorded.interpreted and then analysed.  We framed certain questions based on our assumptions..  Selected respondents based on recruitment screener  The interviews were conducted in colleges as 18-25 age group are mostly students. .  Interview was conducted for 30 mins.  We decided to use sequential interviewing technique to interview the respondents.PROCESSu.

RECRUITMENT SCREENER Name: Age: Qualification: Do you use perfumes/deos: YES[ ] NO [ ] How often do you buy a perfume: (i)Once in 2 months (ii) Once in 6 months (iii) Once in a year (iv)Anytime  Is cost a concern: YES [ ] NO [ ]  Does bottle shape and colour attract you: Yes[ ] No[ ]      . etc?  Section II -which brand comes to your mind when I say perfumes? .college.Do you go out? . parties.what is that one thing you don t forget to apply before going out i.e.why do you purchase perfumes? .DISCUSSION GUIDE  Introduction  Warm up  Section I .Do you feel only costly perfumes are good? -How many times do you purchase a perfume or deos? .

Any bad experiences? .CONTDuu  Section III -Are you influenced by the celebrity quotient? .Do you have strong emphasis on the design of the bottle ? .Which one is your favorite? .Do you prefer different perfumes for different ocassions ? .Do have any strong liking for the specific material to be used for the bottle?  Section IV .

PRIMARY FINDINGS The most famous brands in perfumes/deos: WOMEN  Calvin Klein  Fantasia  Gucci  Tommy Girl      FA Oriflame Brut Nike Adidas Ferrari Axe Park Avenue Adidas  UDV Hugo Boss Tommy Boy Armani MEN .


CONTDu..  Some respondents get attracted towards bottle shape and colour .


The main reasons are:  To smell good i. .  They wear it because the fragrance invokes memories of somebody or control body odour  The ability to show individuality through fragrances. The ability to have this kind of individuality through scent directly influences our confidence and self-esteem. or anything they like.e.WHY PERFUMES?? There are many reasons as to why many wear perfumes or deos .  They can change the way they smell to match their mood. the occasion.

 Some respondents have different perfume fragrances for different occasions  Most of them purchase perfumes once in two months or 6 months  They use perfumes not only for fragrance but they use it even for gifting it to somebody  Most of them are not influenced by celebrities or advertisements .SECONDARY FINDINGS  Some male respondents said that they would prefer deos to perfumes as they are costly and perfume fragrance lasts only for about 4-5hrs .

blue.  Female respondents prefer the color of the bottle to be usually in pink.  Few don t like perfumes because they are allergic to it and the strong fragrance of perfume leads to headache. red.  Some are cost concerned as they frequently purchase .colourless whereas boys preferred black . Cost is not a concern for many but the brand and fragrance is very important.dark blue. .

. so it wouldn t matter if there were no perfumes.WHAT IF THERE WERE NO PERFUMES/DEOS??  They would use Talcum Powder  They can stay without a perfume  Perfume signifies their mood and gives freshness so they need it  Some respondents were allergic to perfumes and get headache when they use it.

QUOTES ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Perfumes signify my mood No perfumes No me Perfumes make me feel fresh and confident I would prefer deos anyday than perfumes .

 Deos just control the odour.  Male respondents prefer deodorants to perfumes . .confident and unique.CONCLUSION  Female respondents have variety of perfumes for different occasions.  Perfumes make them feel fresh.

.RECOMMENDATIONS  To make perfumes which are mild and not harmful to skin  To give discounts on perfumes as people who are cost concerned can have variety of perfumes.


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