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XAMPP TO LAMP conversion



y XAMPP- cross platform y LAMP- web server

web server package. y Consists of Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP & Perl. y Readily available as package installation y Can be configured seperately

package on LINUX. y Consists of Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP & Perl. y Has bundles of open source softwares. y Configured seperately.

. WordPress).Current Scenario y Most companies work on windows based systems. Mambo. y Choice of CMS framework varies from company to company(Drupal.

iii.Brand popularity of MICROSOFT.Compatibility of most softwares with windows OS . Simple to use OS.y Reasons: i. ii.

APACHE MYSQL PHP . Modular Unix-like operating system. v. iii.Programming Tools y LINUX i. iv. ii. Free & open source software. Uses a monolithic kernel. vi.

y Relatively slower than LINUX based systems. y Not open source . y Require proper maintenance.Loopholes A windows based system is y Costly. y More prone to virus attacks.

.Problem definition y To transfer a batch of system applications from one OS i. y To create some functionalities for this LAMP STACK. y To configure a LAMP STACK and use DRUPAL as the CMS or CMF.e. Windows to a LINUX based environment.

. v. Reliability of LINUX iii. Easier to make change in the code. y Why use open source? Free ii. iii. iv. Basic requirement of a LINUX based system. Bugs reported quickly. i.y Why use a LAMP STACK? Flexibility of LINUX ii. Testing done globally by wide variety of users. Provides better chance to improve existing software i.

Working of project LINUX. Is this enough? No!! . PHP. MySQL. Apache.

ii. manage and organize variety of content on website. . Written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License iii. Free and open source content management system(CMS) & CMF. Allows publish.Programming Tools y Drupal i.


standards-compliant. y extensible. open source web CMF. Drupal as a CMF i. . y highly modular. and strives for clean code.Features of Drupal y Introduction to drupal Drupal as a CMS ii.

Architecture of Drupal .

Position of Drupal in LampStack .

Components of Drupal y Themes y Blocks y Comments y Taxonomy y Modules .

Color i. Blog viii. Aggregator vii. System v. opt ion al . Filter iii.Types of Modules y Core modules Block ii. User vi. Node iv.

.Contributed Modules y They are not present with the y y y y initial installation. The contributed modules help in adding various functionalities to the system. There are around 1200 known shared modules A very good example is the CCK module. They need to be downloaded separately & installed.

y Establishing administrator for Drupal. .Workflow of project y Installing linux y Installing Apache y Installing MySQL y Installing PHP y Configuring PHP and MySQL with Apache y Configuring Drupal.

Architecture of a LAMP STACK .

Role of different components y Role of apache y Role of php y Role of mysql .

i. . LINUX is a free source open OS.L-LINUX y LINUX This is the OS we use in LAMP ii.

000 milestone. Many web applications are designed keeping APACHE s features in mind/ .A-APACHE y Apache Web Server Was the first web server to have 100.

i.M-MYSQL y MySQL Is used to talk and connect to the database ii. . a central component of the LAMP STACK.

i. Now mostly used for server-side scripting. used to create dynamic web pages.P-PHP y PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. ii. .

y For truly interactive and dynamic Web sites. what you need is a way of building pages composed of information in a database.M. however. basic pages of information that the you must build and type yourself.LAMP better than L.A. but the information provided by the Apache server will be "static" that is. .P! y The Apache server running on Linux is an easy way of building a simple Web server.

Scope A lampstack along with drupal can be used to: y Build an e-commerce site. departmental.eg Amazon y An internet portale eg:facebook y a personal. or corporate website y a resource directory y an online newspaper y an image gallery y intranet .

Reference y Google y DRUPAL documentation y Wikipedia y Php.net .


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