Employee Separation

Painful for both the parties«

Separation  A voluntary or Involuntary partition with a person or group or institution/organisation  In organisations usually in terms of      Layoffs Resignations Dismissal/ termination Retrenchment VRS .

Layoffs  Temporary separation due to inability. the employees have to be compensated for the days laidoff by paying half the normal wages. 1947.    Shortage of raw materials Power shutdown Machinery breakdown  Is usually for a definite period of time  Employees are recalled once the normalcy is retained  As per the Industrial disputes Act. failure or refusal of the employer to provide job to the employees. .

Resignation & Dismissal Resignation: A voluntary termination of services for various reasons Dismissal: Involuntary termination of services for mainly disciplinary actions like:    Excessive absenteeism Serious misconduct Theft of company¶s property .

1947. entitles the employees to compensation which in terms of section 25(f) of the industrial disputes Act. .  Retrenchment. is equivalent to 15 days average pay. due to continuing lack of demand for the products manufactured.  No guarantee of the employee being recalled.Retrenchment  It refers to the termination of the services of employees because of the replacement of labour by machines or the closure of a department.

VRS  Also Golden hand shake  Voluntary retirement before the actual age of retirement .

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