‡Red Bull was released in Canada in 2004. ‡Red Bull was launched in Germany in 1994 after meeting with huge success it was launched globally in 1997. ‡ In 2003 the sugar-free Red Bull was introduced into the market. Source: www. ‡ The recipe was recreated by Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987 to better suite Austrian tastes.com .elephanttrade.‡Originated in Thailand in the 1970¶s it was first called ³Krating Daeng´.

caramel and riboflavin.Regular Can (left) ‡ Water. glucuronolactone. inositol. Sugar-Free Can (right) ‡ Sucrose and glucose are replaced with acidity regulator sodium citrates and sweeteners (acesulfame potassium and aspartame). vitamin B6. niacin. caffeine.energyfiend. sucrose. Source: www. vitamin B12. pantothenic acid. sodium citrates. carbon dioxide. glucose.com . taurine.

but the amount estimated to prove fatal is 10 grams. ‡A study conducted in 2007 by American researchers found that although consumption of Red Bull could increase both blood pressure and heart rates it was only dangerous for those people with heart disease.‡Red Bull has recently faced much controversy in regards to the health concerns associated with it. Denmark. ‡Due to the high levels of taurine and caffeine it has been banned in countries such as. Norway. Uruguay and Iceland. France. which would require 125 cans of the drink. . ‡Most claims about the dangers of Red Bull and other energy drinks have been proven to be nothing more than urban myths. ‡It has been proven that caffeine can be deadly when consumed in massive doses.

market in 2006 with 3 billion cans sold worldwide.‡ Market Share of Red Bull in the U. ‡ Red Bull has managed to maintain their strong market share through advertising and heavy event sponsorship.S. . Full Throttle and Rockstar. ‡Red Bull controlled approximately 60% of the U.S. SoBe Energy Rush. Monster. compared to other similar products including.

skiing and skateboarding. Through its sponsorship of youth culture and extreme sports events. (Above) Red Bulld s cartoon character (Below) Brand marketing teams drive these cars. ‡Instead of traditional advertising.‡Red Bull sponsors many extreme events such as. Red Bull focused on getting the word out through various stealth marketing techniques. (18 to 29 yr olds) who perceived it as an anti-brand. playing on associations with energy. Red Bull relied on a strategy of word-of-mouth or ³buzz´ marketing. Red Bull developed a cult following among marketing-wary Generation Y-ers. carefully cultivating its mystique. While it purported to be a sports drink. danger and youth culture. BMX. . it was mostly sold in clubs and bars as an alcohol mixer. cliff diving.

com/detail. http://www.forty8.driver Brian Vickers and two F1 cars (shown above right)drivers David Coulthard and Mark Webber. Sources: www.‡ ‡ Red Bull sponsors many great athletes such as Travis Pastrana (shown below right).com. http://www.aspx?ID=14067 .atthetrackracing. They have their own NASCAR team (shown below).de/index. a freestyle dirt biker who remained undefeated at two Red Bull X-Fighter events.f1-fanatics.php?mainId=6&storyId=36.


Source: http://www. was chosen to symbolize kinetic virility and pugnacity. Red Bull is currently sold in more than 130 countries. vegans and is dairy and wheat free. the taurine found in Red Bull is produced synthetically to insure the highest quality.ca/images/historysection/pdf/3/ RB_Case_Study_London_Business_School0904. Red Bull contains about as much caffeine (80mg) as one cup of black coffee. While taurine is naturally produced from bull bile.pdf . The logo of two crimson bulls in opposing charge at a yellow sun.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Red Bull is created for periods of increased mental and physical exertion. (Above) Red Bull founder. Dietrich Mateschitz. Current motto: ³Red Bull Gives You Wings´. Red Bull is safe for vegetarians.redbull.


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