Group Members
y Anita Nayani (3977) y Saad Mahmood Khan (3690) y Syed Ali Asad Zaidi (4727) y Wajahatullah Qureshi (3313) y Muhammad Umer Sharif (3686)

. y It also evaluate employees current and past performance relative to his or her performance standards. Performance and Potential of its group members .Performance Appraisal y Performance Appraisal refers to all those procedures that are used to evaluate Personality.

Characteristics y It is a step by step process y It examine the employee strengths and weaknesses y Scientific and objective study y Ongoing and continuous process y Secure information for making correct decisions on employees y Identify training and development needs .

career planning to subordinates y Develop positive relationship and reduce grievance y Facilitates research in personnel management y y y y y y . counseling.Needs and Objectives: Provide feedback about employees Continually improving employee performance Taking placement and promotion decisions Planning staff careers Diagnose the Strengths & Weakness of individuals Provide coaching.

Appraisal Benefits for Employee y Direction y Feedback y Performance review y Motivation y Identify problems y How they re doing and how they can improve. .

Appraisal Benefits for Organization y y y y y y y y y y Documentation Identify training and development needs Feedback Set goals Legal protection Motivation system Recognize accomplishment Improve performance throughout the organization Easily identify performers and non-performers To improve communication between the employee and management .

Process of Performance Appraisal y It involves at least two people. the appraiser who does the appraisal and the appraise whose performance is being evaluated y The appraiser should be very clear about what he is doing and why? y Performance should be measure objective or subjective .

Problems in performance appraisal y Negative approach y Multiple objectives y Resistance y Lack of knowledge y Personal biasness .

y Appraisals tell employees how they re doing and how they can improve? y Appraisals help to create a system of motivation and rewards based on performance.Key Points to Remember y Appraisals must be conducted on a scheduled basis. .

Individual Evaluation Methods y y y y y y y y Confidential methods Essay evaluation Critical incidents Checklists Graphic rating scale Forced choice method Behavior anchored rating scale MBO .

Confidential methods It is a descriptive report of an employee y Prepared at the end of the year y Prepared by the employee s immediate supervisor y The report highlights both strength and weakness .

Essay Evaluation The appraiser consider the employee s : y Potential y Job knowledge y Understanding of organization rules. organizing and controlling y Attitude y Perception . policies. mission and objectives y Relation with supervisor and co-workers y Ability of planning.

Essay Evaluation has the following limitations: y Highly subjective y The appraiser may write biased essay y A busy appraiser may write the essay without accessing properly the actual performance of an employee .

.Critical incidents y Supervisor / manager prepare list of statements of very effective and ineffective behavior of an employee y Critical incidents represent the outstanding or poor behavior of an employees y The manager periodically records critical incidents of employee s behavior.

Checklist y It is a set of objectives or descriptive statements about the employee and his behaviour. y There are three checklist methods Simple checklist method (only Yes / No option) Weighted checklist method (performance scale defined from 0 to 5) Forced choice method (only two rating Most & Least ) .

Good. Not interested. Fair. y There are two Graphics Rating Scale Continuous Rating Scale (Excellent. Poor) Discontinuous Rating scale (Interested. Indifferent .Graphic rating scale y It is the simplest and most popular method for appraising performance. Acceptable. Enthusiastic. Very Enthusiastic) .

Management by Objectives (MBO) y Set organization goal y Defining performance target y Performance review y Feedback y It is a time consuming appraisal tools .

Sample Appraisal Forms .

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