Printing Digital Photographs System

Prerak Pradhan-IIT2009030 Prashish Rajbhandari- IIT2009031 Milan K.C-IIT2009084

Specific Technology Used
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Java (Front-end) Oracle (Back-end) Swing (GUI) JDBC for Oracle Connectivity

Project Tasks
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Use-Case Diagram CRC Class Diagram Implementation and User Interface

Use-Case Diagram


CRC diagrams
‡ The following are the CRC Diagrams for the given Project:
Class: User Responsibilities Knows User-name Knows Password Knows Login status Knows email Verifies Login Collaborators


Class : Customer Responsibilities Login Register Knows Customer Name Knows Customer Address Knows Customer email Knows Customer shipping info Updates Customer Profile Collaborators User User User User User


Class: Admin Responsibilities Knows admin name Knows admin email Send confirm mail Delete photos Send Receipt Confirm order Remove order Collaborators User User Shippinginfo Album Orderdetail Order Order


Class: Order Responsibilities Knows order id Knows order date created Knows customer name Knows customer id Knows order status Knows shipping id Places order Removes order 7 Customer Customer Customer Collaborators

Class: Orderdetails Responsibilities Knows order id Knows image id Knows image size Knows quantity Knows unit cost Knows total cost Knows date shipped Calculates Price Shippinginfo Image Image Image Collaborators


Class: Album Responsibilities Knows album name Knows album id Upload image Gets image Image Image Collaborators

Class: Image Responsibilities Knows image id Knows album id Knows image size Knows image location Knows image price Upload 9 Album Collaborators

Class: Shipping info Responsibilities Knows shipping id Knows shipping type Knows shipping cost Knows shipping date Shows shipping update Collaborators


Class: Sessionmanager Responsibilities Knows User id Gets user Collaborators User User

Class: Paymentmode Responsibilities Knows payment mode Validates Payment Collaborators


Class: Creditcard Responsibilities Knows card holder name Knows security code Knows expiry date Knows card number Validates payment Check details format Payment mode Collaborators

Class: Enet Responsibilities Knows list of attributes Knows link to bank website Validate payment 12 Collaborators

Class Diagram



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