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Brand name and image € Equal employment opportunity ² not giving preference to work experience. € . € Bill Gates recognised the importance of smart and intelligent employees. € The fact that Bill Gates recognised that people contribute to the success of the company. € Also listed as ´One of the Best Companies to Work Forµ. € Competitive and mentally stimulating environment. € Very good retention policies.

Smart. € Type A personalities € People who could work 14 hours under a vacuum of pressure. € Modest employees ² Salaries were low. intelligent and hardworking people. € Initially selecting people only from elite educational institutions. € People with creative problem solving approach. employees travelled coach class and no status symbol. deductive reasoning skills and composure. € . But the trend changed latter and they tapped other recruiting tools. € Employees who could handle a fast pace and a heavy work load environment.

€ The firms recruiting policy and process.Culture of Microsoft. € They had a good motivation and retention policy ² Good performance evaluation procedure. (long term stock option incentive) € . € They recruited smart people. € Common vision shared by Bill Gates and the employees² this spirited many young people to work hard. € People who worked hard and who got things done. € People were given challenging work assignments and tasks.

There was no margin for error. . € € € € € € € The ´n minus 1µ rule was being a cost constraint. Selecting people with only technical qualities ² the lacked managerial skills. Choosing only type A personality who there was no diversity. Only exceptional people were wanted. Looking at top level colleges and attracting fresher's from there.Strengths € € € € € € € € € Vulnerabilities € € Hiring people from the school level Acquaintances being a source of talent generation The interview process was clearly defined ² there was no grey area The interview process was very well structured. The recruitment process focused only on the college pool initially. There was a dual screening at the interview. There was little attention given to prior experience. The recruitment process was very long and intense. Involvement of personnel management Bill personally calling candidates to congratulate them. They wanted only young people who were willing to learn and come up with ideas. There was no room for mediocre people. The respective manager was involved in the selection process.

(Performance Management Evaluation) € An honour was guaranteed by a personal visit by Bill Gates. € . A-attainable. € Self Evaluation (semi ² annual review) € Personal Mentoring € SMART(S-specific.Microsoft culture (people management in Microsoft) € Employees given equity over and above salaries. R-result based. M-measurable. € Sensitivity towards employees feelings ² if there was a bad news to be given then the manager was spoken to by the HR Generalist before the meeting. T-time bound) was applied to performance objectives.

€ . € Shift from Caffeine culture to Organisational Health Index. € Microsoft required two things: a greater sense of clarity and excitement about the company·s direction and more freedom to act without bureaucracy and red tape. € Low pay for high skills ² base pay increased from 50th percentile to the 65th percentile. € Outpaced its ability to recruit from campuses ² rely on attracting experienced hands from within the industry. € Attrition rates were highlighted.The culture was questioned. € Put more efforts on leadership and management.

€ People were burned out or the challenge had run out.€ Growth was the main reason that shook the traditional culture. € Lack of Managerial skills. € Some senior managers left. .

€ Changing the Individualistic culture to a team work terms of hiring other than type A personalities. € Diversity . Giving employees distress activities. including more experienced staff. € Try and reducing the burn out rates.

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