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Perineal Care

Cleansing of the external

genitalia, perineum, &
surrounding area. Perineal
care is also referred to as
“peri-care” or “perineal-genital”
care. The purpose of perineal
care are to prevent or eliminate
infection & odor, promote healing,
remove secretions, & provide comfort.
Perineal care may be an
embarassing procedure for both
the client & the nurse, especially
if the client is of the opposite sex.
Clients who are embarrassed may
elect to perform their own
perineal care. In this situation,
the nurse should provide the
client with warm water,
moistened washcloth, soap, a dry
towel, & privacy. If the client is
unable to perform perinel care,
 Bath basin  Waterproof
 Soap pads
 2 or 3  Toilet

washcloths tissue
 Dry bath  Lotion or

towels ointment
 Bath  Disposable

blanket gloves
2.Explain procedure & purpose to
client. Obtain permission. Close
door & pull curtain around bed.
3.Wash hands & apply gloves.
4.Place waterproof pads under
client’s buttocks. Client may be
placed on a bed pan for perineal
care. Females usually assume
the dorsal recumbent position.
Males may assume the dorsal
4. Expose perineal area. Fold
client’s gown up above the
genital area. Place a bath
blanket over the client using a
“diamond” draping technique.
Corners of bath blanket should
point toward the head, sides
of body, & between the
client’s legs. Fold top linen
down to the end of the bed.
Tuck side corners of bath
5. Moisten & lather washcloths.
Female: Clean perineal area in the
downward direction (from pubic area
to rectum). Clean & dry upper
thighs. Use separate quarters of the
washcloth for each cleaning stroke.
Discard soiled washcloths as
necessary. Clean the labia majora.
Separate the labia majora to clean
between the labia majora & labia
minora. With the labia separated,
clean the clitoris, uretral meatus, &
vaginal orifice. Rinse the area well
Male: Gently raise penis. Place a
bath blanket under the penis. If the
client develops an erection, delay perineal
care. Gently grasp the shaft of the
penis. If the client is
uncircumcised, retract the
foreskin. Use a circular motion to
clean the meatus of the penis &
glans in an outward direction.
Replace the foreskin after
cleansing the glans. Clean the
shaft of the penis. Rinse penis.
6. Perform anal care. First
remove any fecal material with
toilet tissue. Clean perineal
area by wiping from genitals
to anus with one stroke.
Discard soiled washcloths as
necessary. Clean anus in
circular motion. Rinse anal
area. Pat dry. Apply lotion.
7. Remove gloves. Wash
hands. Remove bath blanket.
Palce gown down over
genitals. Place top linen on
8. Document procedure
performed, client’s response,
and assessment findings.