By Ritesh Umraniya

Company Profile
y Peter England Was Established in 1889 and is known for its

quality products worldwide y Different Products manufactured are
y Shirts y Trousers y Suits y Denims y Ties y Socks y Wallets

Consumer Profiling y Demographic y Cultural y Social y Economic y Psychographic y Behavioral .

Market Segmentation: Demographic Age 20-25 8% 25Time 30% 92% 40% LifeStyle Money 30% Quality ‡ All are Males ‡ All are pursuing PGDM from ITM Warangal ‡ All are Single ‡ All are Student .

others are Hindu. y Except one Christian . .P.Market Segmentation: Cultural y All are Indian. Currently in Warangal A.

Market Segmentation: Social y Except one all have primary reference group as Friends y Except one all have secondary reference group as family y By Role everybody is Student. .

Market Segmentation: Economic Disp Income Upto 2000 2000 .3000 15% 7% above 3000 78% .

Market Segmentation: Psychographic Opinion Good Average Positive 8% Neutral Attitude 8% 92% 92% .

Market Segmentation: Behavioral Loyalty Status Hardcore Switcher 13% Split Hardcore(other) 20% 27% 40% .

Target Market y 92% Students have good opinion about Peter England (36 Students) y 92% Students Have Positive Attitude about Peter England (36 Students) y 20% are hardcore loyal to Peter England (8). 27% are Splitters (11) y Target Market Becomes of 35 Students . 40% are Switchers (16).

Positioning y Positioning is all about position our product in the customer mind by providing those advantages which they are not getting by using our competitor·s product. y So for that we have to analyze point of parity and point of difference with our competitors. . y Our main competitors are Koutons. Arrow and John Player.

Positioning By Product Attributes Attributes Looks. Comfortability (36) 10% Durability (4) 90% Positioning Statement: Peter England Because Style Matters .

POINT OF DIFFERENCE PRODUCT NAME FEATURES POD AVAILABLE IN PETER ENGLAND affordable price. brand loyalty is higher JOHN PLAYER High promotion as compared to Peter England Less promotion . Less brand loyalty ARROW Less promotion . Promotion higher than koutons .less brand loyalty Promotion higher than Arrow . High Brand loyalty KOUTONS High price . Less promotion .

POINT OF PAIRITY PRODUCT NAME FEATURES POP AVAILABLE IN PETER ENGLAND KOUTONS . ARROW Quality with good brand image Quality with good brand image JOHN PLAYER Competitive price Competitive price .

Marketing Mix y Product y Available in wide range of colours and Designs .

y Price y Available in Price Ranging From Rs 549 to Rs 1499. .

y Place y At Mega Mart Near Chaurasta y At Peter England Exclusive Showroom in Hanamkonda .

y Promotion y Banner At Khan·s Cafeteria. . y Pamplets in Business Line News Paper once in a month ( On Monday).

Sales Forecast y Total Sales ² HCL 31 Splitters 22 Switchers 15 ------------------68 Profit Per Shirt = 100 -------------------Total Contribution 6800 .

Total Profit Contribution 6800 Less: Banner Printing 250 Banner Ads Cost(200x12) 2400 Pamphlets Printing and Distr 250 ----------------Nett Profit 3900 .

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