¶S Corporate Culture: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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.This case is about«« How Apple became the pioneer of the ³work hard play hard" ethic. It also focuses on the Career opportunities and employability security. Apple adopted a style that was not too formal or hierarchal and a more results driven approach which worked best for them. The various dysfunctional aspects of apple¶s culture which led the company to the brink of disaster. and benefits offered to the employees by the company. It explains how apple fostered a culture of secrecy. compensation.

and Ronald Gerald Wayne on April 1. US. apple¶s competitor IBM introduced the IBMPC which was powered by the MS-DOS operating system and Intel's microprocessors. apple¶s market share began to decline.INTRODUCTION    Apple was founded by Steven Paul jobs. Stephen Gary Wozniak. In 1981. it became a common standard PCs and as a result.1976 Jobs chose the name µapple¶ for the company as he had spent in an apple orchard in Oregon. .

According to analysts. Apple Pacific and apple products. in 1997 Apple began to focus exclusively on desktop and portable Macs for professional and consumer customers. apple was recognized into four operating divisions: Apple USA. It was considered a great place to work for people who were passionate about what they did. Apple Europe.   In 1988. . Apple was known to appreciate and value its employees.

Organisation Culture .

Work Hard. Play Hard«     One of the main goal of the company was to make technology scam less for the employed people who were hardworking and committed. Though the Apple¶s image is being very cool there was a very strong work ethic and commitment to deadlines which was not so common in other companies that were in the similar field. . For creating such product . Apple work toward developing inexpensive computers for everyone.

. Apple appreciated hardworking employees and rewarded those who demonstrated their skills and capabilities at the work place. Employees had to work independently and each individual was his/her own best resource.Run your own show«    Apple skip the traditional notions of what a corporate culture should look like in terms of organisational hierarchy.

Nurturing diversity. To promote this diversity among its eployees apple partnered with several organisations.  . One of the positive aspect of apple is corporate diversity by hiring innovative people from diverse background..   Apple was an Equal Opportunity Employer and promoted diversity within the organisation.

The company handed out free iPhones to its employees just after the product was launched.Compensation and benefits«.   Apple offered various benefits to its employees depending on location and employment status. .

Career Opportunities and Employability Security«.   Apple followed a positive policy of recruitment . .including internship. Apple was very selective while hiring and employed only the best.on-the -job training and several career opportunities..

and neither the company involved in blogging. .Culture of secrecy«.the company¶s policy was to keep things confidential. Employees was not allowed to Blog. Secrecy was bulid into corporate culture and the company always maintained tight control over information.     Apple was mainly into innovation . Employees always fired for leaking news to outsiders.

    Apple focused on nurturing a culture that valued creative people in good times and bad.A unique culture«.. The culture at apple was deeply associated with Jobs. The corporate culture was deeply ingrainde in apple and the employees had high passion and believed in the corporate mission. . Job inspired the employees to come out with unconventional products by thinking differently.

Dysfunctional culture«. Apple¶s culture that were dysfunctional«.strong personalities became more powerful and build their political fiefdoms.. .  each employee had to look after his own career and that no one took note of their accomplishments.unfairness in promotions and overall employee treatment existed at apple.  Employees also noticed a communication gap in the organisation.  In the absence of well structured systems and process .  Apple had a laidback work culture which was dysfunctional from a management stand point.

Apples corporate culture was out of date the HR function could be explored to support the company¶s strategy and to analyze the culture and morale. .Is there a need for change???      Company had faced various challenges The company's lack of transparency emerged as a key concern Quality over price and premium pricing of apple¶s product could backfire in the recessionary could lead to disasters consequences. Emphasizes on Lob¶s leadership style had largely worked for him .

Reference.  HRM review : IBS center for management research.. February 2011 .

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