What is business plan????

A formal statement of a set of business goals, Reasons why they are believed attainable And Plans for reaching those goals

Why business plan
y A written business plan communicates well and

connect effectively with others
y Facilitates planning by thorough analysis of strengths

and weakness
y Lays down clear financial requirements and marketing


y Cover sheet

of Busi

ss l

y Statement of purpose or executive summary y Table of contents divided into three sections y Section One : The Business y Section Two : Financial data y Section Three : Supporting Documents

Cover sheet
y Identify the person(s) who wrote the business plan y Identify the business and document y Identify location of business and telephone no y It should be short, attractive and usually the first page

of business plan

A s m l cover s eet

123 Main street Manhattan ME 04112 207-432-1111

Business proposal for Mike swan

State ent of purpose or ary executive su
y A brief description about the business y Objective of carrying business y How much funds is needed ? y How funds will benefit business ? y Goods and services provided

A sa ple state ent of purpose
VSA arts new Hampshire
y Conduct accessibility surveys for 300 new Hampshire

cultural org, including museums, galleries, open studios, performance venues y Provide info to cultural org about funding opportunities to implement physical and programmatic improvements y Publish accurate info about Hampshire cultural facilities via the internet

Table of contents
It is followed by Statement of purpose And divided into three sections Which is further divided into sub sections With specified page no To help the reader find their way to Sections and subsections

Three sections of Table of contents
y y y y y y y y

y Section 1. The business Description of business Product/service Marketing information Location of business Competition Management Personnel Summary

Section 2. The financial data
y Sources and application of funding y Capital equipment list y Balance sheet y Break even analysis y Income projections(month, quarter and year) y Cash flow projections (month, quarter and year)

Section 3. Supporting docu ents
y Depends upon the type of organization and y y y y y

product/service provided For ex VSA firm in early example involved in the business of publishing information may need to attach Maps List of board of directors Staff resume s Access guide

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