The System of Professor Tuko

Presented by:Yeo Hui Leng Sandy Cho Hui San Wan Farhana Bt. Wan Hussin Nor Amirah bt Abd. Rahim

Bondying enters. national hero and national game. national flower. Then Mister Tuko comes into the classroom and scolds them. He then starts inspecting their fingernails and scolds anyone with dirty fingernails without listening properly to their reasons. he is punished to recite the answer a thousand times. After a while. students are seen playing imaginary basketball in the court. . When Bondying could not answer his question on the national hero of Phillipines.Main Events At the beginning of the play. He starts questioning them on general facts of Philippnes like the national language. The others namely Bodyok convinces him to play with them.

forces them to recite his words and follow his ways b)Rude Evidence: Constantly calls his students Idiot .Mister Tuko a)Dictator Evidence: Inspect hands of his students.Characters 1.

Bondying a)Timid Evidence: Beginning of the play. he is scared to meet people b)A slow learner Evidence: Frequently punished because unable to remember facts(the name of national hero) c)Comes from a poor family Evidence: Runs out of toothpaste and is unable to buy new one .2.

. b)Persistent Evidence: Although Bondying refuse to play with them repeatedly.3.Bodyok a)Outspoken Evidence: He was able to defend himself. he continues to coax him.

Significance Events 1.write his name (Bonying) properly one thousand times Signifies: The fear and cruelty the teacher imposes on the students .Squats in front of the flagpole . Harsh punishment .

Teacher acts like a dictator. Hand inspection Tuko asked Ningning to wash her dirty hand (wash cooking pans that morning) Bodyok. -The poor living standards of the people.fingers hit by a hammer Bondying.teeth were dirty (toothpaste ran out) Signifies: -The lost of independence among the students. .2.

Signifies: The teacher lacks knowledge of modern technology.3. .iilegal game/Sipa(national game) Signifies: Students are now shifting to modern times while the teacher is not 4. Calculator Mister Tuko said it can only multiply and divide when Bondying wants to use it to count. Jueteng.

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