Financial Accounting Overview


General Ledger Org-Structure  Post Journals  Reversal of Postings  Account Analysis and reconciliation Accounts Payable  Invoicing/ credit memos  Down Payments  Outgoing payments  Account Clearing Accounts Receivable  Invoicing/Credit Memos  Incoming Receipts  Account Clearing  Credit control mgmt  Bank Statement  Bank Reconciliation  Cheque Management Asset Management  Acquisition  Capitalization  Run Depreciation  Retirement & Disposal Financial Analytics  Balance Sheet  P&L Statements  Cash Flow Statement  Customer/ Vendor Analysis  Asset Analysis Reports Cash Management Master Data  Chart of Accounts  Vendor Master Records  Customer Master Records  House Banks  Asset Master Records ¥ SAP AG 2003. Title of Presentation. Speaker Name / 2 .Financial Accounting The Financial Accounting Module is the core module of the mySAP ERP solution.

Speaker Name / 3 . mySAP System offers a wide variety of methods for allocating posted amounts and quantities.Management Accounting Management Accounting analyzes where overhead occurs within the organization Costs are assigned to the sub areas of the organization where they originated. Title of Presentation. Cost Center Accounting Org-Structure  Cost & Activity Planning  Actual Postings  Period End Closing Profit Center Accounting  Cost Center  Profit Center  Internal Orders  Cost & Revenue Planning  Actual Postings  Period End Closing  Planning  Budgeting  Actual Positing  Period End Closing Management Analytics  Plan/Actual Comparisons  Line Item Analysis  Plan/Actual Variance Analysis Internal Order Accounting Master Data ¥ SAP AG 2003.

Title of Presentation. Speaker Name / 4 .Integration The financials module is completely Integrated with other mySAP ERP modules such as MM SD PM PP etc The general ledger serves as the repository through which the other subsidiary modules post their transactions to using the chart of accounts and costing object such as cost centers profit centers or internal orders mySAP ERP Finance Module Finance Module Other SAP Modules MM AP AM SD GL AR CM PM PP ¥ SAP AG 2003.

Benefits of SAP Financials ‡Real time access to data ‡Achieve faster closure during end of month activities ‡A comprehensive audit trail is available which documents changes made.Time spent preparing documents ¥ SAP AG 2003.Restricted access to user using authorization profiles ‡Improve corporate performance. MM SD PM ‡Data Integrity. Title of Presentation. Speaker Name / 5 . time made and the user responsible ‡Improve financial and managerial reporting ‡Real time Integration between financials and other subsidiary modules e.g.

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